Interior Designer Cost In India: What Are The Interior Designer Rates In 2022

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When it comes to decorating your home, it is often noticed for one to become overwhelmed considering the interior design and structure that could get quite exhausting too. Therefore, hiring an interior designer could be the best option to help create your dream space in a more professional manner whilst not causing much burden on you.

Nonetheless, hiring a professional does include a price tag including the interior design rate. So, what is the cost of an interior designer? Can you afford it in India?

It might not be quite easy on your pocket to hire an interior designer at first but it is quite cost-efficient and has been observed to save money in the long run. However, before you quickly decide on a designer, you must make sure of the interior designer’s cost estimates to understand the financials.

For this reason, we have broken down all elements and everything you need to know regarding the interior designer rates that will help you to choose the right interior designer.

What Are The Estimate Interior Designer Costs In India?

Before we get on to the interior designer chargers, it is important to understand that the cost of hiring an interior designer will vary dramatically based on your location and extensive design needs. It is true for your interior design to include things that can be found in the nearby location easily, but choosing the professional services and finding the best quotes on what you really need might include more work for the designer.

The total cost of the interior designers would depend on two ways: The designer flat rate or one based on the hour. Nonetheless, this again would majorly depend on the interior designing team as per the basis of their professional experience and the work needed in the rooms that are to be designed.

1) Interior designer charges, hourly basis

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As for the designers who are hired on an hourly basis, the interior designer rates can be expected to start at ₹100 per square ft for a junior designer. The lump-sum could also go up to ₹1000 – ₹2000 per sq. ft., depending on the most experienced designers. However, the typical interior designer rates are anywhere around ₹100 to ₹500 per hour, per sq ft

2) Flat interior designer charges

In a flat interior designer charge, the rates are estimated as per the size of the house including the number of rooms that are to be included in the final price. For instance, in a single room, the price would start from anything around ₹1000- ₹1400 per sq. ft and can hike up to a five-figure lump sum of the total cost of the project. Generally, the starting of a house design starts anywhere around 1-3 lakhs and upwards, based on the hours your interior designer expects to spend on the project.

Keeping in mind your budget, you must primarily make sure that the designer understands your personality, style and taste.

How do you work with an interior designer, designing your dream house?

While it is important for you to communicate with the designer well, you must also make sure of the ways and needs in order to work with an interior designer. For instance, try to connect and convey with them on a single project. Here you can specify how you appreciate specific unique touches for the kitchen, a specific couch, the living room, and maybe that you are unable to pair the right decoration or chairs, or even a vibe-specific rug. In his concern, you’d probably be working with an hourly-based interior designer so they could help suggest a few options that they think would and could suit best for the kind of setting that you have in mind.

Nonetheless, the other way to consult and connect with an interior designer who is hired to design and create a whole room or space. Here, unlike the one project designer, you may need to find time out and sit with the interior designer, and them what you are expecting you include in your space, the kind of work you are into which would help them understand the specifications and the need, and also depends on the kind of vibe you think they must design of ( for example, you may want to include lights in a specific corner). Post which the design will come up with their design options depending on the space and availability and also the interior design cost estimates.

Note – In case you are not looking for either, you can also opt to hire an interior designer who would help you pick and finish the renovation as per the kind of flooring or backsplash you must choose for your space, who may charge a minimal amount for their inputs.

Does interior designer cost estimates include purchasing the furniture?

Does an interior designer buy an item of furniture? The answer to this question depends on you, perhaps, if you want them to buy, the interior designer charge might push up a bit as it involves extra work for the designer. However, as an alternative, you can try and consult your designer to help you come up with a few options for a furniture piece that you can purchase. By doing so, you get the ability to make the final call and purchase the piece from wherever you wish to buy from, unlike when the designer is in charge.

On the other hand, the interior designer can also choose to purchase an item of furniture for your dream house from a local vendor, whom they work with ( that is if you ask them to get the furniture for you). You will find it common for the designers to have an official relationship with specific vendors that can help you offer some discounts that might not be available to you otherwise. Here, you are allowed to set a lump-sum of interior furniture so that the designer can look for pieces that could help you fit into your budget, saving you time and allowing your interior designer an opportunity for a commission on the custom pieces to fit your space.

To Conclude: What Are The Interior Designer Rates In 2022?

In case you are on a hunt to find the perfect interior designer, you must make sure of the Interior designer cost in India or the interior designer Bangalore cost, perhaps, the area you live in to make a vital choice. It is also necessary to know your budget and the final cost of the interior designer to make sure you are not over-running the cost. Nonetheless, we are sure that hiring an interior will surely help you with your dream house and also help you save up for the long run.

Interior Designer Cost In India FAQs

1. How much do interior designers charge in India?

The interior designer cost in India can charge INR 40-400 per square feet, depending on the kind of space and the area. For instance, for a space of 1000 sq feet, the interior designers may charge anything between INR 4 lakhs to 6 lakhs as per the scope of the project and need of work.

2. How much should an interior designer charge?

The interior designer cost estimates depend on the overall cost. Here, the designer calculates the total price of the project including the products and services and charges you around 6%-15% as per the design fee. It could also hike to 20% on the basis of the design and the interior designer's expertise.

3. How much does it cost to furnish a 3 bedroom house in India?

In India, the medium budget for furnishing a 3 BHK, or a kitchen, 3 bedrooms, a living room, and a dining room could range from anything between Rs 5 Lakhs to 8 Lakhs.
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