20 Home Decor Items List That You Shouldn’t Ignore

home decor items list

Home decor isn’t just about making our living spaces look beautiful; it’s about creating a place that feels like home. In India, where culture and tradition play a big role in our lives, home decor is especially important. It’s a way of expressing who we are and what we love. In this guide, we’ll explore the home decor items list that capture the essence of Indian craftsmanship, from colorful textiles to elegant furniture. Let’s dive in and discover how these items can add warmth and personality to our homes.

Home Decor Items List in India

1. Display Trays

20 Home Decor Items List That You Shouldn't Ignore 1

Upgrade your living room with stylish display trays! They come in various materials – like jute and bamboo for a vintage vibe, or glass and steel for a modern look. Use them to hold snacks, candles, or a pretty arrangement of flowers and books. Add extra charm with decorative items like mini globes or ceramic accents. The right display tray can spruce up your space!

2. Rugs

20 Home Decor Items List That You Shouldn't Ignore 2

Rugs ended up in our home decor items list as they bring unity to large living rooms and can brighten up spaces with hardwood floors. They also provide safety by preventing slips in busy areas. Rugs are easy to clean compared to carpets, which cover more area and add structure to the room. For easy styling, layering rugs by placing a colorful one on top of a neutral one works well. Adding a rug or carpet is a practical and versatile way to decorate your living room.

3. Coffee Tables

Coffee Tables

Coffee tables are excellent additions to spacious living rooms. For smaller spaces, rectangle or oval-shaped tables work best, especially in light colors to maximize brightness. Glass, unfinished wood, marble, and metals are trendy materials for the season, with curved or geometric designs and black finishes being popular for larger rooms. Ensure the table is positioned 1-2 inches from the couch’s seat for convenience. It’s essential to choose a coffee table with a color palette that complements the room’s overall color scheme or theme.

4. Curtains


When it comes to living room decor, the mantra is “carpet matching the drape.” Curtains made of silk or linen drape beautifully, while heavier fabrics like velvet add a cozy feel to the room. Decide on the amount of light you prefer in the room and choose curtains accordingly – opt for blackout curtains for more privacy or sheer curtains for a light and airy feel.

Green, teal green or earthy tones are currently popular choices for curtain colors, but your room’s aesthetic should ultimately guide your decision. Curtains should typically be slightly longer than the window, but floor-length curtains can add a touch of drama if desired. Consider adding a second color for added contrast and visual interest in the room. For all these reasons, curtains are among the best home decor items list in India.

5. Lamps and Lights

Lamps and Lights

Lamps and lights are among the top selling home decor items in India. In the living room, opt for soft white or warm white hues for a cozy ambiance. Layered lighting adds depth and enhances the overall illumination of the space. Place a floor lamp in dark corners to brighten up the area, ideally positioned behind the sofa or near the TV. While living room lamps don’t necessarily need to match, they should complement each other for a cohesive look. Cove lighting is perfect for achieving evenly spread soft light, while pendant lights hanging from the ceiling offer a modern and stylish alternative to traditional chandeliers for evening lighting.

6. Green Plants and Vases

Green Plants and Vases

Green plants and vases are on our home decor items list because they are fantastic additions to any room, brightening up the space with their natural beauty. Hang plants in different spots to add vibrancy to the room, while small plants placed on well-positioned shelves create a tidy and inviting atmosphere. Mix and match plants of various sizes to introduce contrast and bring life to the area. Wall creepers are low-maintenance options that add charm without requiring much attention.

Consider a plant ladder or shelf to showcase multiple plants in one corner, maximizing greenery while saving space. Incorporating plants into your living room not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also contributes to your mental well-being. Position plants in areas that receive natural light from windows to keep the room feeling fresh and elegant.

7. Bookshelves


Bookshelves are versatile pieces of furniture that can add texture and visual interest to your living room. Arrange books both vertically and horizontally to create a balanced structure, and consider organizing them by thickness or direction for a neat appearance. 

Incorporating plants, souvenirs, or artwork on top of the bookshelf is an excellent way to personalize and style the furniture. Bookshelves are perfect for filling up empty corners and adding functionality to the space.

8. Showpieces and Wall Hangers

Showpieces and Wall Hangers

Showpieces and wall hangers are fantastic additions to enhance the visual appeal of your living room. Scatter showpieces of various sizes throughout the room to fill empty spaces and add charm without cluttering the area.

Wall hangers serve as focal points, adding texture and reflecting your personality. They can take the form of artwork, mirrors, or a collage of pictures, even a mural. Wall hangers bring the space together and provide a sense of completion. When arranging multiple wall hangers, aim for symmetry and get creative with the arrangement’s shape for added visual interest.

9. Sofas and Ottomans

20 Home Decor Items List That You Shouldn't Ignore 3

Sofas and ottomans are among the top selling home decor items and are practical decor items found in most homes. Leather sofas, favored for their easy maintenance and stain resistance, are a popular choice. Sectional sofas, with their modular design, offer versatility in arranging space efficiently. Neutral-colored sofas complement colored walls, while a firmer sofa with a sturdy frame is often preferred for durability. Opt for cushions filled with a combination of feathers and foam for optimal comfort.

An ottoman serves as extra seating and a versatile addition to the living room. It can be conveniently tucked under a table when not in use, acting as both a seat and a leg rest, blending comfort with functionality.

10. Soft Throw Pillows

Soft Throw Pillows

Elevate the cozy atmosphere of your living room with a selection of soft throw pillows. Experiment with textures such as faux fur, knits, and velvet to add a tactile element. Choose earthy tones or vibrant pops of color to complement your decor scheme. These welcoming accents not only provide comfort but also instantly enhance the style of your space.

11. Rustic Wooden Shelves

Rustic Wooden Shelves

Bring rustic charm and functionality into your living room with rustic wooden shelves. Made from weathered or reclaimed wood, these shelves offer a cozy, farmhouse-inspired vibe. Showcase cherished mementos, books, and potted plants to bring a touch of nature indoors. With their versatility and timeless appeal, rustic wooden shelves elevate your decor effortlessly.

12. Handmade Ceramics

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Bring a touch of authenticity to your living room with handmade ceramics. Showcase beautifully crafted vases, bowls, and sculptures that highlight the skill and artistry of talented artisans. The tactile textures and charming imperfections add character to your space, forging a genuine connection between you and the pieces. Elevate your decor with these unique treasures that celebrate craftsmanship and bring a sense of artistry into your home.

13. Console Tables

Console Tables

Don’t overlook the importance of a console table in your home interior design. This sleek and versatile piece adds a touch of grandeur to your space. Use it to showcase decor items that complement your theme, or adorn the wall behind it for added impact.

14. Wall Clocks

Wall Clocks

Wall clocks can serve as stunning small home decor items despite the prevalence of time displays on various devices today. Choose a clock that complements your interior style, whether it’s coastal, industrial, contemporary, or another aesthetic. 

15. Indoor Plants

Indoor Plants

You can never have enough indoor plants—they’re a timeless addition to any space. With a wide variety of stylish vessels, you can easily showcase your indoor plants in style. If you’re worried about your gardening skills, check out our article on the top 20 hard-to-kill indoor plants for some low-maintenance options.

16. Crystals


If you haven’t hopped on the crystal bandwagon yet, try it! Whether you believe in their natural properties or not, crystals are undeniably beautiful as small home decor items.

17. Timber Decor

Timber Decor

Timber decor is one of those items in our home decor items list that offers endless possibilities for enhancing your home’s ambiance. Whether it’s a garland of timber beads on a coastal-style coffee table, a timber hand in a Scandi-style space, or a timber sphere in a contemporary bookshelf, there are countless ways to incorporate timber into your decor. This natural material brings a sense of connection to the outdoors and adds depth to your interior design. Plus, it’s a great way to diversify the materials used in your home decor.

18. Oil Burners and Diffusers

Oil Burners and Diffusers

Experience the calming and uplifting benefits of diffusing oils in your home with modern and stylish oil burners and diffusers. Incorporate this into your morning routine to start your day on a positive note, enhancing your home environment with delightful scents.

19. Decorative Bowls and Plates

Decorative Bowls and Plates

Decorative bowls and plates add both beauty and functionality to your home decor. Small bowls are ideal for holding jewelry on your bedside table or serving as salt pinch dishes on your dining table, while larger bowls make stunning display pieces in cabinets or sideboards. Additionally, you can find exquisite decorative plates that can be displayed upright with the help of a plate stand, adding an elegant touch to any room.

20. Hourglass


An hourglass is an elegant and timeless home decor item that adds a touch of sophistication to any space. Popular for office or bookshelf styling, it’s a must-have addition to your shopping list.


Home decor in India is all about expressing our unique style while celebrating our cultural heritage. With a wide range of colorful textiles, intricate handicrafts, and elegant furniture, we can create living spaces that feel like home. By adding these elements, we not only make our homes beautiful but also create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere for ourselves and our loved ones. Let’s continue to embrace the beauty of Indian home decor and make our living spaces truly special.

Home Decor Items List FAQ's:

1. What are the home decor products?

Here's a list of home decor products based on the items we discussed earlier:
  • Furniture: Sofas, chairs, tables, and storage units.
  • Textiles: Curtains, rugs, cushions, and throws
  • Wall Decor: Paintings, mirrors, and clocks.
  • Lighting: Lamps and pendant lights.
  • Decorative Accessories: Vases and bowls.
  • Plants and Planters: Indoor plants and pots.
  • Tableware: Dinnerware and glassware.
  • Home Fragrance: Candles and diffusers.
  • 2. What are the most popular home decor items?

    Some of the most popular home decor items include rugs, wall art, throw pillows, indoor plants, and decorative accessories like vases and sculptures. Lighting fixtures, tableware, candles, and accent furniture are also highly sought after for their ability to enhance both aesthetics and functionality in living spaces. Ultimately, the popularity of these items may vary based on current trends and individual preferences.


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