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Kutcha House and Pucca House: Understand The Difference Between The Two

What is the Difference Between Kutcha House and Pucca House

Different kinds of living spaces are chosen based on the availability of land, money, and availability of materials. Given below are a few factors that mark the difference between the kutcha house and pucca house, two kinds of shelters that are prevalent in this country.

What is a Kutcha House?

What is a Kutcha House

A kutcha house is a temporary dwelling place often used by the underprivileged sections of society. Kutcha houses are mostly seen in rural areas although sometimes one might also chance upon them in cities where workers live in makeshift homes. Since investing in a pucca house can be quite expensive, the poor have to settle for temporary structures.

What is a Pucca House?

What is a Pucca House

A pucca house is made up of substantial, hard-wearing materials including stones, bricks, and concrete. Pucca houses, including apartments and buildings, are designed to last for long periods

Difference Between Kutcha House and Pucca House

Kutcha and pucca houses are two contrasting kinds of dwelling places. From their basic structure to the materials used, kutcha houses are wildly different from pucca houses. Listed below are some vital differences between kutcha and pucca houses.

1) A major difference between kutcha house and pucca house is the kind of material used for construction. Kutcha houses are made of raw materials that are easily available such as stone, wood, mud, or straw. On the other hand, pucca houses are built using materials including iron, cement, bricks and steel.

It is explicitly clear from the differences in the materials used for the construction of these houses that kutcha houses are temporary while pucca houses are durable and generally withstand the test of time as well as that of natural elements.

2) Kutcha houses are usually built by those who are economically or financially struggling whereas most pucca house owners are well-to-do and have the means to live comfortably.

3) Since a kutcha house is made up of mud, straw, and other such materials, it is particularly vulnerable to extreme weather conditions and natural disasters, unlike a pucca house that is made up of stronger materials and can safeguard people against external elements.

4) Another difference between kutcha and pucca houses is the amenities available to the residents. People who reside in a kutcha house have to often struggle for basic facilities such as electricity and access to clean water while those living in a pucca house generally enjoy amenities as per their standard of income.

5) Since a kutcha house is generally small in stature and built to fulfill the immediate needs of the inhabitants, room demarcations may not necessarily exist. The same space may serve as the living room, bedroom and kitchen. On the other hand, in a pucca house, separate rooms are allotted for sleeping, studying, and cooking.

Kutcha and pucca houses vary in several different ways, especially regarding the materials used for construction, the residents inhabiting these spaces, and the availability of space and basic facilities.

Kutcha House and Pucca House FAQs :

1. Why are kutcha houses easily damaged ?

Kutcha houses can be easily damaged since they are mostly made of materials like mud, straw, bamboo, or grass which can easily succumb to extreme external conditions.

2.What are pucca houses made of ?

Pucca houses are made of strong materials such as cement, timber, concrete, and tiles. These kinds of houses are expensive and cannot be afforded by many.

3.What is the difference between pucca house and kutcha house ?

A pucca house, usually found in villages, is made of durable materials and is permanent while a kutcha house, mostly found in urban spaces, is made from natural raw materials and is temporary.

4.What are some examples of kutcha and pucca houses ?

Examples of kutcha houses include caravans, tents, houseboats, and huts while some examples of pucca houses are apartments, bungalows, and mansions.

5. Who lives in kutcha houses ?

People who generally live in kutcha houses are those who cannot afford pucca houses. These people are mostly underprivileged, underpaid, and may have financial difficulties.

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