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With PropertyGeek, be assured to have the most authentic and latest Information on all Residential and Commercial Properties in India. We provide unbiased reviews, feedback from the buyers, property Q&A, group buying offers, best inventory, great deals, highlights of the project, and much more, all for free! 

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We do not provide reviews that are altered and influenced but base our reviews that are authentic and accumulated on multiple criteria. This helps the buyers with well-rounded information, including the downsides for every property, making it safe to invest in.

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1. Is PropertyGeek Free to use?

Absolutely! PropertyGeek helps you with every information that a possible buyer might wish to find answers for, all at no fee! Browse now!

2. What are the things to look for when buying a plot in Bangalore?

Here’s what you need to know when buying a plot in Bangalore:
  • Make sure to check the title deed when you plan to buy a plot in Bangalore
  • Check if the seller has a sale deed
  • Look through the encumbrance certificate
  • Is the plot DC converted
  • Check if the plot is A Khata

  • 3. What is a plot in real estate?

    A plot is a piece of land that can be owned by one or more members or even legal companies or trusts. These are plots that are vacant places and mostly owned by private parties so the taxes are payable by the owners of the plot.

    4. How is PropertyGeek different from other websites?

    We not only provide the details of the property but also share our unbiased opinion on them. Be it the bottle-necking of the traffic at peak hours, or the top best amenities. We share them both!

    5. Is it worth investing in a plot?

    Absolutely! Not only does it give you a sense of satisfaction but it is treated as a prized asset due to its limited supply.