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best switch brands in india

In the intricate tapestry of interior design and home improvement, even the tiniest components play a pivotal role. Among these, modular switches stand out as essential elements that not only serve functional purposes but also contribute significantly to the aesthetic appeal of living spaces. In India, a vast array of brands competes for consumers’ attention, but which the best switch company in India? In this exhaustive guide, we will explore the 15 best modular switch brands in India, meticulously exploring their histories, product portfolios, technological innovations, and why they stand out as leaders in the competitive market.

A Comprehensive Table of Best Brand Switches in India

BrandHistoryPortfolioInnovationsWhy Choose
GoldmedalEnhancing homes with innovative solutions since 2000 focuses on craftsmanship and technology integration.Sleek and high-performance switches.Technologically advanced, smart solutions.Innovative design, craftsmanship, and technology integration.
PanasonicThe global tech giant in India since 1972, known for innovation and customer-centricity.Elegant and functional switches.Energy-efficient, smart technology integration.Rich legacy, innovation, and customer focus.
HavellsEstablished in 1958, renowned for quality and innovation.Stylish and safe switches.Smart technology, enhanced protection.Commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.
LegrandIlluminating homes for over two decades focuses on innovation and sustainability.Sophisticated and functional switches.Energy efficiency, enhanced safety.Legacy of excellence, innovation, and sustainability.
WiproA trusted name for over two decades prioritizes innovation and quality.Stylish, safe, and high-performing switches.Energy efficiency, smart technology.Legacy of excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction.
ABBGlobal leader offering tailored solutions in India, emphasizing innovation and sustainability.Sophisticated and safe switches.Energy efficiency, enhanced safety.Commitment to sustainability, efficiency, and innovation.
Schneider ElectricThe global expert in energy management prioritizes sustainability and efficiency in India.Sustainable and efficient switches.Automation, energy efficiency.Commitment to sustainability, efficiency, and innovation.
SiemensTechnology company with a century-long legacy integrates cutting-edge technologies.Reliable and efficient switchboards.Technology integration, energy efficiency.Technology integration, reliability, and efficiency.
PolycabLeading the electrical industry for over four decades, known for quality and innovation.Diverse range including wires, cables, and switches.Continuous innovation, and superior performance.Exceptional quality, wide availability, and commitment to innovation.
Signify (Philips)Global expertise under the Philips brand, providing versatile and reliable switches.Versatile and reliable switches.High-quality, versatile solutions.Global experience, wide portfolio, and customer satisfaction.
GreatWhiteDedicated to innovative solutions since 2012, focuses on luxury and technology.Diverse selection including smart solutions.Motion-sensing, WiFi-enabled switches.Innovation, luxury solutions, and advanced technology.
GM ModularMarket leader since 2000, offers innovative designs and user-friendly features.Stylish and functional switch ranges.Innovative designs, user-friendly.Innovation, user-friendly features, and market leadership.
Anchor ElectricalsAt the forefront since 1963, offers a diverse range of switches for varied preferences.Range of switches catering to diverse needs.Advanced features, and safety enhancements.Wide presence, diverse range, and established reputation.
CONA (PM CONA)Trusted for quality since 1968, offers durable and elegant switches.Comprehensive selection catering to varied needs.Made using high-quality materials, durable and safe.Quality, elegant design, and energy efficiency.
Orient ElectricPart of CK Birla Group, renowned for quality and reliability in modular switches.Meticulously crafted switches for varied needs.Stringent quality checks, reliability.Legacy of excellence, innovation, and customer-centric approach.

Now, let’s look at which company switch is best in India.

List of the Top 15 Best Switch Brands in India

1. Goldmedal


Goldmedal, ounded in 1979 by Shri Otmalji Goraji, has established itself as one of the most dependable electrical wiring devices and appliances brands in the nation. The business is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, with branches in all 28 states of India. Its most popular products are modular switches, home automation devices, wires, doorbells, LED lights, fans, and more!

Notable Features:

  1. Wide variety of modular inserts and cover plates in a variety of colours and finishes.
  2. The switches are not only user-friendly but also flame retardent and scratch resistant.
  3. Inserts are available in various designs – from flat to angular to circular, half-circluar, curved and more.
  4. Modular inserts include Wi-Fi and voice operated switches that can be controlled from anywhere in the world.
  5. Modular functions range from switches to sockets to regulators to USB chargers to music players and more.

2. Havells


Havells is a well-known FMEG brand and therefore, it deals with a plethora of electrical goods. Havells offers purifiers, geysers, switchboards, and other home appliances. It is one of the most trusted and best switches in India for home and with its high-quality products with a guarantee, it stays true to its word. 

Notable Features:

  1. The modular switches are manufactured with polycarbonate and plastic, making them heat-resistant. 
  2. The material used for making these switches is UV ray stabilized, shockproof, and impact resistant. 
  3. Switchboards are affordable
  4. The manufacturer follows stringent quality norms and assures a better fit. 

Why Havells Switch Boards?

Havells is one of the best switches in India and its modular switches are shock-resistant and electrical leakage-resistant. Additionally, these are highly durable and endure high impact. 



Founded in 1968, PM CONA has a lot of loyal customers due to the incredible quality of its modular switches. The brand is very innovative and often comes up with new products therefore, they have a large variety of switches in India for home.  

Notable Features:

  1. The electrical switches are made of FR-grade polycarbonate, the best switch material. 
  2. They manufacture both one-way and two-way switches as per the customer’s needs. 
  3. The design of the switchboards is elegant, sleek, and robust. 
  4. The modular switches consume less power and are highly durable


PM CONA has every electrical product you need. Its wide range of switch options makes it one of the best switch brands in India. PM CONA suits everyone’s needs with its versatile products. 

4. L&T


L&T is one of the best electrical components manufacturers in India. It also offers power quality and solar energy solutions. Also, the electrical best switches  for home made by the company are of superior quality. 

Notable Features:

  1. The switches made by L&T last a long time as they are made of polycarbonate switches
  2. The reason behind their longevity is wide cover plates
  3. The switches are affordable, impact-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and heat resistant
  4. The switches have inbuilt safety shutters that enhance the safety quotient

Why L&T?

L&T is an old and reliable brand that offers the best quality switches in India. The modular switches made by L&T are easy to maintain and unique looking. Also, they are easy to install. 

5. Anchor by Panasonic

Anchor by Panasonic

Anchor by Panasonic has been present in the Indian market for the past five decades. Today, the brand has garnered a loyal customer base not only in India but around the world as well. The company manufactures its switchboards and other electrical products after elaborate research and trials. 

Notable Features:

  • It has a wide range of modular switches for different purposes
  • These switches are made from polycarbonate, making them robust and long-lasting as compared to other switches
  • The company offers a 1-year warranty
  • Switchboards are very affordable 

Why Anchor by Panasonic?

It is a renowned brand for manufacturing switchboards of different styles. All the switchboards and switches are high-quality. Also, they are easy to install. 

6. Tata Power EZ Home

Tata Power EZ Home

Tata is a household name in India and the Tata Power EZ Home is owned by the same company. Tata Power EZ Home makes some of the best new-age modular switchboards in India. The company uses advanced technology while making its electrical products. 

Notable Features:

  1. The switchboards made by Tata are so stylish they grab everyone’s attention. 
  2. These switches come with a timer function for automation any operation
  3. You can use the EZ home app to control these switches 
  4. These switches are also voice operated 
  5. They also come with a built-in power consumption tracker

Why Tata Power EZ?

Tata has been present in India for a very long time and it lights up thousands of homes in the country. This makes the Tata brand very reliable and one of the best switch brands in India. The advancements the company has made in the modular switch space are commendable. 

7. Hi-Fi


Hi-Fi is an innovative and research-driven brand, making it one of the best electric switch brands in India. The company makes switchboards with internationally acclaimed features. 

Notable Features:

  1. The switchboards are made of polycarbonate.
  2. They are easy to install and easy to maintain 
  3. The switchboards are affordable 
  4. Hi-Fi switchboards have heavy-duty contacts 

Why Hi-Fi?

Hi-Fi offers affordable yet classy and elegant modular switches. These switches are heavy-duty and can endure short circuits. It is a well-known brand in India that offers durable switchboards. 

8. Legrand


One of the best switch brand in India, Legrand is known for making a wide selection of wiring accessories. The company also offers stylish modular switches that are durable. These cable management and digital infrastructure for homes is also commendable. 

Notable Features:

  • Legrand won an award for designing incredible switches that are high-performance
  • Legrand offers regular, modular, and smart switches
  • The most sold product in Legrand’s lineup is the floating frame home switch design 
  • These switches are ideal for houses, offices, restaurants, and shops
  • They are easy to install 

Why Legrand?

Legrand is trusted by millions of customers around the world and is known to offer the best cable management products. It also makes ideal panel mounting switches. 

9. GM


GM makes switches that accentuate the style of your home. The company offers some of the best switchboards and modular switches in India. Other than switches, the innovation-focused brand makes pipes, fans, and other electrical products. 

Notable Features:

  1. Since the switches are made from polycarbonate, they have a long life 
  2. They are easy to install
  3. These switches are lightweight but are heavy duty 
  4. They are heat-resistant and affordable 

Why GM?

GM is a huge organisation and the best switch brand in India. The switches made by GM are a blend of sustainability and style. Also, these switches are resistant to electrical dysfunctions and heat. 



Founded in 1985, Salzer is a brand that has been working relentlessly to offer innovative electrical installation products. The company makes reliable switches combined with excellent service. The brand launches new switch designs from time to time. 

Notable Features:

  1. These switches are environmentally friendly and they are made from the highest-grade polycarbonate material
  2. The company offers highly-efficient CAM-operated rotary switches
  3. The switches are flame-resistant and offer good tactical feedback 
  4. Their design is robust and modern, and yet they are affordable.

11. ABB


The leading global brand ABB wants to make society better, more productive, and more sustainable in the future. It still has a foothold in the international market and a reputation for excellence dating back more than 130 years. Now that’s an ideal example of the best switch brands in India!

Notable Features:

  1. The switches are environmentally friendly and long-lasting because they are made of low-carbon materials.
  2. In addition to alarm options, the modular switches also include features like audio solutions for multiple rooms.
  3. Because they use so little electricity, these switches are highly energy efficient.

12. Vinay


Over the past five decades, Vinay Electricals has been on an exciting journey. It has figured out how to invigorate the electrical business with unavoidable arrangements. This brand is primarily driven by passion, excellence, and creativity.

Notable Features:

  1. Modern switches that are more conductive than standard switches
  2. Vinay electrical’s range of products like Corum are well-liked for their ambient features and high impact resistance.

13. Wipro


One of the FMCG companies with the fastest growth rates in the world is Wipro North-West. This brand makes products for a variety of niches with a whopping revenue each year. It has fought for a strong position in diverse areas from wellness products to electrical wiring devices.

Notable Features:

  1. Polycarbonate secluded switches are intended to have expanded sturdiness.
  2. There are indicators and switches without indicators.
  3. These switches are made of thermostat materials for safe electrical insulation.

14. Duravolt


Modular switches with cutting-edge designs are manufactured by Duravolt Electricals. The brand only recently established itself as a modest business. By and by, it makes an enormous scope of secluded switches in India.

Notable Features:

  1. The switches are made of polycarbonate material of FR grade.
  2. Brass is used as the inner component, making the products environmentally friendly.


15. Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric is on a mission of empowering people by sustainably leveraging resources and energy. The company fuses world-class processes and energy technologies. 

Notable Features:

  1. Schneider Electric offers highly durable switches with copper bridges and silver inlay contacts
  2. The products are eco-friendly and come with a 1.6-year warranty 
  3. The switches have brass terminals that ensure efficient electric contact

16. GreatWhite


Since 2012, GreatWhite has been at the forefront of reimagining home electrical solutions. With a focus on switches, switchboards, LED lights, home automation, wires, and cables, the brand has seamlessly blended innovation and design. This switch company sees switches as more than practical devices—they’re an integral part of home decor. Their team of skilled designers and technicians work collaboratively to craft products that merge functionality with aesthetics. From smart home solutions to elegant switchboards, GreatWhite continues to shape the future of electrical products with their commitment to innovation.

Notable Features:

  1. GreatWhite offers smart switches that provide convenience and energy efficiency through remote control and automation.
  2. The brand offers a diverse range of switches, catering to different preferences and functional needs.
  3. GreatWhite’s switches are built to withstand daily use, ensuring long-lasting performance.

17. Finolex


Founded in 1945, Finolex remains a leading player in India’s switch industry. Despite its inception over half a century ago, the Switch company‘s focus on innovation is unwavering. Its product range spans a wide array of industries and applications, encompassing residential, commercial, industrial, and infrastructure sectors. Notably, the essence of Finolex products lies in their resolute commitment to furnishing high-quality, dependable, and inventive switches and wire solutions.

Notable Features:

  1. Finoswitch is crafted using high-grade polycarbonate and features silver cadmium oxide-coated contact points. This ensures durability and optimal performance.
  2. The switches incorporate screws and terminals of the highest quality, reflecting modern standards in switch manufacturing.
  3. Built to last, Finoswitch is rigorously tested to endure over 1,00,000 clicks, assuring long-term reliability.
  4. Finoswitch is designed with safety in mind, meeting industry standards to provide a secure and dependable electrical connection.
  5. The switches come equipped with a unique fluorescent strip that illuminates in the dark, serving as a helpful guide even during nighttime.

To Conclude

Electric switches can increase the style quotient of a home and add a lot of functionality as well. In this guide, we have mentioned some of the best switch brands in India. These brands offer durable, stylish, long-lasting, and modern modular switches. We hope this guide helps you choose the right brand for your home.

Best Switch Brands in India FAQs

1. Which brand is best for modular switches?

Brands such as Schneider Electric, Legrand, Siemens, and Anchor are known for their reliability and durability, while companies like Havells, Goldmedal, and Panasonic offer stylish designs. Innovative features are found in brands like GreatWhite, Signify, Wipro, and ABB, while energy efficiency is prioritized by Schneider Electric, ABB, Polycab, and Orient Electric. Ultimately, the choice depends on individual preferences and requirements.

2. Is Goldmedal a good brand?

Yes, Goldmedal is generally considered a reputable and reliable brand in the electrical industry. With a history spanning over four decades, Goldmedal has earned a positive reputation for its high-quality products, innovative solutions, and commitment to customer satisfaction. Their range of offerings, including modular switches, LED lights, wiring, and accessories, reflects their dedication to providing reliable and efficient electrical solutions for homes and businesses.

3. Which switch is better for home?

Here’s the answer to the question, which switch is better for home? Modular switches from brands like Legrand, Schneider Electric, and Havells offer sleek designs and customization options, while smart switches from Wipro, Signify (Philips), and GM Modular provide convenience and energy efficiency. Additionally, safety switches from Anchor, and Goldmedal prioritize safety features, making them suitable for homes with children or elderly residents.

4. Which model switch is best?

If you want to know which model switch is best, here’s the answer. Determining the best model switch depends on individual preferences, requirements, and specific features desired. Some popular models known for their reliability, design, and features include Legrand Arteor, Schneider Electric Neo, Havells Crabtree, GM Modular Gmagic, and Anchor Vision. Ultimately, the best model switch will depend on factors such as design preferences, desired features (such as touch-sensitive or smart capabilities), budget, and compatibility with existing electrical systems or home automation setups.

5. Are GM switches a good brand?

Are GM switches a good brand? Yes, GM Modular is generally regarded as a reputable and reliable brand in the electrical industry. With a presence in the market since 2000, GM Modular has built a strong reputation for offering high-quality switches and other home electrical accessories. Their products are known for their innovative designs, durability, and user-friendly features, making GM Modular a trusted choice for consumers in India.
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