Simple Pooja Room Designs For Indian Homes In 2021

pooja room

Pooja rooms are the only space that plays a crucial role in almost all Indian households. So much so that, even in houses that aren’t quite big, have an associated specific corner in the house where the members place a beautiful mandir and pray to the almighty.

This article, therefore, brings forth the india style pooja room design ideas that are popular, durable, and smart to choose from. After all, when you plan on specifying your dream house, why not the Pooja room? So, let’s get started!

Top 5 Best Interior Pooja Room Designs For Indian Homes:

Listed below are the top 5 best Pooja room designs for Indian households:

1) Pooja Room Designs In Marble

Pooja Room Designs In Marble

If you have a big house and can afford to designate a room, especially for Pooja, then there is no better pick than to recreate and design the Pooja room designs in marble. Irrespective of its high maintenance and expense that you would probably need to incur, a marble make Pooja room is durable and prevents the entry of termites.

A marble Pooja room design rightly matched a wide range and the different kinds of décor and flooring. Adding on, the marble finish brings about a rich and elegant look too.

2) Pooja Room Designs In Wood

Pooja Room Designs In Wood

Wooden Pooja room designs for Indian homes work best with all kinds of interior finish and themes and they add grandness to every space. It adds versatility, warmth to the pooja room in small houses, and can be easily refurbished.

Nonetheless, on the downside, a wooden-make Pooja room does require proper care, maintenance, and one must be cautious when lighting candles in the room.

3) Small Pooja Room Designs For Indian Homes

Small Pooja Room Designs

Interior Pooja room designs for small mandirs make a great fit for those living in smaller spaces or apartments with less space, making it impossible to have a separate Pooja room. These interior design Pooja spaces can be readily available in the market or can be easily made by order.

4) Wall-mounted Pooja Room latest Design

Wall-mounted Pooja Room latest Design

As the name suggests, these designs provide wall-mounted devotional spaces for small apartments or studio apartments. They are ideal for tiny spaces, prevent the use of the floor, and can be easily installed in any corner in minimal space.

What To Keep In Mind When Choosing A Perfect Pooja Room For Your Home?

Here is what you must keep in mind while choosing the Pooja room designs for an Indian home:

The availability of the space – Do you have a separate pooja room? Or, you’ll need to devote a corner? Considering the space available, place your interior design mandir in a secluded place for more privacy.

Your budget – It is understandable that while thinking of the interior Pooja room designs, you might tend to get a little overboard. But know that it’s ok to have a little space dedicated or as your budget allows.

The size of your apartment – Choose a beautiful Pooja mandir that fits your house perfectly.

The color scheme – While choosing the Pooja room designs, consider the color theme of your house and pick one that would match the aesthetics.

What Are The Best Pooja Room Designing Ideas In 2021?

Use bright colors – Try and use bright colors for the pooja rooms, such as white, light yellow, or even orange. In case you want the space to look more open and airy, take a step further and pick pastel shades of the colors mentioned earlier

Install an attractive door design – As Pooja rooms are secluded it is a good idea to choose doors that are rather distinguished from all the other door designs of the other rooms. Pick between a sturdy wooden door with carvings or a more unique frosty or transparent glass door at the entrance of the pooja room

Try and make the Pooja room designs more welcoming and warm – Pooja rooms are considered as an auspicious space for all the household members. Try and make the entrance welcoming and warm by drawing a rangoli, placing a tall flower vase, hanging marigold flowers, etc.

Throw in some attractive and colorful cushions for sitting – Purchase some low heightened wooden stools and comfortable/colorful cushions for sitting.

Add lights – It is very important to keep the pooja room always illuminated, so why not add in a few lights? It could be a chandelier, overhead lighting, string lights, etc. 

How To Place Idols In The Pooja Room Designs?

    1. Always place the idols in the east and west direction and not the north or south
    2. Avoid hanging the picture of the deities on the north or south wall
    3. If your modern Pooja unit is smaller in size, avoid idols the exceed more than three inches
    4. Do not keep the idols facing each other
    5. Do not place chipped or broken idols
    6. Try and purchase idols that have a wooden platform
    7. Avoid placing the unit on the floor

How To Decorate Your Pooja Room?

  1. Avoid any cluttering and too many images or idols. This is because it might create a distraction than a place of devotion and concentration
  2. Use marble idols for a small pooja room
  3. Pooja room design in glass can be used on the door of the pooja room
  4. If you do not have a featured wall, try to install a backlit panel to decorate the Pooja room
  5. Most Pooja from designs for Indian homes have partition installed for more concentration by using decorative screens
  6. Avoid focus or spotlights and try to use ambient lighting for the Pooja room
  7. Try and decorate the Pooja room with brass objects like lamps, bells, and brass pots as they easily blend with the overall style of the house.

To Conclude: Choosing The Best Pooja Room Designs For Indian Homes

Pooja rooms are considered to be the most centric and authentic part of most Indian households as a devoted space for focusing on their prayers and also as a room to experience calmness and peace. This is why it becomes important for people to choose a Pooja room design that rightly matches the household atmosphere and becomes a place of attraction. We hope that the article above has helped you choose the best Pooja room designs for your house.

Pooja Room Designs FAQs

1. How to decorate a Pooja room?

The best way to design your Pooja room to place beautiful and green plants, decorative lights, flowers, and drapes. For more details and to know more such innovative ideas, refer to the article above.

2. What is the best to help keep the Pooja room clean?

The best way to keep the Pooja room clean is to make sure that the unit is decluttered and the idols and images are nicely organized. Always make sure to remove the dry leaves from the plants and flowers to keep the space lively, use matching cloth and candles, clean holy oil using a clean cotton ball, or try and install a marble mandir as it is low-maintenance.

3. According to Vastu Shastra, is it ok to install a Pooja mandir facing the south direction?

As per the Vastu Shastra, you must avoid the Pooja unit to face the south direction and only install it in either the east or north direction.

4. What is the symbol of the altar in a church?

The altar in a church represents the presence of Christ during the ceremony or the mass.
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