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North-facing House Vastu Plan: The Key to Prosperity and Good Vibes

North facing House Vastu Plan

According to Vastu Shastra, the north direction is considered highly auspicious, as it is governed by Lord Kuber, the deity of wealth. By adhering to the proper Vastu principles, a north-facing home can radiate positivity. If you own a north-facing home and seek simple tips to optimize its energy, you’ve come to the right source. This comprehensive guide offers valuable insights to enhance and fortify your north-facing house Vastu plan. Let’s explore the tips together!

The Significance of a Vastu Plan for a North-facing House

The north direction is considered auspicious, but there are still ways to enhance its positivity in your north-facing house plan as per Vastu. Pay attention to minute details and ensure Vastu Shastra principles are followed in each room. A well-designed north-facing house Vastu plan can bring numerous benefits and maximize its effects on your home. Embrace these guidelines to make the most of Vastu for north-facing homes.

North-facing House Plan Ideas For Different Rooms in the House

1. Vastu for Living Room and Entrance in a North-facing House Plan

In a north-facing house plan as per Vastu, you should put the entrance in the north or northeast direction to get good vibes from the morning sun. Make sure the entrance door opens inside and is bright and tidy. For the living room, pick the northeast, north, or east part of the house to get lots of positive energy and sunlight. Arrange the seating so you can see north or east for good vibes. Don’t put mirrors right in front of the entrance and go for light-coloured walls to make the room bright. Keep the living room tidy, and put electronics and stuff in the southeast corner for balance. 

2. North-Facing House Bedroom Vastu

In a north-facing house, figuring out bedroom Vastu guidelines might seem like solving a puzzle to create a calm and restful space. So, get ready to place the bed with the head towards the south and feet towards the north, like a magnetic compass pointing you in the right direction for better sleep and health. But wait, hold those mirrors! Avoid placing them facing the bed to keep the room’s energy as tranquil as a calm lake.

Now, let’s add some hues to the mix. Choose soothing colours for the walls, like a palette of pastel serenity to create a relaxing ambience. And remember, in this bedroom game, organization is key! Keep the space tidy and well-organized to unlock your secret relaxation power.

3. Ideal kids’ Bedroom Placement in a North-facing House Plan as Per Vastu

In a north-facing house, Place your kids’ bedroom in the northeast or northwest direction, but avoid the southwest corner since that’s better for the master bedroom. Make sure their beds face south for better sleep and health. Choose cheerful colours and avoid dark ones to create a happy atmosphere. Create a study area in the northeast or east and a play area in the northwest or west. Keep the room tidy and well-ventilated with natural light.

4. North-Facing House Kitchen Vastu

The kitchen vastu tips, which is important for good luck and happiness, needs to be placed in the right corner. When cooking, face east or south to get some positive energy from the sun. Keep the kitchen neat and tidy to attract prosperity. And guess what? The sink should be on the left side, not the right, to avoid money problems. Good air and light are also important for a nice kitchen. Use warm colours to make it cosy and inviting.

5. North-facing House Vastu Plan with Pooja Room

In a north-facing house, the pooja room is like a special place for prayers and connecting with the divine. To make it perfect, put it in the northeast corner of the house, and make sure the door faces east or north for good vibes. Don’t forget to place the idols and deities on a wall facing east and a bit lower than eye level.

Keep the north-facing house Vastu plan with pooja room nice and clean for the sacred feeling. Oh, and don’t forget the lighting! You can use diyas or lamps to create a spiritual atmosphere. For the walls, go for calming colours like white, light yellow, or light blue – they’re perfect for relaxing.

6. North-Facing Houses Bathroom Vastu

For a north-facing house, Vastu principles for the bathroom are essential to maintain positive energies. Ideally, place the bathroom in the northeast or northwest corner of the house. Avoid placing it in the southwest corner, as it may lead to Vastu imbalances. Position the toilet seat in a way that you face either the north or south direction while using it to stay in harmony with magnetic forces. Good ventilation is crucial to keep the bathroom fresh and airy. Choose light and soothing colours for bathroom decor, and keep it tidy and clean for better hygiene and positive energy flow. Avoid having the bathroom and kitchen sharing the same wall to promote Vastu harmony. Following these guidelines can create a harmonious and refreshing bathroom in your north-facing house.

7. Staircase Placement in North-facing House Plan

For a north-facing house, place the staircase in the northwest, north, or northeast direction. Avoid the southwest area, meant for the master bedroom. Make sure the staircase ascends from east to west or north to south. Keep the area well-lit and ventilated, with sturdy and attractive railings. Keep it clutter-free and avoid T-junction designs. Following these Vastu tips will create a harmonious flow of energy throughout the house.

8. Best Colour for a North-Facing House Plan

If you have a north-facing house, pick cool and light colours like soft whites, light greys, pale blues, and pastel greens. They make the rooms feel bright and open, creating a welcoming atmosphere. You can also use mirrors to make the space even brighter. Remember to consider the lighting and what you like when choosing colours. Try different samples to find the best colors for a harmonious home.

9. North-Facing Duplex House Vastu

In Vastu, they say the master bedroom should be on the first floor of a duplex home. And don’t forget to put some Vastu plants there to make the energy positive! Both the master bedroom and the balcony should face the northeast direction – that’s where the good vibes come from. And don’t miss the pooja room! It should also face the northeast for good luck and stuff. Lastly, make a study room in a quiet spot without distractions. It’ll help you focus and be productive. Following these tips will make your duplex home super harmonious and balanced!

Dos and Don’ts of a North-Facing House Vastu Plan?


  1. Ensure you have a wooden main door, which should also be the biggest in the home. It also helps to have a doormat to wipe away negativity upon entering.
  2. Keep your home neat.
  3. Aglaonema, ferns, bromeliads, and hedera are the most recommended plants for north-facing homes.
  4. The wastewater outlets should be in the south or north corners of the house.


  1. The kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom should not be in the northeast.
  2. Avoid placing the main door or entrance in the 6th pada.
  3. Don’t place mirrors in the south or southeast parts of the house.
  4. Avoid using black marble for the kitchen countertop.

Final Thoughts

The north-facing house Vastu plan offers a promising blend of positive attributes. With ample sunlight and ventilation, it creates a welcoming and comfortable living environment. Embracing the principles of Vastu, a north-facing house is believed to attract prosperity and good energy, making it an appealing choice for those seeking harmony and abundance in their living spaces. While individual beliefs may vary, the practical benefits of a north-facing house make it a popular and auspicious option for many homeowners.

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North-Facing House Vastu plan FAQ’s:

1. Is a north-facing house good for Vastu?

In Vastu Shastra, a north-facing house is generally considered good as it allows ample sunlight and ventilation, aligns with the Earth’s magnetic flow, and is believed to attract prosperity and positive energy. However, it’s essential to remember that the impact of Vastu principles is subjective, and there is no scientific evidence to support its claims. Ultimately, choosing a north-facing house depends on individual beliefs and preferences.

2. Which Colour is lucky for a north-facing house?

In Vastu Shastra, a north-facing house is thought to be lucky, and some colours that are considered good for it are light blue, white, green, aqua, and silver/grey. These colours make the house feel peaceful and calm. But remember, it’s also essential to choose colours you like for your home!

3. Is the north-facing house good for all Rashi?

In Vastu Shastra, a north-facing house is generally considered good for all Rashis due to its positive attributes like sunlight, ventilation, and alignment with the Earth’s magnetic flow. However, the impact of Vastu on individuals varies, and practical considerations should also be taken into account when choosing a house. While it is believed to be beneficial, it’s not a strict rule for everyone.

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