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Vastu Tips For Positive Energy At Home

Vastu Tips For Positive Energy At Home

Have you ever wondered what are Vastu tips? Are you interested to know how to get positive energy at home? Well, Vastu Shastra is often regarded as the science of building, and it is frequently utilized to balance all of a building’s natural components and energy. When building a house according to Vastu Shastra, it is important to do so in such a way that bad energies are removed and replaced with positive energy at home. Using Vastu concepts to organize the layout of your home can also help you to create positive energy at home.

According to traditional beliefs, each house has its energy type. A person who lives in a house is subjected to the impact of a particular energy field, which in turn affects him in some way or the other. In this article below we shall discuss how to get positive energy at home and are some of the best Vastu tips which help to get positive energy at home.

How To Get Positive Energy At Home ?

Various Vastu tips must be considered to enjoy positive energy at home. When building a house in terms of Vastu, everything from the facing direction of the house to the placement of goods and the color of the walls must be taken into consideration. Below are some of the best Vastu tips for how to get positive energy at home.

Vastu Tips To Get Positive Energy At Home

1. Vastu Tips For Positive Energy At Entrance

Vastu Tips For Positive Energy At Entrance

The main entrance door in the north or north-east direction helps to get in positivity in the house. This mindset encourages individuals’ progress and well-being, resulting in prosperity and positive wealth. A brightly lit entrance, whether natural or artificial, creates positive energy at home.

An architectural presence of a window adjacent to the entrance of the door, or the positioning of a lamp or Diya outside the entrance, might provide adequate light. Every day, wash the entrance with rock salt-infused water to keep it from becoming a neglected gap that attracts negativity.

2. Vastu Tips For Positive Energy In Kitchen

Vastu Tips For Positive Energy At Home 2

As per the Vastu Shastra, the southeast direction is best for the kitchen because the lord of fire (Agni) rules in this direction. All fire-related cooking items, such as gas burners, ovens, toasters, microwaves, and cylinders, must be positioned in the kitchen’s southeast area.

Cooking appliances, such as a gas cylinder or oven, should never be aligned adjacent to and on the same platform as the wash basin because fire and water are two opposing elements. The cooking appliances must be arranged in such a way that the person cooking is required to look east when using them.

It’s important to avoid constructing the kitchen in the home’s north, north-east, or south-west directions, as these three angles are known to destroy family relationships.

3. Vastu Tips For Positive Energy In Living Room

Vastu Tips For Positive Energy In Living Room

As per the Vastu for the living room, heavy furniture, such as sofa sets, must be positioned in the living room’s west or south-west direction. Lighter colors like gentle pink, cream, beige, and white are good choices for the living area. Choose bold colors for the interiors to contrast with the gentle tints, such as turquoise, hot pink, or gold.

Remove any art that shows pain, misery, or sorrow from the living room to block the bad energy flow. To avoid bad luck, any broken items such as photo frames or mirrors, as well as equipment that no longer work, should be removed.

4. Vastu Tips For Positive Energy In Bedrooms

Vastu Tips For Positive Energy In Bedrooms

You should never sleep with your head pointing towards the north. This is because both the north and the crowned chakra above our heads are positives, and two positives make a negative. According to Vastu for bedrooms, the bed should be placed in the bedroom’s southwest corner, with the person’s head looking in the same direction. Do not place a mirror in the bedroom as this can attract negativity.

Playing gentle music can help you relieve stress and bring a sense of calm and tranquillity to the body. Light colors in your bedroom can create a relaxing and calming atmosphere after a long day at work. Just before going to bed, light a jasmine oil and rose-infused candle to help you relax and sleep better.

5. Vastu Tips For Positive Energy In Bathrooms

Vastu Tips For Positive Energy In Bathrooms

All of the ‘waste’ is disposed of in the northwest corner of the house, making it an ideal location for the bathroom. Both the shower and the washbasin must face towards east, north, or north-east direction. The bathroom door should be of wood and not metal because metal harms one’s health and thus attracts negativity.

According to Vastu, ventilation is a key aspect of the bathroom. The bathroom window and exhaust fan should always face the northeast direction, allowing an adequate quantity of both air and sunlight to flow inside. This aids in the elimination of any bacteria and, as a result, promotes a cleansing and hygienic environment for feeding.

6. Vastu Tips For Positive Energy In Pooja Room

Vastu Tips For Positive Energy In Pooja Room

According to Vastu shastra for temples, your pooja room should be built on the north, east, or northeast side of the house. Construct the pooja room in such a way b that the doors are always on the east or north side of the wall.

The legs of the idol should be at the level of your chest if you are standing or sitting when worshipping. As a result, the pooja room must be constructed appropriately. If you wish to put a lamp in the pooja room, put it on the house’s southeast or eastern side.

7. Vastu Tips For Positive Energy In Dining Room

Vastu Tips For Positive Energy In Dining Room

The dining room should be connected to the kitchen on the south, west, or east sides, and the ideal direction to build a dining room is west. Light blue, yellow, saffron, or any light green color can be used to paint the dining room’s walls. These are bright and soothing colors that may provide a sense of calmness while eating.

The family’s head should sit on the east side of the dining table, while the rest of the family can sit on the east, north, or west sides. Sitting in these directions on the dining table also contributes to a more healthy life. A square or rectangle-shaped dining table is recommended since both designs provide ample space for individuals to dine comfortably.

Closing Thoughts

Following Vastu Shastra for the home can be advantageous to both homeowners and tenants. Making sure that your new home adheres to Vastu can make all the difference in your life and provide you with happy and positive energy at home. Vastu Shastra recommends the proper format, plan, shape, and directions for balancing all Vastu components, and it is a known fact that Vastu will provide positive energy at home.  

Vastu Tips For Positive Energy At Home FAQs

1. Are mirrors in bedrooms bad from a Vastu point of view ?

Mirrors reflect energy, which is why most experts recommend removing or covering the mirror in the bedroom when sleeping.

2. Can Vastu faults be changed ?

It is possible to fix Vastu-related flaws. All it needs is a few small adjustments.

3. Can I put the swastika symbol on my door ?

You can put a swastika symbol on the right side of the main entrance door for good luck.

4. Which is the most sacred place at home ?

The Brahmasthan is the most sacred place and is located in the center of the house.

5. Can I keep fish at home for Vastu ?

Fish are considered to be animals that bring a lot of good health and prosperity into a home according to Vastu Shastra.

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