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Vastu Shastra Colour Tips For Home

Vastu shastra colour tips for home

If you’ve been considering Vastu shastra colour tips for home, you’re in for some much-needed good fortune! When it comes to choosing the ideal Vastu colours for your house, you have a lot of alternatives. Individuals who are curious about which colour is the best for a home can read this post to discover answers to all of their pressing questions.

So, what is the right colour for your house?  To put it mildly, the use of colors as per Vastu is a highly subjective matter. Choosing the appropriate Vastu colours for home exterior is crucial. The outside color should be chosen as per the preferences of the owners. Light mauve, orange, off-white, and white colors are appropriate for persons of all Rashis and temperaments. As per Vastu principles, you should also emphasize compound wall colour combinations in the west and other directions.

Best Vastu Shastra Colour Tips for Home

There are a few additional Vastu shastra colour tips for home that you should be aware of. The interiors and exteriors of a home aren’t the only things to consider when it comes to colour as per Vastu. There are a few more things to keep in mind.

  • Colour of the pooja room: As per Vastu, the colour of the pooja room is highly essential. The pooja room should face northeast to take advantage of the sunshine. Yellow is a Vastu colour that is highly suggested for pooja rooms. This will undoubtedly be a viable choice.
  • Colour of the main door as per vastu: Which colour should you choose for the main door? Softer colours, such as silver, white, or wood, should be used for the front door. As per Vastu principles, darker colours should be avoided. Red, black, and even dark blue are among them. The main doors should always open inwards and in a clockwise manner.
  • Colours for the study room based on vastu: Another important consideration is the colour of the study room in terms of Vastu. Based on Vastu, bright green or blue is the best colour for the study room. Colours like white and cream can also be used, especially if you have a home office. Lighter colours will provide the impression of more space in the room. Darker colours should be avoided since they will make the room feel darker.
  • Colours for the Balcony: Balcony Vastu principles dictate that the balcony be situated to the east or north. For your balcony, choose calmer colours like white, blue, or softer shades of pink and green. This is the area where people will have the most interaction with the outside world. As a result, any dark colours should be avoided.
  • Colours for the Garage: The optimum position for your garage is in the direction of the North West. In this case, lighter colours such as yellow, white, blue, or any other lighter colour should be used.

Vastu Colours for Home Kitchen

Vastu Colours for Home Kitchen

Are you looking for the Vastu shastra color tips for home kitchen? You’ll need to conduct some studies to choose the right kitchen colour based on Vastu. Are you trying to figure out which colour is ideal for your kitchen slab based on Vastu? You’ll be surprised to learn that the finest choices are natural stones.

  • The fire elements are depicted in any kitchen. As a result, the Vastu says bright colours are very ideal for your kitchen.
  • If you want, you can choose shiny red, yellow, or even a shiny orange as the Vastu colours for your kitchen.
  • As per Vastu, pink is the ideal colour for the kitchen since it is a warmer tone. In this case, make a note of the finest Vastu colours for the dining room.
  • Pleasant tones in the kitchen offer better affection and warmth.
  • If you’re looking for a Kitchen Colour, brown is amongst the ideal options.
  • The ideal colour for the kitchen cabinets is green, which works well while suggesting positivity, health, and freshness, as well as orange and tones of lemon.
  • The Vastu Shastra for kitchen colour also recommends mosaic or marble flooring for the kitchen.
  • Ceramic tiles are also a viable option. In this scenario, light tones of brown, white, or light beige will suit best for your kitchen.
  • As previously said, kitchen slabs will be great in natural stones such as granite or quartz.
  • Colours like green, orange, and yellow can also be used for kitchen counters.

Vastu Colours for Bedroom

Giving some energy and time in deciding the right bedroom colour as per Vastu is not difficult. Choosing the correct painting for your bedroom as per Vastu and choosing the proper Basu Bichar for your house are two very different things. To achieve more harmony and wellness, you should pick an appropriate bedroom colour as per Vastu. As per Vastu, you will find several combinations for bedroom colours, and you might also look at several different kinds of colours for your bedroom.

Here are some things to think about:

  1. Because the south-west is ideal for leisure, relaxation, and peaceful unwinding, master bedrooms should be in the southwest direction
  2. Rose pink (it symbolises compassion, gratitude, and adoration) and light brown (it gives excellent health) are both appropriate colours. Violet and purple encourage happy dreams, thus mauve is one more  great colour for bedroom walls based on Vastu
  3. According to Vastu, mahogany is a good room colour since it signifies perseverance and power. The colour should incorporate elements of stunning gold to signify wisdom, love, and overall prosperity, based on Vastu shastra colour guidelines for house master bedrooms.

Colours for the Living Room Based on Vastu Shastra

Colours for the Living Room Based on Vastu Shastra

Are you trying to decide which is the colour that will look best in the hall? Colors from the Vastu Shastra may be used in your living room in a number of ways.

In deciding the right colours for your living room, you’ll need to conduct some research.

Some of the important points to consider:

  1. The hall should be built on the northeast or northwest corner. Hence, a lighter colour like yellow or white should be used to paint it.
  2. A guest room in the Northwest should have white colour. Saffron is a symbol of devotion, while peach is a very soothing colour. Bright orange represents creativity, joy, and happiness, whereas yellow represents enlightenment and glory.

Colours for the Master Bedroom based on Vastu

Colours for the Master Bedroom based on Vastu

You’ve previously seen the best Vastu colours for the bedroom in the image above. as per Vastu, the colour of your master bedroom will vary depending on your preferences and needs. Are you debating between bathroom colours?

  1. If your master bedroom faces southeast, you might want to consider painting it blue. Remember and apply the previous recommendations in this article, and keep in mind that the optimum colour for the bedroom as per Vastu is subjective.
  2. Vastu shastra colour tips for home bedroom rooms are several. The colours are excellent for the living room. You should devote some time and effort to choose the appropriate colour for your living room as per Vastu.

In this respect, you should take notice of professional recommendations for the best drawing room colour as per Vastu and other suggested Vastu Shastra colours. The living room exudes greater charm, flair, and personalization.

Here are a few things to consider-

  1. Fittings and furniture in the living room should contrast with the primary colours
  2. This will aid in the creation of an appropriate energy balance, as well as an increase in happiness
  3. More vitality will be brought in by turquoise, gold, and bright pink cushions and drapes
  4. White, which represents kindness, purity, and innocence, as well as flowery whites, which represent perfection and honesty, are some of the best colours
  5. Beige, which denotes neutrality, serenity, and relaxation, as well as cream, which denotes charm and beauty, are other acceptable colours
  6. The colour light pink denotes a higher level of warmth

How to Pick the Right Vastu Colours for Your House

How to Pick the Right Vastu Colours for Your House

The colours you decide for your house will have a bigger influence on yourself and your people. It is necessary to select the appropriate colour scheme for various rooms in one’s home. You can do so by talking with a professional. You may either grovel before God or a priest or better to contact a Vastu specialist when it comes to houses and the happiness connected with them that is not solid. He will choose Vastu colours for the house that are appropriate for you and the other residents. Colours have been proven time and time again to have a psychological influence on those who are constantly exposed to them.

Your house is where you spend the majority of your time. A specific colour brings a kind of emotion in you, and your house should have the right balance in terms of the different colours employed. You will feel fresh, revitalized, and healthy throughout your life if you use Vastu colours in your house.

Based on Vastu, the wall colour will be matched to your date of birth and other astrological information. The Vastu expert will next choose a colour that is appropriate for you in a specific room facing a certain direction. It could be possible that the current colour scheme in a specific direction isn’t right for you.

When it comes to choosing the right colours for your home, keep the following factors in mind:

  • Light blue in the north-east
  • East – light blue or white
  • South-east — Enhance vitality with orange, pink, or silver.
  • Green or pista colour in the north
  • North-west – This is an air-dominated region. White, light grey, or even cream is appropriate for this region.
  • West – this is the direction of Varun, the deity of water. This direction’s colours are blue and white.
  • Colours in the southwest include peach, mud, light cream, and light brown.
  • Red or yellow in the south
  • People should choose their colours carefully, as black, pink, and red may not be acceptable for everyone. Otherwise, all colours, including kitchen colours, should be chosen as per Vastu for the greatest results.

Colour Guidelines for the Walls

As per experts, each part of your home requires a different colour scheme depending on its energy requirements, size, and orientation. The colours will be picked based on Vastu and how that area of your home is used. When picking colours for your house, keep the following considerations in mind.

For the master suite: This room’s orientation should be southwest, and it should ideally be painted blue.

The guest room or drawing room: The ideal orientation for these rooms is north-west, thus this room should be painted white.

Rooms for children: The ideal direction for rooms for grown-up children who must go out to study is northwest. Because the moon rules the northwest, this room should be painted white.

Kitchen: Based on Vastu, the kitchen colour is well-advised. The southeast is the optimum direction for the kitchen. This is a fire zone, and it should be painted orange or red.

Washrooms: Because the washroom should face north-west, it should be painted white.

The direction of the hall should be northeast. It should be golden or white.

Colours on the outside should correspond to the zodiac signs of the individuals who own the property. In general, colours such as yellow, white, yellowish-white or pale mauve, or orange are all suitable zodiac signs.

Avoid the Following Wall Colours:

Light colours: As per Vastu experts, are universally favorable. Dark colours like black, grey, crimson, and others may not be appropriate for everyone. The planets Rahu, Mars, Shani, and the Sun are all represented by these colours. Black, intense yellow, and red should be avoided. These colours have the potential to disrupt and disrupt the energy field of your home.

Colours that bring luck: Colours should be carefully chosen. They are determined by the owner’s birth date and the orientation of the residence. All zodiac signs look good in yellowish-white, off-white, mauve, and orange. The master bedroom should be oriented to the southwest and painted in blue. It’s an auspicious colour for this space.

Houses facing east should be painted white or light blue. The best direction for the kitchen is south-east, and the walls should be painted orange or red. Because it reflects light, the optimum colour for the ceiling is white or light in tone. Green is a good colour for the children’s bedroom. Purple or lavender are good choices for the temple. Spirituality, tranquility, and wisdom are all linked with these colours. Orange is the colour of enthusiasm. The colour red is associated with hunger, thus red flowers should be placed on the eating table. Colours like pink, peach, and green should be used in bedrooms.

Vastu Shastra Color Tips For Home FAQs

1. Which colour is lucky for home?

The ideal room colours are yellow, white, and green. We should always choose light, calming colours in the living area, such as light yellow, white, or light green. These are the finest colours for living room walls, and they are well-known for being the top options when it comes to choosing a colour scheme for your living room.

2. What should be the colour of the bedroom based on Vastu?

Pink or light red. This colour is associated with warmth and affection, two qualities that may be found in any house. If you’re married or in a relationship, Vastu says pink or light crimson is the best master bedroom colour since it strengthens your bond with your mate while also reducing tension.

3. Which Colour is lucky for a kitchen?

White, yellow, blue, green, beige, red, and orange are all significant feng shui kitchen paint colours, but knowing how to apply them is as beneficial. White is a common kitchen colour, and it’s a good place to start when incorporating feng shui into your house.

4. Which Colour is best for the living room?

Green is the colour of rebirth and peace. It’s one of the finest paint colours for living rooms since it reflects the colours of nature. Green walls will provide a dash of vitality to your living room if you don’t have the space (or the energy) for a slew of house plants.

5. How many colours should a house have?

Using no more than 5 unique colours throughout your house is a solid rule of thumb for a coherent colour palette. There’s white, a neutral, and three colours in this example. That isn’t to say you have to stick to only 5 paint colours in your home.

6. What colour is good luck for money?

Red is the best colour for attracting money since it emits bright and forceful energy. It represents life and radiates a tremendous amount of energy. Feng Shui considers red to be a versatile colour.

7. What is the best colour?

Blue is the most widely used colour on the planet. Red and green are the second and third most popular colours, followed by orange, brown, and purple. Yellow is the least popular colour, with only 5% of individuals preferring it. Another intriguing poll finding: as people become older, both men and women like orange more.

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