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Needs ideas for your wedding home decoration?

wedding home decoration

Wedding Home Decoration

Indian weddings are lavish affairs. But if you’ve already made the decision to have a small, intimate wedding in your house, we’re sure you’re having trouble figuring out ‘how to do wedding home decoration.

There are many affordable wedding decoration ideas at home that might genuinely help you make the most of your special day. Put your worries to rest because we have some inexpensive ideas for decorating an apartment for a wedding.

Greeting visitors with a rangoli

Greeting visitors with a rangoli

A rangoli will instantly enhance your hallway wedding home decoration. You may use the available colors to create a fast rangoli design. You may quickly create a plan that will improve your house wedding décor with the assistance of a few people.

For an idyllic backdrop, use old saris as drapes

For an idyllic backdrop, use old saris as drapes

Is there a vintage sari that mum no longer wears? Or do you still have any old curtains from your time living in dorms? Use these curtains for your wedding house decoration. To create simple canopy tents, you may tie them together or sew them together.

Use old mud pots to decorate your home for your wedding during the mehendi function

Use old mud pots to decorate your home for your wedding during the mehendi function

You may gather a lot of steel, bronze, and mason jars and fill them with plastic or dried flower decorations to make stunning decorations. Additionally, you may provide paintbrushes to young guests at the wedding and allow them to express their creativity on mud pots.

Use flowers to make an affordable and easy haldi decoration at home

Needs ideas for your wedding home decoration? 6

Don’t want too much fanfare at your haldi? The ideal backdrop may be created with your favorite flowers. Make simple flower strings with your family and hang them in a pattern to provide an understated yet lovely backdrop for the event.

For your sangeet, rely on the beauty of the Diwali lights

Needs ideas for your wedding home decoration? 7

The key to making inexpensive Indian wedding house decorations is recycling. Use the lights that you already hung up for Diwali. You may put it on the roof or light up your corners. For the same purpose, you may also use LED lights or fairy lights that are sold in stores.

Decorate old vehicles!

Decorate old vehicles!

So you’ve chosen to have a lavish wedding, huh? Rest assured! Money-saving options are still available. Get a used rickshaw or scooter and dress it up with fabrics, colors, and flowers. This is a wonderful wedding house decoration. Additionally, the carts during your wedding can be decorated in a certain manner. For a unified effect, be sure to color-match them all!

Create a wind chime for your wedding décor at home

Needs ideas for your wedding home decoration? 8

Wind chimes are a beautiful way to include music in your wedding because Indian weddings are all about songs and music. Purchase a few wind chimes from the neighborhood market, then paint them before hanging them. For instance, we bet you’ve seen the wind chime in the picture above at your neighborhood stores.

Set the ambiance with distinctive cushion covers

Needs ideas for your wedding home decoration? 9

In a wedding home, seating arrangements must be considered. In this situation, seat cushions may be crucial. You could always construct pillows out of old curtains. You may also ask a local weaver to create a sitting mat out of discarded materials if you don’t have the time to construct cushions.

Put decorative mirrors on the mandap to accentuate it

Needs ideas for your wedding home decoration? 10

An excellent method to spruce up your house is using mirrors. They may be used as mandap decor, hallway wedding décor, or wherever else you choose. For the appearance of a mirror, soft mirror stickers are available for purchase. They may also be trimmed to any desired size. You must contact a local artist if you want mirrors decorated in a particular manner.

Scented candles may enhance an intimate wedding

wedding candles

Scented candles have a lot of potential uses. They may be used as a low-cost, straightforward haldi decoration at home or as a small-scale wedding décor. In either case, they are available in any desired form and size. They may also be constructed by hand to make the ideal type of wedding-themed home décor.

Paint tyre for more DIY wedding decoration ideas

Paint tyre for more DIY wedding decoration

As strange as it may seem, tyres make wonderful wedding decorations! Set up some tyres at the nearby garage. Now, paint these tyres to create a temporary wedding house decoration. These are now used as seats, table stands, and plant pots. Use vertical space and put them on the wall if you don’t have enough room on the floor. This would look nice as wedding décor in a hallway.

Get involved with chalkboard art

Chalkboard wedding signs

A unique wedding home decoration is a chalkboard. How? On these, you may draw or write the names of both you and your lover. Later on, you may employ them to engage in entertaining indoor games.

Go clean, go green! Use your plants to enhance the environment

You may easily decorate your home for an Indian wedding by using some basic room dividers, some pillows, and a few rustic or antique ornaments that will attract visitors as well as you.


Global social norms have obviously led to smaller, more private wedding ceremonies, which are undoubtedly becoming extremely pompous Smaller-scale events, however, should not sacrifice the splendor and elegance of your ideal wedding. Our carefully picked selection of décor suggestions for private pre-wedding and bridal celebrations is meant to inspire you!

wedding home decoration FAQs:

1. What is the best way to characterize a modest, private wedding?

A mini wedding, also known as an intimate or little wedding, is a ceremony attended by less than 50 guests but that still includes all of the standard wedding’s components. It usually lasts for many hours and includes the ceremony, lunch, and entertainment.

2. How can the décor for a wedding be unified?

Top three suggestions for a cohesive wedding look:

  • Pick a theme and stay with it.
  • Create a vision board to help you plan.
  • Keep the color palette uniform.
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