13 Best Places To Buy Vintage Home Decor Online – The Master Guide!

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Timeless Antique Home Decor Items For Your Vintage Home

Have you recently moved into a new home and are facing a problem when it comes to buying any antique home decor items? Are you a vintage home decor nut but can’t remodel your place just because you are not able to crack the right place to get it from?

If these questions sound about right, then you have arrived at the right place! With Propertygeek, you can now look at, not 1 or 2 but 13 best places to buy vintage home decor – that mid-century modern that you’ve been craving!

Without wasting any more time, let’s quickly jump into the best places to buy vintage home decor ideas for your home at the best prices and durability.

Top 13 Best Places Where You Can Buy The Best Of The Vintage Home Decor For Your Home In 2021!

Here are the best places that are carefully looked into and picked, keeping in mind their quality, durability, and trust in delivery!

1) Amazon


With Amazon already hitting the target with their good delivery capability why not attach their Prime free one and two-day shipping with the best home decor and furniture options! With Amazon, feel free to scroll through their page and pick the best home decor vintage furniture from the best in-house brands like Rivet and the collections from many known designers like Jonathan Adler’s Now House line.

2) Etsy


When you think of vintage home design options, we are sure that one of the first names that pop up is – Etsy! It has now become a global destination for unique/vintage home items and the best place for upcycled decor pieces and antiques, all thanks to the sourced items and experienced sellers. Here, you can find everything from sleek mid-century modern pieces to vintage home decor Moroccan rugs.

On the downside, Etsy tends to charge high shipping fees if purchased sizable furniture. To be away from this, try and look for local sellers or arrange a local pick-up.

3) One Kings Lane

One Kings Lane

Known for its high-end furniture with a specialised vintage section that’s hard to beat. One Kings Lane has collaborated with firms and sellers who specialize in antique home decor items such as furniture and pieces, which are a little on the expensive end but with high durability. The site also provides a themed collection of items to help make the experience easier, including Brooklyn Brownstone and Country Kitchen.

4) Revival Rugs

Revival Rugs

Revival Rugs is the vintage hub for rugs that you cannot miss. They specialise in vintage Turkish rugs at an affordable price tag that won’t leave you with sticker shock. With their user-friendly site, it becomes even easier for shoppers to pick their best antique home decor items with ease and comfort.

5) eBay


eBay is the original online marketplace and of the best destinations with a great variety of vintage pieces to choose from and satisfy vintage home decor needs. Nevertheless, the site is a little overwhelming so be prepared with a lot of patience and determination. Having said that, whether in a bidding war or only sticking to the ‘Buy It Now’ option, the experience at eBay always pays off. 

6) Rejuvenation


If looking for resurrected relics, Rejuvenation is your site to look at! Similar to the other options of vintage outlets, the store doesn’t cater to those looking to acquire antiques. But, if vintage shopping is your motive, then this is the best pick, and the site nails the vibe. All the items are photographed in-house and there a lot of attention is paid to the details.

7) Everything But the House

Everything But the House

Everything But The House is where the actual vintage home decor essence lies. All you need to do, to start, is create an account and freely scroll through the myriad of estates and find items available authenticated by experts. Here, the bidding starts at only $1, offers both international shipping and local pickup and is the best estate sale setup of the future.

8) Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace? Yes, you heard it right! Here you can find attractive vintage home design furniture, all in close proximity. Having said that, if you are keen to find more options for the vintage collection, it is worth checking the social media site. Feel free to ease out the process by sorting the categories in the search section, such as home goods, free stuff, or anything particular that you have in mind — all within an easy drive from your IP address.

9) Rugs.com


Rugs are a go-to home decor item and help make the most dramatic changes in any room you choose to put it in. Rugs.com has a variety of rug options to choose from, not limited to one style, and helps sort the rugs by age; from 10 to 25 years, 25 to 40 years, and older.

Fun fact – Some room-sized vintage rugs are older than the 100-year mark with a cost of >$1,000!

10) 1stDibs


With 1stDibs, you can either choose to purchase on the spot or make an offer on antique home decor items, allowing you to purchase an item that you’ve been eyeing. Here, you can also choose the period of the vintage in question, be it furniture, artwork, or any decor objects of your favourite era.

11) Live Auctioneers


With about 300,000 items on sale, Live Auctioneers becomes the favorite destination for antique home decor items for shoppers. They have items of vintage eras that are hard to find and one-of-a-kind. These include coins, currency, stamps, and paintings.

12) Factory 20

Factory 20

Looking for reclaimed or refurbished vintage pieces instead, then Factory 20 is your best place to start with. This vintage site makes up for stunning pieces from hard-to-find vintage lighting to apothecary display cases, antiqued mirrors, and much more. Although the prices are listed on the site, in order to buy the buyer will be expected to send a secure email inquiry to seal the deal.

13) Jayson Home

Jayson Home

Once a motor-and-brick store, this vintage site – Jayson Home has now grown to an impressive online showcase. Although the items tend to be pricey, they are worth the hit, are expertly curated, and are in excellent condition — with many pieces even better than the new. You can easily find one-off antique artwork, glass bottles, woven baskets, and more – all vintage home decor!

Now That You Know Where To Buy, Let’s Take a Look At What to Buy!

  • Cabinets and Side Tables

Vintage home décor is all about fancy and extravagant furniture pieces. Choose multiple side tables and gorgeous cabinets crafted from top-notch wood. Rosewood, teak, pine, maple, and walnut are the finest materials for sprucing up your home with this classic style.

  • Regal Sofa

Having standout furniture has always been a key part of vintage-style decoration. To amp up your living room’s vibe, consider getting a grand, elegant sofa. Look for a spacious leather couch with beautiful, intricate designs—a perfect addition to complete your vintage home decor.

  • Victorian Bed

How about adding a touch of luxury and old-school charm to your bedroom? A Victorian bed can really amp up the vintage factor! You can try out different colours like white, grey, rose pink, or even black. And to make it even more lavish, go for bedding made of satin or silk. It’ll give your room that extra dash of elegance.

  • Chandelier

A fancy chandelier is the ultimate vintage home design to give your living room or bedroom a cool old-school vibe. You can go for a big, fancy metal chandelier that lights up the whole room and adds a touch of drama to your home’s overall style.

  • Rugs and Drapes

Make sure you give some good thought to the flooring when you’re trying to create that awesome vintage vibe in your house. Go for fancy Oriental rugs and carpets with intricate patterns to cover the floors. It’ll give your whole place a pop of colour and make it look more interesting.

  • Woodwork

If you want to give your place a cool vintage feel, a simple way to do it is by adding some old-school stuff to your decor. Think ancient porcelain dishes, vintage clocks, fancy metal fruit bowls, and fancy picture frames displayed on cool wooden cabinets. These things would totally jazz up your living room.

  • Gramophone

If you want to add something to your home décor that instantly gives it a nostalgic, old-timey vibe, you can’t go wrong with a gramophone. It’s like a symbol of the good old days, and when you place a shiny golden gramophone on a tall wooden table, it’s the perfect touch for a vintage-style living room.

  • Brick Fireplace

No old-school home decoration is truly finished without a fancy fireplace arrangement. Choose a traditional brick fireplace to give your vintage home a cosy and rustic vibe. And don’t forget to jazz up the shelf above the fireplace with some stunning decorations.

  • Leather Elements

If you want to jazz up your vintage living room with some extra style and flair, a great idea is to bring in some classy leather furniture. Leather sofas, couches, and ottomans can really spruce up your living space and give it a cool vibe.

Surprise Takeaway!

How To Use Antiques And Heirloom Pieces In Your Home Decor?

A home filled with unique collectables and heirlooms passed down through generations showcases a personal and exclusive style. Imagine slightly worn tableware, a vintage grandfather’s clock, or a beautiful rosewood table. While these antiques add value to homes, they should be carefully integrated into a vintage home interior design. Here are 5 ways to include antiques in your home decor:

Old Wooden Furniture

Solid wood furniture, especially the ones with beautiful carvings and intricate designs, elevate the look of your place. You can find all sorts of cool stuff like vintage sofas, chests of drawers, dressers, fancy 4-poster beds, and even console tables. For instance, take an old cradle and transform it into a coffee table by simply adding a glass top.

Flea Market Collectables

Finding hidden gems at flea markets are awesome ways to create eye-catching arrangements on your coffee table. You can go for things like vintage brass lamps, old porcelain trinket boxes, decorative candle holders, intricate ivory chess pieces, or even handheld mirrors. For example, placing brass vintage animals and birds like lions, Nandi bulls, or peacocks in places like the library or the kids’ room can give them a special and charming touch. You can also use antique jars, planters, and different kinds of figurines as unique table lamps to cosy up a corner.

Traditional Bridal Gifts

In lots of South Indian households, it’s a tradition to give newlywed brides a whole set of brass, copper, and silver utensils. But often, these end up getting stored away and forgotten. However, you can bring a touch of style to your home by displaying them on shelves as decorations or even using them as planters. You can also get creative and use vintage holders for napkins or bread, old Mughal wine containers, jugs, hukkah bases, old kettles, and brass measuring tools to give your kitchen a unique and diverse look.

Old Vintage Photos

Go through your family photo albums and pick out the pictures that have cool stories behind them. Put them in plain black and white frames and arrange them as a gallery wall in your living room or even along the staircase.

Old Hand-me-downs

You can totally repurpose those old Kanchivaram or Jamdhani silk saris that have been passed down to you. Instead of just letting them sit in your closet, why not turn them into beautiful wall hangings, drapes, or cushions? Even if the fabrics are a bit worn out, you can still make something special out of them. Cut them up and use the pieces to create a unique patchwork quilt or a fabric mural that can be the centrepiece of your wall. It’s a great way to give these traditional saris a new life in a vintage home and add some charm to your space!

Final Thoughts

We hope that the 13 best places for vintage home decor items mentioned above have helped you create your shopping list in terms of the vintage collections concerning the specific place. Feel free to scroll through them all and pick the one that suits you and your favorite vintage era the best!

Vintage Home Decor FAQs

1) What does vintage mean when it comes to decor ?

A vintage home design refers to an item that is of another era and holds recognizable value. It can be applied to the interior design, decor, and other areas of a house to create a delicate show. A vintage design is mostly very popular and expensive.

2) What does vintage-style decorating mean ?

Vintage style decorating means decorating with furnishings, colors, fabrics, and accessories of the vintage, that is, the 1940s and 1950s. Technically speaking, the term “vintage” refers to any item that is more than 20 years old, but less than 100.

3) How to identify vintage home decor ?

Here are 6 ways to help identify vintage home decor:
  • Determine the true age of the furniture
  • High-quality craftsmanship
  • Doing your homework
  • Items made using high-quality materials
  • Has scratches(defining the age)
  • Has an authentic brand-name
  • 4) How to make a house look vintage ?

    Here are 10 ways to help make a house look of the vintage era:
  • Hang real paintings
  • Use original material of high-quality
  • Purchase from multiple eras
  • Install a crown molding
  • Place a picture railing
  • Paint using limewash
  • Replace any modern hardware
  • Worn Rugs
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