Modern, Simple POP Design Ideas For Your Dream Home

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Designing your dream home is one of the most satisfying projects you will ever take on. Choosing a colour scheme, deciding which wall gets the bookshelf installed on, and picking a ceiling fan are some of the things that make the whole effort worth it. One of the ways you can enhance your room’s look is by using a POP (Plaster of Paris) design on the ceiling. A modern, simple POP design often looks the best on a ceiling. If you are looking for POP ceiling design ideas, we have boatloads of ideas for you in this article.

Before we get into the simple POP design ideas for the bedroom, let’s talk about what POP is all about. POP is made from semi-dehydrated gypsum. It is a quick plaster mixed with water to create a design as required. It is used in wall design pieces, exclusive detailed panels, accent walls, and more because it is lightweight and heat resistant. 

If there is no external damage, POP designs can last up to 15-20 years. Of course, with good quality POP, you don’t have to worry about its longevity. However, here are a few tips to maintain POP designs:

  1. Ensure that the POP designs are always away from water
  2. Clean POP designs with a duster or a broom
  3. Use a damped cloth if a POP design has oil-based paint

POP Ceiling Design Ideas

1. Tailor-Made POP Ceiling Design Idea

pop design

The most simple POP design is a false ceiling for the bedroom. If you use a false ceiling, you have to do extra work on making the ceiling smooth and it also gives your ceiling an impressive look. Furthermore, you can use LEDs and experiment with the colour textures.

2. Central Pop Design Idea

Modern, Simple POP Design Ideas For Your Dream Home 1

If you don’t want to work on the entire ceiling, you can create one centrepiece. Look at it as your POP chandelier. You can make it as big and detailed as you want. And in the centre, you can place a fan or even a light, whichever is convenient for you.

3. Best Pop Design for Hall

pop design hall

If you think that you can only create simple designs with POP, think again. POP is a versatile material and you can create a diverse design with it. For instance, you can create accent walls with a colour combination of white and grey that will lift the entire space.

4. POP Design False Ceiling

pop bedroom

If you want an easy way to enhance the look of your bedroom, a false ceiling is the best idea. Along with this, you can install some lighting, making the bedroom not only look modern but also very practical.

5. Colourful Living Room POP Design Idea

pop colorful

Using POP doesn’t mean that it has to stay white. You can always throw in some colour to make it pop. For instance, you can colour your living room walls green with a circle/swirl effect. Moreover, you can use a texture of your choice to make it stand out. 

6. Simple Grey POP Design

simple pop design

A modern, simple POP design, which is minimalist in nature, is always a good option.  Plus, with so many interior designers available, you can always try some new and modern. However, it is the basics that have stood the test of time. Whether it is furniture style, colours, or curtains. Therefore, an elegant plaster is always a good investment.

7. Textured POP Design For Bedroom

Modern, Simple POP Design Ideas For Your Dream Home 2

Basic white POP designs have numerous design options. From plain simple to little creative to a whole lot funkier! Especially for the modern pop design for bedrooms with fans, you can use this design of POP as an accent wall or a head bed rest, or even for the ceiling.

8. Abstract POP Design for Kitchen

pop design

The best part about POP design is that it can be integrated into any part of the house as per your taste. Even if it is the kitchen POP design, you can create a space with a Victorian feel and at the same time compatible with a fan.

9. Decorative POP Design Ceiling

decorative pop design

Since it is POP, you can create a ceiling with as much decoration as you want. You can create designs that suit your home decor or you can create practical designs such as sockets for fans and lights

10. Modern POP Design Accent Wall

modern pop design

A modern design doesn’t mean that it can’t be simple. POP is the perfect material for creating a wall that has well-designed features in your bedroom or living room. For instance, you can take inspiration from English architecture and create a modern, simple POP design on your walls.

11. Decorative Traditional POP Design

decorative traditional pop design

Creating a home POP design isn’t very difficult with POP at all. You can cover all your walls in POP and experiment with various designs, graphics, and paint to make it look as decorative or traditional as possible. You can even make it look super contemporary.

12. Unique Architectural POP Design

architectural pop design

There is a reason best pop design ideas involve the use of POP as a base material, it is super easy to apply. So, if you are looking for the best pop design for a bedroom, you can create a design that is soothing and relaxing. You can go for colours or lights that are easy on the eyes and fans that don’t make too much noise.

13. Minimalistic POP Design

Modern, Simple POP Design Ideas For Your Dream Home 3

A kitchen is a space in the house that needs to be minimalistic because it is a place where you move around a lot. Therefore, you can create a kitchen POP design that makes the kitchen look more roomy and spacious.

14. Textured Brick Wall POP Design

textured brick pop design

Using POP to give your walls a more vintage and rustic look is a good technique. It gives your house the variation it might need. This house pop design makes your interiors stand out from others.

15. Latest POP Designs for Living Room

latest pop design

A suspended ceiling can break the monotony of a boring space. However, it has to be seamless with the walls. Living room POP design ideas with rich patterns can create real and attractive impressions. You can hang spotlights from the ceiling to add a bit of drama and make the room look more spacious.

Pros of POP Designs

Modern, simple POP design ideas make the house look interesting and attractive. Here are some of the benefits of POP designs. 

  1. It is a very long-lasting material for ceilings
  2. It will not sustain any damage for years and you will not any wear and tear
  3. Ceilings made from POP are weather resistant 
  4. It is a pocket-friendly option as compared to gypsum boards
  5. Ceilings made from POP don’t require much maintenance
  6. POP also makes a great insulator
  7. False ceilings made from POP give it flexibility
  8. If you want to move to another house, you can detach the POP false ceiling and shift it.

Cons of POP Designs

POP designs have a lot of advantages, but it has a few disadvantages as well. Here they are: 

  1. POP designs might not be ideal in humid environments
  2. POP can’t be mixed with cement
  3. You cannot hang heavy lights or decor on POP ceilings
  4. It costs more than cement or cement lime plaster

Tips While Installing POP Designs

Here are some tips while installing POP false ceilings:

  1. Always buy a POP from quality brands so that you don’t face problems while applying it
  2. Ensure that the place of application doesn’t leak
  3. Always go for a false ceiling with a thickness of 10-12 mm. A thinner ceiling could lead to damage
  4. Always let it dry before application 
  5. Wrap the wires inside a pipe so that it doesn’t cause a fire

How to Create the Right POP Ceiling For Your Bedroom?

Your bedroom is the space where you relax. So, don’t go overboard with POP false ceilings. The best pop design for a bedroom is a minimalistic one, which comforts your eyes. 

You must consider your bedroom’s height before planning a false ceiling design. Other things to consider are the furniture and the position of your bed. 

If you are planning to install lights then you must think about the colour, shape, and placement of the lights. Next, think about going for a chandelier, small LED lights, or hanging lights. 

The last thing you have to consider before designing your bedroom with POP is the Vastu. You should stay away from dark colours as it is said that they bring bad luck.

Summing Up - Best POP Design

Using POP to decorate your interiors is one of the smartest choices you can make for your dream home. It makes your house look elegant, simple, and unique, and it is one of the most economical house design ideas. Be it kitchen POP design or home POP design, they can be tailored to your choice. So, experiment with POP and cream a unique design for your home.

POP Design FAQs:

1. Which POP is best for home?

The gypsum ceiling is easier to work with and it offers a good finish without much effort. With POP, the labour has to be very skilled. They should be capable of delivering a well-finished design even though the material has a few limitations.

2. Is POP good for bedrooms?

Yes, POP is good for bedrooms. It is highly durable and thus, it is best for creating ceiling accent walls in the living rooms and bedrooms. It is a pocket-friendly option as compared to gypsum boards. Also, it is a very long-lasting material.

3. Can a POP ceiling fall?

The chances of a POP ceiling collapsing are very little because it is a very durable product and it will not sustain any damage or wear and tear for years. However, if it gets very old, bits and pieces of it can fall off. You have to keep upgrading it and make repairs wherever it gets damaged. Repairing pipes and electrical wires behind a false ceiling gets challenging.

4. What is POP ceiling design?

A trendy POP design will help you add character to your room be it bedroom or living room. POP is one of the most commonly used materials to make false ceilings, wall trims, and accent decors. POP is a fast-drying and setting white powder of semi-dehydrated gypsum.

5. Is a false ceiling good for the bedroom?

Yes, a false ceiling in a bedroom is an excellent idea. There’s an air cavity behind the false ceiling. This provides great sound insulation, meaning it reduces external noise and echoes. One of the best qualities of the best pop design for a bedroom is that it makes the room look more intimate and cosy.
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