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Compound wall Design ideas

Compound walls are the first sight that any visitor or passer-by would look at. So you have to make sure it speaks your artistic lingo. While renovating or decorating a house, you not only need to focus on making your house stand out but also on making the compound wall finish the overall look.

Compound wall designs are snowballing into the next big thing so here’s a look at different types of compound walls you could construct around your house:

  1. Ornamental compound wall
  2. Cladding compound wall
  3. Precast compound wall
  4. Security compound wall

4 Types of Compound Walls

1. Ornamental Compound Wall – Modern Compound Wall Design Ideas

Ornamental Compound Wall - Modern Compound Wall Design Ideas

Ornamental compound walls are a blend of stainless steel or mild steel and masonry walls. With the sprouting of modern designs boasting trendy cut-outs and patterns, ornamental compound walls have carved a classic niche for themselves that has only gotten fancier. Over the last decade, ornamental compound wall design ideas have adorned several modern houses with palatial themes.

2. Cladding Compound Wall

Amazing Design Ideas for Compound Walls: Pick Your Favourite! 3

Cladding compound walls are made of vitreous tiles, shera panels, or marbles. They are usually fixed over traditional masonry walls. A passer-by or a visitor notices the boundary wall design before noticing the house, so giving them an aesthetic appeal is a good idea. Cladding compound walls are suitable for high-end bungalows and can be found majorly in cities like Kolkata, Bangalore, Delhi, and Mumbai.

3. Precast Compound Wall

Precast Compound Wall

Precast compound wall design ideas come from a combination of concrete and steel. They are ideal for residential boundary walls and their installation is also a time-saving process. As the name suggests, these walls are made in the factory and transported to the site but their total cost is less than what a masonry compound wall would cost you.

4. Security Compound Wall

Amazing Design Ideas for Compound Walls: Pick Your Favourite! 4

Security compound walls primarily are constructed for ensuring the safety of the grounds so you will find these around police camps, government offices, cantonment areas, and military bases. Commoners can also have these security compound walls erected if security is their primary concern. Its costs, however, are higher than all other types of compound walls.

Modern Design Ideas for Compound Walls: Tips You Could Follow!

You can also use different materials to construct a compound wall leading to several more modern design ideas for compound walls. Here are 9 tips you could follow to create an authentic design idea for compound walls:

1. Bricks

Amongst the varied available alternatives, bricks are the perfect material and a perfect modern compound wall design idea. Bricked compound walls give your house a rustic vibe and are a straightforward choice for most homeowners. Exposed brick compound walls are a trendy sight in housing societies.

2. Wooden Planks

Wooden compound walls are an increasingly lovable trend these days and are being seen around many urban facades in India. For incorporating wood into your compound wall, affix seasoned wood to an existing compound wall as cladding. You could also replace the entire compound wall as a structural unit. Tinted wooden planks are also another attractive accessory and a DIY activity you could engage in with your family.

3. Cement Plaster

Cement plaster compound walls are your perfect choice to bring out the artist in you as they can be carved into beautiful motifs, murals, figurines, and graphic patterns. You could hire a professional to do the job for you too so that your wall brings out your artistic tastes. There are readymade ones too to save the hassle of making them at the site.

4. PVC Boards

PVC boards as modern designs for compound walls allow you to create weaves or 3D patterns on them. These boards are made of fiber and are machine-made making them more accessible when it comes to 3D designs. These sheets can be screwed onto the wall linearly for a seamless look. You could also cut them up into shapes and screw them randomly onto the wall.

The Bottom Line: Some Modern Design Ideas for Compound Walls

Apart from the compound wall design ideas mentioned above, there are several other stops such as,

  1. Stone Tiles
  2. Adding Niches
  3. Accessorising
  4. Vertical Garden
  5. Accent Lighting


Stone walls are the rising trend in India whereas adding accent lighting on the compound walls is a great way to modernise your houses. Let your creative juices flow by accessorising your walls with murals, vertical gardens, and niches (where you can place accent lighting too). So which one did you pick?

Compound Wall Design FAQs:

1. How do you decorate a compound wall?

Compound walls could have modern designs by playing with accents, textures, patterns, and colours. Here are some ideas:

  • Add a water feature
  • Create a vertical garden
  • Use a travertine
  • Add metal meshes
  • Go for stone cladding
  • Paint a mural
  • Add accessories
  • Add a niche inside
  • 2. How much does it cost to build a compound wall?

    The cost incurred in building an ornamental compound wall is an average of ₹1,500 per Rft. The masonry construction is up to 3 feet with an installation of 2.5 feet grill over it.

    3. What is the standard size of a compound wall?

    According to normal Indian standards, the minimum thickness of a compound wall is 200mm to 230mm or 8 inches to 9 inches thick. These compound walls are generally made of cement mortar and bricks.

    4. Which brick is best for a compound wall?

    Masonry compound walls are considered the best among the different types of compound walls. Such walls are constructed of cement mortar, steel, fly ash or red clay, and laterite stones. To get proper anchorage, the walls are constructed 2 feet below ground level and 4 feet to 6 feet above the ground.

    5. What are the different types of compound walls?

    There are four different types of compound walls, namely,

  • Ornamental compound wall
  • Cladding compound wall
  • Precast compound wall
  • Security compound wall
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