9 Different Types of Tables to Bring Home

Types of Tables

Finding it difficult to understand the purpose and importance of the many different types of tables alternatives available might be the deciding factor. Shopping for home furnishings can be stressful in and of itself.

But worry not! Your confusion over the tables is just about to end! In fact, different types of tables serve different purposes, and in this blog, we’re deconstructing them for you to help you seamlessly pick the best one out of the lot.

Materials Used for Tables

Wood Veneer

Wood veneer is by far the most common option for tables available today. It is an incredibly thin panel of wood that has been pasted onto core panels and is so minutely that you can’t even differentiate between them.

People often confuse wood veneer with laminate, but they are entirely distinct materials that may be sanded down and refinished since they are made of real wood. Most folks seeking a bigger table will find it to be a fantastic option because it is often lighter and more economical than solid wood furniture best suited for:

  1. Conference table
  2. Dining area
  3. Kitchen counters


A synthetic material called laminate imitates wood but isn’t actually composed of it. Typically, it is constructed of plastic that has had wood grain patterns put on it. Although laminate is normally a much more economical option than more expensive wood tables, low-quality laminate can soon appear to be quite inexpensive.


Marble is gorgeous! Although marble tables are among the most high-maintenance alternatives for a table surface, they are available in a broad range of sizes, shapes, colors, and polished edges.

If you’re shopping for an old or used marble table, bear in mind that marble may be professionally resurfaced.

Different Types of Tables for Living Room (Decor and Utility)

Accent Table

Sometimes the main focus or a design feature to tie everything together is all that is needed in a space. Accent tables provide you with both this attractive feature and some useful space at the same time. It is the ideal approach to give any area in your house a unique touch without spending a lot of money on furniture items.

Console Table

These types of tables are very popular high-end furniture items that you can bring home. They are designed to store critical electronics and equipment like TVs and gaming systems. These console tables are an excellent place to start if you want to simply and simply update your furniture.

Foyer Tables

When visitors enter your home, the first thing they see is a foyer table. That is why it is crucial to have a lovely table at your entrance.

This is where you can place a foyer table. These types of tables are ideal for keeping small objects like bags, hats, and keys because they don’t take up much room.

Nested Tables

Nesting tables are amusing and distinctive in their design. These types of tables enable you to tailor table space based on your preferences and requirements at a certain time.

When you don’t require as much room, these unique tables also make it simpler to use less floor space so you don’t have to keep pulling out and putting away other tables.

Ottoman Tables

Oversized ottomans with flat tops could be used to showcase goods in the living room, but these are footstools. Round ottomans, which come in a number of styles, are appropriate for a square or rectangular living room arrangement.

Before making a purchase, take into account the size of your living room. Also, keep in mind that you may select many small-sized ottomans and set them up in various spots. Additionally, choose a hue that goes with your flooring and sofa.

Different Types of Tables for Eating Room

Bar Table

These types of tables are ideal for households who frequently entertain guests or want a wide table area for food preparation and hosting large meals or get-togethers. As long as you host events and take care of your family’s requirements, they will be a valued and stylish addition to your house and serve you well for several years.

Cocktail Table

These types of ornamental tables are chic and refined and work beautifully as the focal point of a living room or outdoor seating area.

When entertaining guests, they are big enough to store beverages and snacks while still being small enough to preserve important floor space. These are among our most well-liked tables, and there are many of various ways to use them in terms of decor and style.

Drop Leaf Table

The use of drop-leaf tables during a dinner party is both inventive and a practical method to provide more space without your guests feeling overwhelmed. These types of tables can fit in smaller homes since they can take up less room than a fully extended table.

You won’t ever again need to plan dinner gatherings based on the size of your dining room table once you switch to a drop-leaf table.

Dining Table

Making ensuring you have a welcoming and comfortable location for everyone to congregate during meals is still crucial. Any décor style you have in mind for your dining room area will look great with these dining room tables.

Closing Thoughts

In the end, avoid going to a store and randomly choosing a piece of furniture (particularly a table) while you’re thinking about buying it.

First, observe the layout of your home. What is lacking? What do you require in terms of ornamentation?

Consider your aesthetic preferences: do you favor contemporary design with angular materials and simple lines? Would your hallway serve as a suitable location for you to throw your keys so you avoid misplacing them? Could your living room benefit from a lamp placed at couch height if one of the corners gets dark?

Once you have the answers to these questions, you’ll know what type of table you want to buy.

Types of Tables FAQs:

1. What are the different types of tables?

There are different types of tables available and here are the most popular ones:
  • Accent table
  • Bar table
  • C-Table
  • Cocktail table
  • Console table
  • Dining table
  • Foyer table
  • Kitchen table
  • Ottoman table
  • 2. What are living room tables called?

    Console tables are very popular high-end furniture items that you can bring home. These types of tables are designed to store critical electronics and equipment like TVs and gaming systems. These console tables are an excellent place to start if you want to simply and simply update your furniture.

    3. What is an entryway table called?

    The foyer table is a table for the entryway. Even though these types of tables are not common in foyers, it is a convenience to have them near your entryway. Most tables are butted up against a wall, but big foyers can also accommodate circular or square tables in the middle.
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