All About The iconic 7 running horses Vastu.

All About The iconic 7 running horses Vastu. 1

7 Running Horses Vastu

The subject of decorating your home is not simple. In addition to showcasing your abilities and creativity, the placement and significance of décor are important considerations when making a choice. Another crucial factor is finding something that adheres to your standards and preferences. When it comes to designing their houses, various people have varying preferences. Paintings have long been considered a fantastic alternative in this regard.

People have used their own portraits or other attractive artworks to adorn the walls of their dwellings since ancient times. The idea of a stylish house has been more prevalent in recent years. Paintings and other Vastu-compliant decorations are popular ways for people to adorn their houses.

A 7-running horse artwork should be hung for the best of luck and prosperity according to Vastu. Interested in learning more about the meaning of the seven running horses painting’s Vastu symbols and effective application? Check this article for advice on Vastu for the significance of the 7 running horses‘ artwork.

What is the reason for putting 7 running horses, in Vastu?

In Vastu Shastra, horses are deemed to be amongst the most blessed animals. They represent fidelity, perseverance, bravery, strength, and power. The artwork depicting seven horses is thought to improve a person’s life in many ways. The speed and velocity of life are represented by horses in motion.

Everyone knows that the number 7 is lucky. Vastu Shastra also states that hanging a picture of 7 running horses in the right spot in your home will boost motivation and have beneficial results.

The owner of a growing company or someone who intends to launch a new venture should hang this lucky painting in their office. Placing a 7-running horse wallpaper in the home’s Vastu direction might provide the right outcomes if one is looking to improve their financial situation or profession.

The auspicious 7-running horse wallpaper dispels bad energy, making it a great choice for the interior of your home and for attracting optimism into your life and career.

Vastu suggestions for putting up a poster of 7 running horses

  1. The horses in the picture should be depicted as moving without any obstacles in a straight line or in symmetry when the 7 running horses are positioned in the Vastu-recommended direction. Instead of sprinting over water, they ought to be shown running on open terrain.
  2. It is best to choose a picture of 7 horses that shows an odd number of horses.
  3. According to Vastu, picking only one image or artwork of a horse is not advised.
  4. Make sure the horses aren’t painted with incomplete representations by checking the artwork.
  5. According to Vastu, the wall or backdrop of the picture of the seven horses must offer good fortune. Therefore, it is crucial to make sure it is spotless and does not appear drab.
  6. The 7 running horses Vastu artwork must leave a good impression and be pleasing and inspiring to look at. An artwork that does not inspire positivity should not be kept.
  7. Mars will have an impact on a painting of seven horses on a red backdrop. It will support raising one’s sense of self-worth.
  8. Saturn is represented by seven blue horses, which will provide harmony and serenity.
  9. Make sure that the painting’s size is appropriate for the space. Never pick a tiny artwork for a big, roomy house.
  10. Consider using a sturdy, Vastu-friendly material like canvas or wood for the horse picture frame or artwork. For the horse painting or running horse wallpaper, avoid using paper as the material.

Vastu symbolism for 7 running horses depending on colors

  • White – the color white stands for the moon. The color also symbolizes tranquillity.
  • Blue – Saturn is represented by the color blue, which promotes harmony.
  • Orange – Planet Sun is represented by the color orange.

Grey – Rahu, and Ketu are represented by the color grey.

7 running horses with sunrise painting

All About The iconic 7 running horses Vastu. 2

Paintings of 7 running horses with a rising sun in the background have been shown to be lucky. According to folklore, a picture of seven horses will bring success and financial security into a person’s life. It is important to keep in mind the Vastu Shastra guidelines while hanging this picture in a house or workplace.

7 running horses moon painting

All About The iconic 7 running horses Vastu. 3

Additionally, there are paintings of galloping horses with moonlight in the background. According to Vastu, the lucky seven-horse image represents harmony, growth, and achievement.

7 running horses near the shore

All About The iconic 7 running horses Vastu. 4

Another option is to hang a picture of seven horses galloping along the water. This will spread good vibes throughout the home and speed up your task. To get results, put the picture of the seven horses at your house or workplace.

Feng Shui artwork depicting 7 running horses

The horse is revered in Feng Shui as an auspicious animal that symbolizes power, loyalty, expansion, and speed. Horses are symbolic of the fire element, which is tied to renown, inspiration, and passion, and are also connected to yang energy. Keep an artwork of a horse in your living room to draw good vibes.

Additionally, galloping horses are significant, hence why the running horse painting is a common house decoration.

According to Feng Shui, a horse’s unique motion has a special meaning.

  1. Speed is symbolized by moving horses, such as those in paintings of the Lucky Seven Horses. On the other            hand, a horse that is firmly standing on all four legs represents power and strength.
  2. You can choose a painting of seven galloping horses. Another option is to hang artwork of two horses.                     According to Feng Shui, a pair of horses represents two unique lovers who have a close relationship.
  3. Popular white seven-horse paintings are available. White is a representation of metal. This seven-horse                   wallpaper or painting will bring prosperity into your home.

7 running horses Vastu artwork: Where should you hang the artwork of the seven white horses?

According to legends from several civilizations across the world, white horses have a unique importance. They stand for purity, luck, happiness, and innocence. Since it is believed to bring good prosperity, many people maintain a painting of seven white rushing horses at their home or place of business. Horses were used as a form of transportation in the past. Additionally, it is a clear depiction of the Goddess Venus.

7 running horses FAQs:

1. What color horse artwork would look best in your home?

The Vastu Shastra advises picking an artwork of seven white horses. White represents tranquillity and purity that attracts positive energy.

2. Should you keep three paintings of running horses for our homes?

Vastu Shastra advises choosing a horse artwork with the number 7 since it is lucky and can aid with monetary issues. As a result, choosing a shot with seven running horses is preferable to one of three running horses.
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