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Complete Guide to Vastu Paintings for Your Home

Vastu Paintings

Paintings are a necessary component of home design since they provide the space where they are kept with more charm and attractiveness. One’s focus is always drawn to and made happy by beautiful artwork.

If chosen according to Vastu Shastra, paintings can help you get good health, wealth, and opportunity in addition to serving as simple house decor.

Let’s learn about some of the best Vastu paintings for your home and also Vastu paintings for your living room, bedroom and study.

Best Vastu Paintings for Your Home

1. 7 Horse Paintings

2. Buddha

3. Couple Paintings

4. Rising Garuda (Phoenix) Paintings

1. 7 Horse Paintings

7 Horse Paintings

Horses are a sign of success, triumph, independence, power, endurance, and loyalty according to Vastu Shastra. Above all else, though, it exemplifies achievement and aspires to rise professionally while roaring like an eagle.

The finest horse paintings have seven horses on a large canvas, generally in a mixed herd of darker and lighter-coloured horses. Make sure the horses, which must be seven in number and without any water in the background, are running proudly and regally.

2. Buddha


Buddha’s image is considered to promote harmony, serenity, and tranquillity. Buddha statues, particularly those with the figure holding his fingers in mudras, are said to spread joy and optimism throughout houses.

The Buddha paintings in the house are said to improve the Chi flow. bringing good fortune and pure luck. Chi has an energy of its own and ensures that the home and those living there receive a powerful infusion of optimism. Buddha paintings also provide an abundance of good fortune and possibilities to businesses.

3. Couple Paintings

Couple Paintings

Artwork of couples, particularly in bedrooms, will promote marital peace, claims Vastu Shastra. Vastu Paintings for bedrooms that feature a happy pair laughing or dancing are supposed to improve your love life and make wonderful bedroom decor.

Rising Garuda (Phoenix) Paintings

Complete Guide to Vastu Paintings for Your Home 2

Having a painting of a phoenix or a garuda is thought to help someone overcome their fears and mental obstacles. Furthermore, it is believed that Lord Vishnu is present wherever Garuda goes. The magnificent animal represents power, vision, bravery, and independence.

A Gurda artwork in your house is lucky for career advancement and business success.

Vastu Tips for Different Rooms in Your Home

Regardless of which room you keep it in, if there is a painting hanging in space, you will undoubtedly notice it and form an opinion on what may be there. We have listed some Vastu painting tips for your bedroom, your living room as well as work or study room.

Vastu Paintings for Bedroom

When it comes to Vastu artwork for the bedroom, there are several ideas you may use. However, the purpose of hanging all of this artwork and canvas must be to draw positive energy. Drawings of couples or straightforward, uncomplicated artwork are suggested by Vastu for the bedroom. Paintings in pairs have a long history of bringing couples marital pleasure. Having such things, whether they be works of art, illustrations, or symbols, enhances relationships and helps couples communicate clearly.

The artwork needs to be lively and not monotonous. So some ideas for bedroom paintings are

  • Dancing couples,
  • Holding hands couples,
  • Pieces depicting the unity of a man and a woman, etc.

Additionally, bamboo paintings may be purchased to encourage further professional advancement.

On the other hand, keep in mind to stay away from paintings depicting lonesome, depressed, or both persons, if you want to forge a fresh connection with your spouse or your relationship, is just getting started. Paintings depicting wild rivers, waterfalls, streams, or any other flowing waterway must also be avoided since doing so would disturb their balance and energy.

Vastu Paintings for Living Room

All these different Vastu artworks have an interesting effect on our thoughts and influence our judgments on a daily basis. As previously stated, we seldom ever miss a picture frame on the wall! Therefore, Vastu paintings of straightforward art, symbols, or appealing pictures typically instil a sense of calm in the thoughts of those who see them.

Such works of art really encourage the viewer to continue producing as time goes on. Vastu for the house states that having these various pieces of art around has a profound impact on our wants and encourages us to work on our ideas.

Vastu arts and other symbols have a remarkably positive impact on humans. Angelic sign paintings, particularly those hung in commercial locations, thus, transfer positive energy to those who live or work there. Additionally, Vastu dictates that you hang symbolic images in the bedroom. According to our specialists, it strengthens the bond between the two people and promotes the rebuilding of connections.

Vastu Paintings for Work or Study Room

According to Vastu Shastra, inventive artwork for offices is valued for its ability to promote productivity. The surroundings are cheery and work-specific thanks to paintings with motivational words, intriguing artwork, and imaginative sculptures. All of these elements in fact stimulate and drive workers to produce more effectively. Vastu Shastra paintings are therefore used in office cabins, workstations, conference rooms, and reception spaces to speed up development and improve the quality of the job.

Vastu Shastra sculptures frequently depict productivity. It’s more like your gallery would guide you in making choices you would not otherwise be able to. Although it may not appear this way, the expression sculptures manage to lull viewers into a wonderful state of futuristic thought.

In order to understand the signal from the universe that your subconscious mind would interpret, Vaastu paintings are placed in workplaces or offices. Therefore, selecting appropriate art for the workplace is to inject positivity and optimism into our mentality and behaviour.

FAQs: Vastu Paintings for Your Home

1. Which painting is good for Vastu?

A blue picture is preferable for a wall that faces north since colours are important in paintings. Paintings that are lush in greenery and include a sunlit sky and a clear blue sky are recommended for the living area. These works of art look best facing southeast in a home.

2. Which type of painting is lucky for home?

Feng shui paintings of lotuses, lakes, and cherry blossoms are said to be beneficial for homes. They are thought to bring luck and a calm atmosphere into the house.

3. Which painting is good for the south wall?

According to Vastu Shastra, the greatest paintings on the South Wall are those inspired by nature. If you want to highlight the pure elemental imagery of fire, a Sunrise painting on the South Wall according to Vastu is said to be the ideal option.

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