Vastu Tips For South-Facing Homes: A Detailed Guide

Vastu Tips For South-Facing Homes

Under the rules of the Vastu shastra, there are no houses that are badly orientated. Nevertheless, the direction that the properties face is auspicious, however, if precautions are taken into consideration at the time of construction, the aura can be maintained.

Speaking for a vastu tips for south-facing homes, they are often disregarded as a result of the faulty perception of bad effects on the house, due to the south direction. Having said this, we’re here to set this perception away with the help of this article. We will focus on the south-facing property concerning each section of the property by incorporating the Vastu rules. So, let’s get started!

What Does Vastu State For A South-Facing House ?

According to the Vastu rules, if a plot has cuts on either of the sides is considered to be bad. Adding on, the south-facing of the house as per the Vastu should not slope from the north to the south. If otherwise, that is from the south to the north is ok to stay in.


  • More sunlight
  • More warmth
  • Less energy bill
  • Expensive


  • Is rather hot during summers

Main Entrance Of The South-Facing House: Vastu Rules

Main Entrance Of The South-Facing House Vastu Rules

As per the experts of the Vastu, the entrance of a south-facing house plays a vital role in ensuring positive energies into the said property. For this, the owner of the house must pay attention to the placement and design of the main entrance.

For a south-facing home as per Vastu, you must make sure to first familiarise yourself with the concept of pada in Vastu. In a gist, according to this rule of the south-facing plot, the length and width must be divided into nine equal parts during the time of construction.

The rule of pada for south-facing home Vastu states that the entrance of such plots must be placed right at the fourth pada. This will ensure positive energies align throughout the house with the starting point being the southeast corner with the main entrance being built on the southeast side from the center. However, if the main door seems to be too small, it’s ok to move towards pada 3, 2, or 1 only and not towards the southwest corner, i.e., the fifth to ninth padas.

Also, the entrance gate must be the largest in the whole house, opening inwards in a clockwise manner and should not be otherwise. The Vastu experts prescribe building a threshold at the entrance to increase the chances of people tripping and ensuring the area to be well-lit at all times.

Lastly, be mindful to keep the walls on the southern side that are higher as compared to the northern side and have an elevated southern side.

Vastu Rules To A South Facing House - The Different Units Of A Plot

Vastu Tips For South-Facing Homes: A Detailed Guide 1

Listed below are the Vastu rules that must be implied  to the various units of a house:

1) Living Room/Pooja Room

If looking to build the living room, it’s best suited in the northeast part of the home, also ideal for a pooja room. On the other hand, in case there is a space constraint and building a separate pooja room isn’t feasible, you can choose to dedicate a part of your living room to a small temple.

2) Kitchen

According to the Vastu experts, the ideal location for the installation of the kitchen is in the southeast direction. So, when cooking, you by default face the east. This helps the space with enough sunlight too.

However, if the southeast isn’t working out, the second-best location is the northwest direction. Here, make arrangements that allow you to face in the west direction while cooking.

3) Master Bedroom

In a south-facing house, the Vastu rule states that the ideal location for the master bedroom is in the southwest direction. However, if the property has multiple floors then the master bedroom should be constructed on the top floor.

4) The Kid’s Room And the Guest Bedroom

In a south-facing house, the kid’s room should be constructed in the northwest part of the property. If not possible, pick between the southern or western parts of the house.

5) Staircase

For a south-facing house, it’s recommended for the staircase to be built in the southern corner.

6) Open Areas

It’s best to build an open area towards the east and north side of the south-facing home. The reason for this is to allow the rays of the sun to enter from all sides, lighting the room with positivity.

South Facing Houses And Vastu Colors

South Facing Houses And Vastu Colors

According to the Vastu rules, brown, red, and orange work the best for a south-facing home. The trick is to use these said colors in the right amount for the overall design without overusing or overdoing it. Given that the colors are dark choices, it’s best to opt for lighter shades of your choice. 

To Conclude: According to Vastu Rules, What Must Be Avoided in South-Facing Home

Listed below are a few things that must be avoided in a south-facing house:

  • Water appliances or machinery such as water cooler in the southwest area
  • Parking space allocated in the south
  • Kitchen installed in the southwest direction of the property
  • More open space in the south as compared to the north

Note – Avoid building a car park, garden, water pump, or a septic tank in the south-west direction as it is considered to be rather negative for the south-facing house.

FAQs: Vastu Tips For South-Facing Homes: A Detailed Guide

1) Are south-facing houses good ?

According to the south-facing house Vastu experts, all directions are equal and come with certain limitations that one could choose to be aware of. By doing so, we can allow positive energies to flow in the house, without any hindrance.

2) Is the south-facing main door good ?

Yes, it is. It is recommended for the south-facing homes to install the main doors towards the south-east corner.

3) How should Vastu dosh be removed for south facing houses ?

As per Vastu Shastra, if you place 9 red carnelian gemstones facing the south east direction at the gate, it can help remove dosh in the property. Nevertheless, if you're not sure about the placement of the gemstones, it’s best to consult a Vastu expert.
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