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What is a BHK & RK?

what is bhk

Have you been looking at properties lately only to find yourself confused around real estate jargon like BHK, RK, 1.5 BHK, 1 RK, etc? This blog post is the answer to all your questions at once!

Here’s what we will discuss-

  1. What is BHK flat?
  2. What is that concept of half BHK; what does a 2.5 BHK mean?
  3. What is RK?
  4. What is a 1 RK apartment?
  5. What is a 1 RK flat?
  6. What should you know about a property’s size at the time of investing?
  7. FAQs

What Is BHK Flat? – What Is The Meaning Of BHK

What is a BHK & RK? 3

In the world of real estate, BHK stands for Bedroom+Hall+Kitchen. BHK essentially conveys the number of rooms that can be expected from a property. For instance, if you are going to visit a ‘2 BHK,’ you are essentially going to see a house that will have 2 Bedrooms + 1 Hall + 1 Kitchen.

It should be noted that the number ‘2’ only refers to the number of rooms and not the number of washrooms and toilets. For builders or property dealers that want to explicitly advertise the number of toilets advertise the property as 2 BHK+ (x) T (T referring to the number of toilets). For example, a 2BHK that has 2 toilets will be advertised as 2BHK + 2T.

Having said that, if a T is not mentioned, it does not mean that the property does not have toilets. There may be as many as 3 or as few as just 1 washroom in the said 2 BHK and you will need to look up or ask your property dealer for that information separately.

So, in a nutshell

-A 2BHK refers to 2 bedrooms + 1 hall + 1 kitchen

-A 4BHK refers to 4 bedrooms + 1 hall + 1 kitchen

-A 5 BHK+ 4T refers to 5 bedrooms + 1 hall + 1 kitchen + 4 toilets; and so on.

What Is That Concept Of Half BHK – What Does 2.5 BHK Mean?

what does a 2.5 BHK mean

The concept of a half bHK is fairly new to the market and in fact, an experimental format that has gained a lot of popularity and success. A 0.5 BHK means a Half bedroom + 1 hall + 1 kitchen. In other words, a small bedroom + 1 hall + 1 kitchen. The said small bedroom is smaller as compared to a standard-sized master bedroom.

What Does A 2.5 BHK Mean?

A 2.5 BHK means 2 standard size bedrooms + one smaller than the standard bedroom (half bedroom) + one hall + one kitchen. Half rooms usually are ideal for couples or nuclear families who only seldom have guests visiting them as the half bedroom can be used as a guest room. Half bedrooms also make for great storage rooms or a servant’s room. 2.5 BHKs, in particular, are highly preferred by mid-size families as they are more affordable than 3 BHKs yet offer the comfort of a 3 BHK.

What Is RK?

What is a BHK & RK? 4

A small apartment option, RK stands for 1 room 1 kitchen and a bathroom. Rk housing formats are very common and rather popular in Maharashtra predominantly. The room kitchen layout, as the name suggests, does not have a hall space and hence, this configuration usually works best for people who live solo and do not need a lot of space in the house. RKs are also a good investment option for people who frequently visit a particular city as they can then also use the property for their living needs, saving a lot of money on hotel bookings

What Should You Know About A Property’s Size At The Time Of Investing?

As a potential property buyer, here’s something you should know in order to make the right property investment.

A standard-size property is a myth

This means, you may happen to visit a 1 BHK of 800 sq. ft. and you may then go visit a 2BHK of 800 sq. ft., only to feel that both these houses do not feel or look the same. The 1 BHK may simply seem bigger than a 2BHK when in reality, it should be the other way round. This irregularity takes place because there is no pre-established standard size for a property and your property builder may establish an unsaid rule pertaining to the same. If you are actively looking out for houses, chances are, you may have already experienced this for yourself.

To put it simply, for instance, you may see a 2BHK in Hiranandani Mumbai and you may see a 2BHK in DLF Gurgaon. However, both the 2 BHKs may not be in the same carpet area. Such common irregularities happen due to multiple factors like the overall land size, the construction cost, cost of the property, etc.

Hence, keep this in mind and do not assume that all the houses of the same number of BHK will be in the same size.

What is a BHK FAQs:

1. What is the difference between a 1 RK and a studio apartment?

1 RK apartments and studio apartments are pretty much the same because a studio apartment, by default definition, is a medium-sized room with a kitchen (the same as 1RK). In some cases, however, a builder may decide to sell their studio apartments with a hall or a living space (similar to a 1 BHK) and that cannot be referred to as a 1 RK.

2. Are smaller houses easy to sell?

The only reason why it is easier to sell smaller houses or why smaller houses often derive more resale value is because smaller houses are cheaper in price due to the smaller area of the house. For example, a 1 BHK will most likely be cheaper than a 3 BHK in a particular location and hence, it is easier for the 1 BHK to sell than the 3 BHK. It is the same as selling a semi-furnished house and a fully furnished house; since the semi-furnished house will be cheaper owing to the lack of furniture, it will sell quicker.

3. What is the average price of a 1BHK unit in Bengaluru?

The price of properties in Bengaluru varies greatly depending on the location, builder, property type, area, and amenities in question. However, on average, a 1BHK in Bengaluru varies between Rs. 15 Lakhs to 40 Lakhs. Investment in Bengaluru, as per the real estate trends, is a low-risk and high-return option.

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