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3 Bedroom Small House Design for Your Home

3 bedroom house design

Our goal is to create exceptional 3bedroom small house designs that align with your dream home aspirations. By incorporating creative concepts, we strive to design house plans that cater to your specific requirements. Here, we present a selection of four modern and affordable 3-bedroom small house designs for you to consider.

Best -3 Bedroom Small House Design Plans

  1. Double Storied Home with 3-Bedroom House Design
  2. Flat Roof 3-Bedroom Small House Design
  3. Cottage-style 3-bedroom small house design
  4. Loft-style modern 3-bedroom house design

Let us look at the detailed house plan of these two 3-bedroom tiny houses and their entire interior design.

1. Double Storied Home with 3- Bedroom House Design

3 Bedroom Small House Design for Your Home 2

  1. Total area: 2900 sq ft.
  2. Porch: Large sitting area with an adjoining porch.
  3. Living Room: A lovely sofa set and attractive decor can be seen in the living room. The area of the TV unit is also visible.
  4. Dining Room: Charming dining table and lovely fall ceiling, a washbasin in the corner.
  5. Bedroom: Two bedrooms with double cot beds, a closet, a dressing space, and an amazing ceiling. Additionally, each bedroom has a connected bathroom.
  6. Modular kitchen: Contemporary modular kitchen with all amenities available, including cabinets, shelves, kitchen hobs, a refrigerator, a microwave, etc.
  7. Staircase: Teak wood was used to make the stair handrails. This is the stair’s summit view. On the stair roof, a lovely hanging light is also visible.

2. Flat Roof 3 Bedroom Small House Design

Flat Roof 3 Bedroom Small House Design

  1. Total area: 1350 sq ft.
  2. Porch: Three glass-covered pergolas and glass-roofed pergolas act as a designed sunroof.
  3. Patio: Large, open patio with railing sticks between the parapets. It gave this well-built flat roof home layout a stunning appearance.
  4. Balcony: Balcony with very each of the three-bedroom
  5. Open terrace

3. Cottage-style 3-bedroom Small House Design

Cottage-style houses are known for their cosy and inviting aesthetic. They are a low-budget modern 3-bedroom house design that often evokes a sense of nostalgia and charm with their quaint architectural details. Here’s an explanation of the different areas typically found in a cottage-style house, along with some approximate dimensions:

  • Total area: 1,800 sq. ft.
  • Porch: A cottage-style house often includes a porch, which serves as an outdoor extension of the living space.
  • Living Room: The living room in a cottage-style house is designed to be comfortable and inviting. It serves as a gathering space for family and friends.
  • Dining Room: The dining room in a cottage-style house is usually adjacent to the living room or connected in an open-concept layout. It provides a dedicated space for meals and socializing.
  • Bedrooms: The bedrooms can be arranged on one or two levels, depending on the specific design.
  • Modular Kitchen: In a cottage-style house, the kitchen is typically compact but functional.

Staircase: Generally, a cottage-style house would have a staircase that is designed to be compact and efficient. It should meet local building codes and regulations regarding safety and accessibility.

4. Loft-style 3-bedroom Small House Design

Loft-style houses are modern 3-bedroom house designs characterized by their open and flexible floor plans, high ceilings, and spacious, open spaces. Here’s an explanation of the different areas typically found in this low-budget modern 3-bedroom house design, along with some approximate dimensions:

  • Total area: 2,500 sq. ft.
  • Living Space: In a loft-style house, the main living area is usually open and expansive. It serves as a multi-functional space for various activities, such as living, dining, and entertaining.
  • Dining Area: The dining area in a loft-style house is often incorporated within the open living space. It can be defined by the placement of a dining table and chairs, creating a distinct area for meals and gatherings.
  • Bedrooms: In a loft-style house, the bedrooms can be enclosed with walls for privacy or separated by partitions or screens to maintain the openness of the space.
  • Modular Kitchen: A modular kitchen in a loft-style house features modern and efficient designs with pre-made cabinet units and modules.

Staircase: In a loft-style house, the staircase is an essential architectural feature that connects the different levels of the house. A common consideration is to ensure comfortable step dimensions and a suitable railing for support.


These 3-bedroom house plan designs are contemporary and luxurious. A strong foundation is needed, and it may be used to maximum advantage while constructing the first level. 

You may alter the windows, doors, and other materials utilized in accordance with your preferences and your overall costs might change accordingly.

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