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The Best Washing Machine Brands in India

best washing machine brand

Today, when we head out to purchase appliances, we are bombarded with choices. It can be quite daunting to find the right home appliance that meets our requirements, and washing machines are no exception. Shopping centres and electronic appliance stores offer a multitude of washing machine options to choose from. 

Hence, in this best washing machine in India buying guide, we are highlighting some of the best washing machine brands available in India. So, without further ado, let’s delve into the list.

Best Washing Machine Brands in India

1. LG 4.5-Cubic-Foot Front-Load Washing Machine

We already know that LG is one of the best washing machine brands in the world and this model is a testament to this. The LG 4.5 front-load washing machine is a budget-friendly product and offers plenty of room even for a week’s worth of laundry or a king-sized comforter. If you add a second washer to it, you can increase its capacity and finish two loads simultaneously. 

It is an easy-to-use model. Just turn it on and turn a single knob on it to pick your cycle. Press the start button and your laundry washing has started. With the additional touch panel, you can adjust the spin speed, water temperature, and soil-level settings. There are other buttons that help you manage settings such as steam functions, extra rinse, or LG’s exclusive TurboWash. 

By combining the rinse and spin cycles and adding detergent directly on the clothes, you can cut the washing time by half. You can also use the steam setting to eliminate common household allergens. Or, you can use the internal water heater to heat up the water to kill germs, parasites, and dust mites.  

The front door is made from stylish-looking tempered glass and the drum is made from rust-resistant, durable stainless steel. Furthermore, you can operate the machine with Google Home, a smartphone, or Alexa-powered speakers. This function adds a convenience factor as you can start the machine when you are not at home. After the clothes are finished washing, you will receive a notification on your phone. 

What’s more? The washing machine is highly water and energy efficient. When washing your laundry, this machine will find a balance for effective stain removal by applying the right force on your clothes. The main drawback of this machine is that it is a bit difficult to use in the dark. Other than that, this washing machine by LG like its other washing machines doesn’t require much servicing in its first year of ownership. 

2. Samsung 4.5-Cubic-Foot Front-Load Washing Machine

Looking for an affordable front-load washing machine? Samsung’s washing machine is what you are looking for. Given that you will be compromising on some advanced features, this machine will finish your load in fewer cycles as compared to other brands. This makes it one of the best front-load washing machine brands available today. It has an adequate 4.5 cubic-foot capacity and has stainless steel and white finish. 

In this washing machine, there are no features to sanitize cycles that kill germs and allergens. It doesn’t have a built-in steamer that kills bacteria and therefore, you shouldn’t wash cloth diapers in it. 

However, there’s something about this washer that just works. It is water and energy efficient and on top of that, it is easy to use. It takes more time for a heavy-duty cycle, but it will remove tough grass stains and grime easily. It meets the needs of a majority of users, who like it for its less price and attractive looks. 

3. LG WashTower

If you are planning to buy a washer and dryer separately then the LG WashTower is going to solve that problem for you. It is a two-in-one solution that has a dryer on top and a washer below it—but in a single unit. Even though it sounds like a big machine, it is not the commercial-looking best washing machine found in laundry centers, in fact, it is a more modern-looking washing machine. 

It is equipped with spacious drums that are enough to wash a king-sized comforter. The control panel is placed at its centre, which makes the controls easy to reach and choose your wash cycle quickly. 

The feature that makes WashTower stand out from the crowd is that the washer and dryer interact to save power and reduce laundry time. When the clothes are about to finish, the dryer starts heating up. The sensors in the appliance detect load size and fabric texture to automatically adjust the temperature of the water and wash motions to get a perfect wash. It is one of the few appliances that can predict the washing and drying time of your clothes, making it one of the best automatic washing machine brands in India. 

You can download the free LG ThinQ app to install extra features on the machine. You can install LG’s TurboWash 360 cycle, which reduces allergens and removes stains. The dryer also has a streamer to reduce wrinkles and sanitization of your clothes. 

4. LG SIGNATURE 5.2-Cubic-Foot Smart Front-Load Washer

This washing machine is insanely large. It is 29” wide and 34” deep. The cubic capacity of the LG signature is 5.2-cubic-foot, making it ideal for big families. It takes fewer loads to do a large pile of laundry, saving a lot of time and stress on laundry day. It can easily fit in a king-size comforter and a full set of bedding in a single load, making it one of the best front-load washing machine brands. 

Other than being huge, the machine’s performance is very impressive. Removing stains is no big deal with its 5 temperature settings and 14 wash cycles. It also has Allergiene, speed, and sanitary wash cycles. The Allergiene and sanitary wash cycles use either hot water or steam to eliminate pet dander, dust mites, and bacteria. 

The washer has a bunch of features as well. You can pair your machine with the LG nifty app to adjust your cycles, washing progress, water temperature, and soil levels as well. The washer is fast, but quiet. A normal cycle usually takes half an hour. When you turn on LG’s TurboWash feature, it uses high-pressure and powerful sprayer nozzles to clean your clothes quickly. 

5. LG WT7400CV 5.5-Cubic-Foot Top-Load Washing Machine

We have already mentioned that LG is one of the best washing machine brands available today. This model by LG has top loading instead of front loading, which is less efficient at cleaning as front-loading ones. Also, these machines use more energy and water. 

However, if you are looking for one of the best top-load machines, this is the best one you can buy. In case you are tired and just want to dump a load of laundry straight into the machine, this LG washing machine has got your back. It has a large 5.5 cubic foot drum to handle the biggest laundry loads. Space is one of the strengths of this washing machine, but speed is not. Its standard cycles are not the fastest  and the heaviest loads might take an hour to finish. If you have several loads to finish, it can become a drag. 

However, it can be solved with the LG TurboWash setting, which saves around 20 minutes. It uses dual nozzles to spray detergent water directly onto the clothes and it combines rinse and spin. This brings down the cycle time to almost 40 minutes. 

The nifty cycle, ColdWash, uses enhanced motions and cold water to effectively clean your clothes. The motor and the tub rotate in opposite directions creating a powerful water flow. This results in clothes rubbing against each other. This increases the machine’s ability to remove stains and if you add warm water into the mix, it takes this ability even further. The absence of an agitator in the washer reduces the risk of damaging garments. Lastly, the washer’s large tub, quiet cycles, and numerous features make it an option worth considering. 

6. Samsung 6.0-Cubic-Foot FlexWash Washing Machine

This washing machine from Samsung has the largest capacity on our list. It is a dual washing machine with a combined capacity of 6-cubic-foot. It is ideal for large families and has the ability to tackle a mountain-sized laundry load. The way it works is that it has a 5-cubic-foot front loading tub and a small 1-cubic-foot tub at the top. 

It is similar to the LG’s TwinWash mentioned in our list, but it has a small washer at the top ideal for washing delicates separately and quickly. Another interesting feature of this machine is that you can use warm water at the top and cold in the bottom washer. 

There are 12 cycles in total allowing you to wash different types of clothes ranging from bedding or activewear. With the internal water heater, you can use the built-in steamer to remove stains effectively and even kill allergens and bacteria. The hi-tech feature of this washing machine is that you can connect it to Wi-Fi and receive push notifications when the wash cycles are finished. This makes Samsung one of the best washing machine brands in India. When it comes to looks, it is absolutely stunning with its black or white stainless steel finish. 

7. BLACK+DECKER Portable Washing Machine

If you are renting and you shift places frequently, you should get a portable washing machine and this BLACK+DECKER washing machine is perfect for people who want to avoid laundry services at all costs. 

The tub is 0.9-cubic-foot and we know it is not the biggest, the fastest, or the best at removing stains, but it is affordable and gives you clean clothes with several spin cycles such as gentle, rapid, normal, and soak. It is also energy-efficient and you can practically fit it anywhere due to its small size. It doesn’t need special water and electrical hookups. Finally, you can attach it to your sink with the adapter, which comes with the machine, and attach a hose for draining as well. It doesn’t vibrate and spins quietly. 

8. GE UltraFresh Vent Washing Machine

This luxurious-looking appliance from GE comes with an innovative vent system that aims to prevent and eliminate odours from accumulating in the drum, which is a common issue with front-loading models. Good Housekeeping’s experts were impressed by the bone-dry drum and door seal after a full vent cycle. They also found the wash cycles to be speedy, effective, and capable of cleaning cotton and polyester stain swatches in both warm and cold water. Even the quick wash managed to remove a set-in stain in just 20 minutes.

In addition, this washing machine is equipped with a unique automatic detergent dispenser that can hold up to 32 loads of detergent, eliminating the need to refill it with every load. It dispenses the correct amount of detergent each time you do laundry. The washing machine also features a useful “Sanitize + Allergen” cycle that eliminates 99% of common bacteria and allergens.

Overall, the GE appliance not only looks great but also performs fantastically. However, if you don’t like the navy exterior of the GE model, we also recommend the sharp-looking Samsung washer, which comes in a unique champagne colour.

Final Thoughts

A washing machine is among the most essential home appliances, simplifying laundry day by reducing the chore to merely pushing a few buttons. For this reason, a washing machine must be reliable and dependable, as it is expected to last a long time. The brands we have featured in our guide are some of the top washing machine brands available, offering high-quality products at reasonable prices. We trust that this guide will aid in selecting a washing machine that is well-suited for your needs.

Best Washing Machine Brands FAQs

1. Which brand is best for a washing machine?

LG and Samsung are two of the best washing machine brands in the world. Both of these brands offer washing machines with several cubic capacities. They have several wash cycles that offer effective stain removal. They have a built-in internal water heater to get rid of dust mites, allergens, and bacteria. Lastly, with the machines from this brand, you can adjust the spin speed, water temperature, and soil-level settings.

2. Are LG or Samsung washing machines better?

Both of these are some of the best automatic washing machine brands. They are both unique brands with novel features. While Samsung has a highly effective speed cycle, LG has the biggest capacity washer. They have similar features as well. Samsung has FlexWash and LG has TwinWash and both these settings allow you to wash two leads simultaneously.

3. Are LG washers good quality?

LG is a very dependable brand and is one of the best automatic washing machine brands. According to the American Customer Satisfaction Index rankings, LG is number one on the list of both product and service quality. When it comes to the product itself, it is made from durable materials and the company offers a warranty on the product as well.

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