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10 Best Speaker Brands For Immersive Sound Quality

best speaker brands

For people who love great sound effects while watching movies or playing games, the average sound quality of your laptop or television might not suffice. Imagine if you could experience amazing surround sound while watching movies or playing games. You don’t have to imagine anymore. We have mentioned some of the best speaker brands that make the movie-watching or gaming experience more immersive. Let’s get straight to it.

Best Speaker Brands in India

1) JBL

JBL is one of the best speaker brands in the world. They offer several models with pristine sound quality, sleek and stylish designs, and a variety of lighting effects. The brand is owned by Harman International Industries, a Samsung subsidiary.

JBL is one of the best speaker brands for a reason. Its Go, Flip, and Charge models come with numerous features and can be used for music, movies, and gaming. The JBL Go 2 speakers offered by the company are about Rs. 2,000 and offer incredible sound quality. While the price of some JBL speakers is high, you can rest assured that you are going to get great quality for the price.

The JBL Boombox 2 is an ideal speaker for your home and this high-tech speaker is portable due to its in-built carrying handle. The speaker has IPX7 water-resistance rating, meaning it can survive underwater up to a metre and still function. They are compact in size and hence, easy to carry anywhere. Lastly, the speakers have a charging port, support Wi-Fi connectivity, and are Apple Airplay compatible.

Best Qualities of the Brand:

  1. Offers affordable as well as high-end speakers
  2. Considered one of the best speaker brands in India
  3. Wide range of products in its portfolio

2) Sony

Sony is the world’s largest electronics manufacturer. The brand has a Home Entertainment and Audio division, which is famous for offering the best audio equipment. Other than that, they also offer car stereo systems.

The speakers offer flawless sound and are perfect for anyone looking for an affordable sound system. Not only this, the speakers offered by Sony are durable beyond comparison and feature extra bass capabilities. The company makes innovative products and has excellent customer service.

Sony has an impressive range of audio equipment and speakers with different price ranges to suit the needs of all customers. Among numerous features, the speakers support voice assistants such as Google Assistant and Siri. You can control your smart home with these speakers as they have a built-in mic.

Best Qualities of the Brand:

  1. Known for incredible sound quality
  2. One of the most popular brands in India and in the world
  3. Offers a range of products in different sizes, capacities, and prices
  4. Even high-end products aren’t very costly

3) Philips

Philips makes some of the best Bluetooth speakers in the market and offers a wide selection of products as well. The company started in the 1920s and made vacuum tubes in the beginning. Today, the company offers its products for the healthcare, consumer electronics, and lighting sector.

There are many reasons why Philips is one of the best speaker brands in India. First, Philips has helped the audio equipment industry spread in the country. They manufacture high-quality woofers and affordable Bluetooth speakers. Second, they are stylish, durable, and available in various price ranges.

For music listeners, Philips is the absolute best. The brand is a market leader in the Bluetooth speaker space. Philips Bluetooth speakers have an in-built mic for hands-free calling. The speakers are compatible with many portable media players and are available in many colour options.

One of the top-rated Bluetooth speakers from Philips is Philips Audio Bt40Bk/94. The sound quality of this speaker is second to none and is perfect for watching movies and listening to music. Another great speaker is Philips Audio MMS2220B 2.1 Multimedia Speaker System.

Best Qualities of the Brand:

  1. A renowned brand in India with great customer service
  2. Offers affordable products
  3. Speakers are visually appealing
  4. High-quality audio

4) Bose

Bose is a world-renowned brand and it has become very famous in India in the past few years. Bose is known for its commitment to innovation and making products that are different from every other brand.

The company has a lot of patents under its name and that’s why the majority of its products are high-end. It was Bose that developed the noise cancellation technology and integrated it into a speaker. To do this, they spent a lot of time on research and development and hence the speakers are expensive.

Bose as a company is driven to develop new technologies and enhance the audio experience of its customers. The company has a website that offers the latest offers and deals on its products. One of the most sold portable speakers on the website is Bose SoundLink Micro. The speaker is dust-resistant and can survive being submerged in water for 30 minutes.

This speaker has voice assistance from Google Assistant and Alexa and has a very neutral sound profile. Also, it has an in-built carrying handle to take it anywhere. And perhaps one of the most distinguishing factors is the built-in screen to view the track information on the speaker. Bose also has outlets in major cities in India such as Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Surat, Kolkata, and Pune.

Best Qualities of the Brand:

  1. Well-known for its flexibility
  2. One of the best speaker brands in India
  3. Top-quality products
  4. Premium options available

5) Ultimate Ears

Ultimate Ears is one of the best speaker brands in India for music lovers. It has a variety of Bluetooth headphones, wireless speakers, and audio receivers. If you are looking for a speaker under Rs. 7,000 with excellent quality, Ultimate Ears’ Wonderboom is a great option.

The palm-sized design on the speakers offers 360-degree sound. Despite being so compact, it looks better than its larger counterparts. It is water resistant and offers impressive sound quality for its price range. Be it your backyard or somewhere outside your house, Wonderboom makes a perfect outdoor speaker. The integrated app allows you to control your music.

Another great speaker from the Ultimate Ears lineup is the Boom 3 wireless speaker. It is splash-proof, waterproof, and drop-proof from five feet. It just got updated and now the audio quality is enhanced by 25 percent. The battery can last up to 15 hours and the wireless range is about 100 feet. The Boom 3 also has a 360-degree sound and can connect to up to eight Bluetooth devices. This immersive sound-providing speaker can be charged using a Micro-USB charging dock. Even though it has a 15-hour-long battery life, you have to buy a Power Up charging dock if you plan to use it for 3 hours straight.

Best Qualities of the Brand:

  1. Among the most loved speaker brands in India and around the globe
  2. Known for its incredible audio quality
  3. Makes great looking speakers
  4. A wide selection of speakers

6) Beats

Beats by Dr. Dre is a high-end audio brand started by Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine in 2006. The company has become the face of new-generation sound equipment. In 2014, Apple acquired the brand and induced a new line of portable speakers, The Pill.

The best speaker in their lineup is the Beats Pill Plus. It is priced at $185 in the US and in India, it is available at Rs. 14,000. Right now it is available in a single colour in India, but the company is planning to launch more colour options in India soon.

The Beats brand has seen immense success in India and has become one of the most famous audio equipment brands in India.

Best Qualities of the Brand:

  1. Among the best premium speaker brands
  2. Massive range of electronic devices and gadgets
  3. A versatile brand
  4. High-end, but still reasonably priced

7) Logitech

If you are confused as to which speaker brand to choose, Logitech is here to break the confusion. The brand offers a lot of products with great sound quality. Even though the build quality is not as the same as some of the speakers mentioned above, it has a good range of accessories with decent quality.

Still, there are several reasons to go for Logitech. Their mid and high-end speakers offer crystal clear sound and adjustable settings. These speakers can be used with a lot of devices such as TVs and Blu-ray players. Furthermore, they can be used with 3.5 mm audio input and a USB-A port.

Logitech’s S715i – EU docking speaker is a very powerful speaker and ideal for you if you need an immersive sound. All the speakers offered by Logitech come in various styles, sizes, and price ranges. So, you can choose one as per your needs.

Logitech is not competing with brands such as Boat, Sony, Philips, and more. It is competing with companies such as iBall and Lenovo. Still, it is one of the best speaker brands in India due to its availability and affordability.

Best Qualities of the Brand:

  1. Speakers are suitable for both household and official use
  2. Well-known for its technology and ingenuity
  3. A very cost-effective brand
  4. Makes some of the best Bluetooth speakers

8) BoAt

BoAt has become a household name in India as it makes premium quality products at a very reasonable price. The price range of BoAt products spans from low to high.

BoAt has launched a plethora of speakers in India that can connect to your television or your smartphone. In India, the sound segment is led by international brands, but BoAt has the upper hand when it comes to the price-sensitive nature of Indian consumers. The brand was launched in 2015 with an affordable speaker and by the end of 2019, the brand sold one speaker every four minutes.

The Beats speakers sold by the company have an interesting design and the Pill range is small but powerful. Both models have strong stereo characteristics. These speakers offer a full range of sound. It is slowly gaining momentum in the Indian market because it is a great option for budget-conscious customers.

One of the best speaker models in the boAt Stone 1400 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, which features a robust metallic grill. It can last up to 8 hours and gets fully charged in just 3 hours. The sound quality is clear, excellent, and punchy. Also, it is portable, making it a portable choice while travelling.

Best Qualities of the Brand:

  1. Well-known for stylish products
  2. Affordable products
  3. Top-quality products
  4. Among the best speaker brands in India

9. Amazon Echo with Alexa

Amazon Echo is a smart speaker developed by Amazon that features the voice-controlled intelligent personal assistant service, Alexa. It can be used to play music, control smart home devices, set reminders, make calls, send and receive messages, answer questions, and much more. The device connects to the internet via Wi-Fi and uses Amazon’s cloud-based Alexa Voice Service to respond to voice commands.

The device comes in a variety of models, including the Echo Dot, Echo, Echo Plus, Echo Studio, and Echo Show. The Echo Dot is the smallest and most affordable model, while the Echo Show features a screen for displaying visual information.

Alexa is constantly learning and evolving, with new skills and abilities being added regularly. Users can customise their experience with Alexa by enabling and disabling skills, setting up routines, and creating personalised commands.

Overall, the Amazon Echo with Alexa is a powerful and convenient tool that can simplify and enhance many aspects of daily life.

Best Qualities of the Brand:

  1. Amazon offers a vast selection of products, from books to electronics to household essentials and more.
  2. Amazon is known for offering competitive prices, often undercutting traditional brick-and-mortar retailers.
  3. The ability to shop from anywhere, at any time, with fast shipping and easy returns makes Amazon a convenient choice for many consumers.
  4. Amazon is known for its exceptional customer service, including fast response times and easy resolutions to issues.

10. Lenovo

Lenovo is a technology company that produces a variety of electronics, including laptops, desktop computers, smartphones, and accessories like speakers. Lenovo speakers are designed to provide high-quality audio for a range of uses, from gaming to music playback to conference calls.

Lenovo offers a variety of speaker options, including portable and desktop speakers. These speakers come in different shapes, sizes, and colours to suit a variety of needs and preferences. Lenovo’s portable speakers are designed to be compact and easy to transport, making them ideal for use on the go or in small spaces. The desktop speakers are larger and offer more powerful sound for a more immersive experience.

Lenovo speakers are designed to produce clear, high-quality sound with a range of frequency response and volume levels to suit different listening preferences. They are also compatible with a range of devices, including Lenovo computers and smartphones as well as other brands of computers and mobile devices. Lenovo speakers are often competitively priced compared to other speakers on the market, making them an attractive choice for budget-conscious consumers.

Best Qualities of the Brand:

  1. Lenovo speakers are designed to produce clear, high-fidelity sound, with a range of frequency response and volume levels to suit different listening preferences.
  2. Lenovo speakers can connect to devices either via a wired connection, such as a USB cable, or wirelessly using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.
  3. Many Lenovo speakers are designed to be compact and easy to transport, making them ideal for use on the go or in small spaces.
  4. Lenovo speakers are designed to be compatible with a range of devices, including Lenovo computers and smartphones as well as other brands of computers and mobile devices.

Final Thoughts

While watching a movie or playing a game, the sound is 50 percent of the entire experience. Without good sound, gaming, music, or movie-watching experience gets spoiled. Therefore, investing in a good quality speaker is a must if you want to enjoy these experiences. In this guide, we have mentioned some of the best speaker brands in the world. We hope this guide helps you choose a speaker as per your needs.

Best Speaker Brands FAQs

1. Why is JBL so popular?

JBL is a popular brand because it offers some of the best speakers in the world. Not only that, JBL products are used in rock concerts and music festivals. JBL speakers were the foundation for the THX loudspeaker standard, making it a popular cinema loudspeaker manufacturer.

2. Is JBL better than Bose?

Bose and JBL are both high-end speaker brands. JBL speakers come with subwoofers and this is why the bass is better than Bose speakers. Other than that, JBL speakers are bigger than Bose speakers and have bigger radiators, meaning they have a higher vibration and deeper bass tones.

3. Which home speakers are best?

For a home, a surround sound speaker is the best. And for that Sony is the brand you should consider. Its Home Entertainment and Audio division is famous for offering the best audio equipment. The speakers offer flawless sound and are perfect for anyone looking for an affordable sound system.

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