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How To Attract Wealth And Abundance With A Feng Shui Aquarium

Feng Shui Aquarium

Feng Shui, literally translating to ‘wind-water is a pseudoscientific traditional practice with its roots in ancient China. Fen Shui uses the power of ‘energies’ and ‘forces to balance and harmonize the surroundings with a person. Feng-Shui aquariums, on those lines, are aquariums placed as per the feng shui guidelines and recommendations. Feng Shui aquariums are deemed to be a positive addition to any room, responsible for attracting positive, healthy, and abundant energy.

The catch with these aquariums, however, is making sure that they are placed as per the feng shui guidelines and in a manner such that they are able to maximize the good feng shui energy to attract wealth and abundance.

In this article we share with you a number of feng shui tips for aquarium to fill your home with positivity and attracting wealth

How Does A Feng Shui Aquarium Attract Wealth?

Feng Shui aquariums are considered to be composed of several wealth-attracting elements that are known to ultimately bring in abundance. As per the Chinese culture, for example, fish is considered to be the ultimate symbol of abundance owing to a fish’s ability to reproduce rapidly and of co-existing in groups (schools of fish).

Feng Shui aquariums are a manifestation of the harmonious co-existence of all five Feng Shui elements at once. The balance of these five elements put together helps attract wealth and abundance wherever placed.

  • Water
  • Wood (plants of an aquarium)
  • Metal (the core structure of a typical aquarium)
  • Earth (stones and gravel as the bed of the aquarium)
  • Fire (the colors of the fish and the light of the aquarium)

What Kind Of Feng Shui Fish Should I Put In My Feng Shui Aquarium?

There are a number of fishes considered auspicious as per Feng Shui guidelines including:

  1. Arowana (also known as the dragon fish): One of the most famous Feng Shui fish, the Arowana is considered to be the fish of wealth. Arowana grows rather quickly and displays dominance over all other fishes, symbolizing power and hence an attractor of money and abundance.
  2. Koi Fish: Kept in groups and naturally existing in bright, beautiful colors, the koi fish is another important Feng Shui fish known to attract wealth and abundance.
  3. Goldfish: Typically kept in tanks and small enclosures, a goldfish is not only the symbol of wealth in feng shui based aquariums but in fact, lively energy of growth and abundance.

What Is The Lucky Number Of Fish In Aquarium For Feng Shui ?

Ideally, as per the Feng Shui guidelines, the lucky number of fish in aquarium for feng shui is nine; 9 being the auspicious number of abundance. It should also be noted that a single fish is never recommended in a tank as per Feng Shui. One single fish in a fish tank is known to rather attract bad luck and counter any chances of abundance.

Where To Keep Aquarium In House According To Feng Shui?

The South-East corner of the house is considered to be an ideal and auspicious location to place a Feng Shui aquarium. Also referred to as the ‘Bagau’ area, this location of a house is typically supposed to have the most positive energy and if balanced correctly, can attract enormous wealth and prosperity, thereby amplifying the well-being of the space dwellers.

If the South-East corner of your house is not available for some reason, another option to place a Feng Shui aquarium is the Northern or Eastern part of your home. Also knowns as the ‘career Bagua’ area.

Can I Place Feng Shui Aquarium In My Bedroom?

Feng Shui guidelines strongly recommend against placing an aquarium in the bedroom. This is because the lively energy of an aquarium can counter the calm environment you would otherwise seek from your bedroom and make a person feel more cluttered than calm even while asleep.

Another location to never place an aquarium at is the kitchen. This is because the water in an aquarium can create negative conflicts with fire- the primary element of a kitchen.

Final Thoughts: Does The Shape Of A Feng Shui Aquarium Affect The Energy It Attracts?

There have been several debates on whether or not does the shape of a Feng Shui aquarium matter; or if the shape of an aquarium determines the kind of energy the aquarium attracts.

While certain particular shapes may complement your goals and attract the best energy, it is not only the shape that matters.

But again, an aquarium bought and placed to attract Feng Shui energy will only be effective as it should be if it is well-maintained. The water should be regularly cleaned, it should be made sure that the fish and plants are well looked after, and that the lighting in the aquarium is adequate.

How To Attract Wealth and Abundance With a Feng Shui Aquarium FAQs

1. Is fish dying a bad omen?

It is said that when a fish dies in an aquarium, it is not a bad omen. In fact, a fish’s death signifies that the fish has taken away a potential disaster/mishappening with its death.

2. How many fish in aquarium for feng shui is recommended?

Typically, as per Feng Shui standards and guidelines, 9 is the lucky number for fish in an aquarium. If you do not have a big tank, the thumb of rule is to have one inch of fish per gallon of water. However, it is always recommended to have at least two fish in an aquarium as a pair of fish symbolizes love.

3. Which aquarium fish is lucky for home?

Goldfish are considered to be one of the luckiest fishes to have in a home as it attracts abundance and prosperity. Even by the looks and the name of the fish itself, goldfish are widely known to attract gold (denoting wealth and prosperity) to a house.

4. Can I keep aquarium in dining room for feng shui?

Rather than just installing an aquarium, artistically incorporate it into your home’s décor. Keeping an aquarium in dining room for feng shui can be great for adding to the aesthetics of it as well as activating feng shui.

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