Top 10 Best Balcony garden ideas for your balcony

Colorful tiny space big blocks apartment balcony

A few years back, the idea of gardening was always on a flat ground where people used to plant their favorite plants. However, in recent times, the whole idea of gardening has shifted to having a garden on a small balcony of their apartment. This is perhaps one of the most recent gardening ideas that has helped those who didn’t have as much space as one thought they needed to plant a mini garden, known as a balcony garden.

Nowadays, you will find most people investing more time even in their small condos in balcony garden decoration ideas, perhaps, most people are drawn towards transforming their balconies into a personal space of bliss and comfort.

Keeping that in mind, the hardest part at times is observed to be, how must one get started with the garden on a small balcony. For which, we have commenced this article that will help you with the top 10 best garden design ideas to make in your apartment. Choose the ones that would suit your style the best, we have some balcony garden ideas that too without spending much money, with the amount of sunlight your balcony receives, and the plant you choose. Also, for a balcony, mainly keep in mind when you use it, is it mostly in the evenings? if yes, you’d require some lighting on your balcony too.

Now, without wasting any time, let’s dive into the top 10 best garden ideas on the balcony!

10 best garden design ideas for a balcony

Listed below are our top picks for small balcony garden ideas, India.

1) Sunny Side garden in a small balcony

balcony garden ideas

This balcony garden is known to be one that is quite sunny and bright in terms of its appearance. The best plant to grow on a sunny balcony is a citrus tree as it loves the sun, also making the balcony an ideal location for growing your own fruit. One wouldn’t need matching pots in this stunning area and also there is no need to have a sunlight protector as the trees do the work in the best manner by the white umbrella securing the railings of the balcony. Adding on, this could be a space that is child-friendly too by adding a collection of play toys to the red and white striped fabric shade, also its hanging light, allowing the small balcony garden to be a space of attraction during the night as well.

2) Scrap Wood balcony garden decoration ideas

Scrap Wood balcony garden decoration ideas

This is the simplistic yet rustic design for your small balcony as it uses the vertical space, with rustic wood elements and the light that creates a cozy space. This can be easily replicated by using two wood pallets or even by making use of a scrap wood repurpose wood as flower boxes, isn’t this inserting and unique! Also, as the design uses more wall space, it allows your small balcony floor to remain clean and also saves valuable floor space. Adding on, the tea light candles happen to invite warmth and romance, so why not throw in a few colorful cushions already?

3) A Micro-Park balcony

Why not have both, a tiny yard and a garden? Make sure of the AstroTurf on your balcony floor, and create a yard in your apartment balcony by using colorful yet edible kale showcased in the wooden crates. Adding on, the hanging garden boxes provide additional growing space on the balcony railing, with a predominantly green landscape and a pop of the fuchsia color from the flower that could be a nice addition to your garden space.

4) Terra Cotta - vertical

Top 10 Best Balcony garden ideas for your balcony 1

This is one of the many balcony vertical garden ideas that include the use of hooks that are used to hang little baskets or terra cotta pots by using simple eye hole hooks connected to the pots via metal rods, washers, and bolts. The highlight of this design is in its staggering pots that add visual interest to its appearance, as the metal rods create a kind of rain chain between the pots that allow the water to flow from the top to the bottle pot ( which means, by watering the top, it wouldn’t drain out onto the ground).

5) Modern Comfort

How to design an apartment balcony garden with a modern touch? No questioning or thinking needed as this modern comfort theme helps you to create a balcony gardening area using elements of a home design. The basic idea behind this theme is to create a space that’s inclusive of your home decoration, such as, pillows, blankets, a serving tray, etc, in other words, no outdoor furniture. Try adding a stool with a plant display with a classic rug that potentially breaks the outdoor nature of the balcony and you’re good to go!

6) Culinary Creations theme

Call it a culinary creation or a kitchen garden, this theme works best when you want to grow a wide variety of edible food and herbs in the balcony space. Try to reuse wooden pallets and chalkboard paint, and plant a vertical balcony garden by drilling holes at the bottom of each level. This will help your herbs to grow without developing root rot in addition to prolongs the life of the wood. A word of caution – be sure to check the wooden pallets you use to make sure that they were not used as a wood preservative, or it could leach the plants.

7) Colorful tiny space big blocks apartment balcony

Colorful tiny space big blocks apartment balcony

This balcony gardening theme has a predominant use of bright colors that are used to build upon the emphasis of the balcony garden design. Here, you could attempt to add your creativity by using colorful pots along with the matching plant markers over the wall with a net around the balcony that allows fresh air and an unobstructed view from the home. It also allows you with some space on the floor where you could choose to spend time and create more colorful themed design plans.

8) The blissful private oasis

This is a private oasis that works well with your balcony garden with a fine balance between the space and the greens, perhaps is also easy to create or design. If you are into more greens, need privacy, and love patterns, then this small garden in your small space would be your go-to. Add plants with taller pots around the edges of your balcony to create a private space and throw in a few floor pillows, a blanket to your balcony, a rattan rug, and bamboo chairs.

9) An upcycled balcony garden

Terra Cotta - vertical balcony garden

This theme would be an inspiration for you as this amongst the many balcony ideas look, as they transform your space using repurpose wooden crates. Adding on, the height of this themed garden allows you to help you water the plants easily without the need to bend with its rustic touch. All you’d need for your balcony gardens is to look for these wooden crates from a local store, check with small automotive, motorcycle, lawn, and specialty shops.

10) Home extension theme

Functionality at its best describes this balcony garden idea as it tries in bringing traditionally used indoor pieces to this balcony space, projecting as an indoor room. Here, the flowers are grown in baskets and a garden box, a citrus tree growing in a metal bucket or a recycled wooden crate could be one example. However, the herbs and flowers are decorating wooden shelves with an old wooden chair seat. Add a few small home decor touches, like a tablecloth and a vase of flowers, and your little garden space is ready!

Top 10 Best Balcony garden ideas for your balcony FAQs

1. What plants are good for the balcony?

(1.) Begonias (2.) Chrysanthemum (3.) Pansy (4.) Fuchsia (5.) Hydrangea (6.) Petunia (7.) Ferns (8.) Herbs

2. How to start a balcony garden?

(1.) Observe the sunlight direction for good light on the plants (2.) Decide on what plants you can use for your balcony garden (3.) Purchase pots, seeds, and fertilizer, and get started with the planting (4.) Make sure to water the plants enough and not too much (5.) Once the plants are set, rearrange the balcony space

3. What vegetables can be grown on a balcony?

(1.) Leafy Greens (2.) Broccoli (3.) Peppers (4.) Cucumbers (5.) Tomatoes (6.) Herbs (7.) Blueberries
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