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 Top 9 Best Pedestal Fans in India – Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Pedestal Fans in India

Best Pedestal Fan In India: Which Is Your Pick?

Indian summers and a roof fan? Nah. That setup isn’t sufficient to cool your room. You need a decent platform fan to survive through the summers. If you want a fan that is easier to move around than a ceiling fan, a pedestal fan is a good choice. We look at some of the best pedestal fans you can buy for your home this summer in this post.

9 Best Pedestal Fans in India

1. Usha Mist Air ICY Pedestal Fan

Usha Mist Air ICY Pedestal Fan

The Usha Mist Air ICY Pedestal Fan has a motor that produces 50 watts and has 100% copper windings, ensuring that you never shed a drop of sweat. It has a switch box with a beautiful design that lets you change the speed of the fan. It has 1180 rotations per minute and blades that are aerodynamic. You can easily control the fan with the remote that comes with it. It has a thermal overload protector that shields the fan from voltage fluctuations and prevents it from overheating.

2. Havells V3 450mm Pedestal Fan

Havells V3 450mm Pedestal Fan

The motor in the Havells V3 450mm Pedestal Fan is 100 watts, so it can perform well even at low voltages. It has a top speed of 1400 RPM, which will help you cool down quickly. Three aerodynamically designed blades ensure optimal air distribution throughout the room. This best pedestal fan in India is furnished with a warm over-burden defender that shields the engine from short circuits and over-burdening.

3. iBELL CHROME10 Pedestal Fan

iBELL CHROME10 Pedestal Fan

The self-lubricating motor in the iBELL CHROME10 Pedestal Fan produces a lot of air. It has rust-resistant powder-coated metal grills included. It comes with a 2-hour timer and wide-sweep oscillation. It has buttons for controlling the speed, allowing you to choose between low, medium, and high speeds. It has five high-quality blades that generate the right amount of air to keep you cool.

4. Bajaj Esteem Pedestal Fan

Bajaj Esteem Pedestal Fan

The Bajaj Esteem Pedestal Fan 400mm has an RPM of 1350 and a motor that produces 50 Watts. This ensures that the air is delivered consistently and that there is no warp caused by air pressure. It has a copper motor that guarantees performance and durability. It has a silent operation feature to ensure that it cuts air quietly. It accompanies a reduced and lightweight plan that permits you to move it without any problem.

5. Croma 125 Watts 400mm Pedestal Fan

Croma 125 Watts 400mm Pedestal Fan

The Croma 125 Watts 400mm Pedestal Fan has a powerful motor that operates at a speed of 2100 RPM, ensuring powerful high speed. It has three blades and can deliver 105 CMM of air. It offers low clamour activity, guaranteeing that you can rest with no issues. It is lightweight and ergonomically designed, making it simple to transport from one location to another.

6. AmazonBasics High Speed

AmazonBasics High Speed

The 55 Watt Oscillating Pedestal Fan with a 400mm Sweep Length from Amazon Basics is the best pedestal fan in India with 400mm blades, made of hard plastic, and has a speed of 1456 RPM. With the help of the manual, putting the fan together and installing it is simple. The fan is lightweight and gives the least commotion levels. In addition, the fan complies with international standards and features a smooth, jerk-free oscillation. The fan accompanies a 2 years guarantee that covers producing absconds.

7. V-Guard Esfera Pedestal Fan

V-Guard Esfera Pedestal Fan

This is a high-performance pedestal fan designed for Indian conditions that deliver 65 m3/min of air at a speed of 1300 RPM and a sweep of 40 cm. The fan operates silently and safely thanks to its integrated Overheat and Overload Protector and CRNO Lamination Embedded Motor.

8. Anchor By Panasonic

Anchor By Panasonic

One of the best pedestal fans in India with 30 watts, the Anchor by Panasonic Rapido 400mm High-Speed Pedestal Fan features a high-quality motor, powerful air delivery, and silent operation. The fan gives unlimited oversight of wind stream, course, and volume.

9. V-Guard Finesta Remote 400mm Pedestal Fan

V-Guard Finesta Remote 400mm Pedestal Fan

This is a 55-watt, extremely long-lasting pedestal fan with a 400-millimetre sweep and an elegant design. For added security, the fan has a thermal overload protector built in. The fan likewise accompanies a controller making it simple to work.

A Final Word: Which is The Best Pedestal Fan In India?

Follow these guidelines to find the best-standing fan:

  1. The pedestal fan should run at a high RPM, ideally 1300 or higher.
  2. For easy portability, the pedestal fan ought to be affordable and light.
  3. The fan should be sturdy, have speed controls, and have oscillation          features that don’t jerk.

Best Pedestal Fan In India FAQs:

1. Which RPM is best for a pedestal fan?

The best pedestal fan in India has an RPM of 1300 and 1400 while anything over 2100 RPM is considered high speed. However, a good range of RPMs for indoor use at home is between 1300 and 1400. The material of a pedestal fan is one of the main factors that determine its durability.

Is a 3 or 4-blade pedestal fan better?

4-blade roof fans are less loud and are valuable in rooms with a climate control system, to move the cool air around. They frequently have a more chic appearance. However, 4-blade ceiling fans may move air at a slower rate than 3-blade ones and may cost more than 3-blade ones.

What is the most energy-efficient pedestal fan?

Our top pick is the Energy Smart pedestal fan from Vornado. Amber Nolan is a freelance writer for Treehugger who is enthusiastic about nature, outdoor adventure, and sustainable living. Every service and product we recommend is evaluated by us on our own.

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