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What Is Smart Gardening? – A Complete Guide

Smart Gardening

With the changing time and innovation in technology, the old methods of gardening seem to have already been long-forgotten. However, in the present times, urban farming start-ups have developed smart devices that offer services by helping set up smart gardens for their clients, using modern technology. Already on the rise amongst most millennials, smart gardening indoors or even outdoors is a getaway to the green balconies, or growing veggies both inside and/or outside the housing space.

In the words of Amal Matthew, the director of ELA Sustainable Sustainable – “Smart techniques of farming are automated irrigation and nutrient systems with hassle-free experience of growth for people with busy schedules.”

To help you understand smart gardening better, we have curated this article that includes some smart features and devices that can help anyone make the perfect garden space of peace and comfort.

A Smart Garden – Updated Features That Are A Hit Amongst Millennials!

Here is a list of the top best smart gardening features that everyone can use with utmost ease and comfort:

1) Self-Watering Smart Pots

Self-Watering Smart Pots

These self-watering pots make it easy for garden lovers to nurture greens, even in their absence! Various companies in India offer self-watering pots of different sizes, shapes, and colors.

The smart gardening self-watering pots work via a reservoir system as they make use of the capillary action to help moisten the soil with a container filled with water that waters the greens as and when needed. The pots prevent any overflowing, allow the soil to absorb the water at the bottom, and fill the plants with a consistent moisture level, delivered to the roots and making it a smart garden.

2) Green Wall – Maintenance Free

Green Wall - Maintenance Free

What better way to garden than having lush greenery on the desired wall? These come with special moss frames that not only boost your interior but are also maintenance-free. What better than this, right? Frames, posters, scenery? We’d say, green walls!

Note – Moss is known as nature’s wonder plant that absorbs water directly from the atmosphere and does not call for any maintenance for up to 7 years, all thanks to the organic special treatment that it comes with. 

3) Hydroponics – Smart Gardening

Hydroponics - Smart Gardening

Technology such as hydroponics makes the plant growing process easy by using less space with a high yield. This feature works positively as it offers a boon to urban living, given the constraint in time and space.

This soil-less cultivation uses water as the medium for growing, saving up to 80% of water with a high yield, as compared to the conventional farming methods. Adding on, Hydronics or soil-less farming allows plant lovers to arrange their smart garden in a vertical design, saving them space.

4) Smart Gardening With Polyhouse Technology

Smart Gardening With Polyhouse Technology

This particular technology provides a rather controlled farming environment that helps you take control of pests, temperature, humidity, and the other environmental factors that affect the growth of a garden.

A Polyhouse comes with a fertigation unit to ensure a regular supply of nutrients to the plants, time-controlled irrigation systems, as well as a temperature sensor with cooling systems. On the other hand, the mini-Polyhouses can easily be installed in smaller spaces of up to 100 sq ft, allowing you to grow tomatoes, cabbage, capsicum, cucumber, ladyfinger, and/or other leafy greens in the rooftop, backyard, or even inside the house as your little kitchen garden. 

5) Smart Garden Sprinklers

Smart Garden Sprinklers

These sprinkles are quite smart as they are controlled using internet-based technology. A boon to the urban gardening style, these can be adjusted, controlled, and monitored with the comfort of your smartphone. These smart sprinklers use precise quantities of water using the drip irrigation system. In other words, the sprinkles provide the plants with the amount of water they need at a given time.

6) Automatic Lawn Mowers

Automatic Lawn Mowers

It’s time to bid adieu to the old tedious lawn mowers as with the advancement of technology, automatic lawn mowers are just a simple task. Just like the sprinklers above, these smart garden mowers can also be connected to your smartphone which makes it easy to set a schedule for mowing the lawn, as well as, monitor its progress.

These automatic mowers make use of state-of-the-art mapping and GPS navigation systems to move about in the garden area.

7) A Smart Garden Lighting

Smart Garden Lighting

Smart garden lighting works as outdoor lighting fixtures that can be controlled with an app installed on your smartphone or by using a smart home assistant. The lightings of this smart garden have features that allow control over the brightness, timing, choice of colors, and choice of motion too. They offer convenience, save energy, are also available as solar-powered lights for the garden, are budget-friendly, have certain power requirements, and work just perfectly as a part of the smart garden design.

To Conclude: Choosing A Smart Garden

As tempting and efficient as a smart garden may sound, it’s no news that one can have all this with ease but only required investment in smart gardening technologies, as compared to the other olden choices that were available.

This is the reason we would recommend our reader to first do thorough research about the technology that first best suits your needs and doesn’t burn your savings.  

What Is Smart Gardening FAQs:

1) What is Polyhouse technology in smart gardening ?

Polyhouse technology is a kind of greenhouse gardening that makes use of special polythene sheets that are used as covering materials. These are also created to control the environment. especially in your little yet smartest gardening area.

2) How do these smart gardens work ?

The best thing that makes these smart gardens a dream is the involvement of technology and the comfort it brings to the plant-lovers. These are operated using technology and automated systems such as those that provide light, help in smartly watering the plants, as a fertilizer, all while maintaining the right ambient temperature for the plants to grow.

3) What are the most cost-effective vegetables to grow in your house ?

Here are a few cost-effective vegetables that you can grow in your garden space:

  • Lettuce
  • Bell Peppers
  • Garlic
  • Winter Squash
  • Tomatoes
  • Broccoli
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