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Solar Panel Cost: Price Range Of Different Types Of Solar Panels

Solar Panel Cost- Price Range Of Different Types Of Solar Panels

Solar panels are also known as photovoltaic solar modules, solar plates, solar PV modules, and solar power panels, etc.  If you are planning to install a solar panel you may be wondering how much does a solar panel costs. Solar panels are made up of a bunch of 60-72 solar cells that convert sunlight into electricity.

Solar cells are made from an element called “silicon“. To manufacture the solar cells, fragments of silicon or silicon crystals are melted together in a mold and cut into wafers.

If we install two or more solar panels together and connect them with a solar inverter, the solar battery will then become a solar power system that can be used in houses, companies, schools, industries, etc. Solar panels are the main part of the solar system and all types of solar systems (off-grid solar systems, on-grid solar systems, and hybrid solar systems) contain the same type of solar panel.

Types of Solar Panels

Types of Solar Panels

There are various types of solar panels that have different capacities. This panel varies from each other on the basis of their material used, formation, etc. To provide a brief knowledge about all types of solar panels, we are listing their type below.

  • Polycrystalline Solar Panel
  • Monocrystalline Solar Panel
  • Thin Film Solar Panel

Out of these solar panels, only polycrystalline solar panels and monocrystalline solar panels are the most successful panel to use for home solar systems and commercial solar systems

Polycrystalline Solar Panel

Polycrystalline Solar Panel

Polycrystalline solar panels are the most common type of solar panels. The efficiency rate of a polycrystalline solar panel is around 16%-17%. These solar panels are best to work under extreme weather conditions. To manufacture a polycrystalline solar panel, low purity silicon is used.

Monocrystalline Solar Panel

Monocrystalline Solar Panel

Monocrystalline solar panels are the second most successful type of solar panel. A monocrystalline panel is made out of pure high-quality silicon. The efficiency level of mono panels is more than poly panels i.e 19%-20%. These panels have blackish-hue on their surface.

Mono vs. Poly Technology

Mono vs. Poly Technology

Difference Between A Polycrystalline Solar Panel And A Monocrystalline Solar Panel

Poly-crystalline solar panels Mono-crystalline solar panels
Panel efficiency up to 16%.
Looks bluish in color.
It takes more rooftop space.
Low efficiency in cloudy weather.
 Expensive solar panel.
Panel efficiency up to 20%.
Looks black in color.
It takes less rooftop space.
Better efficiency even in low light.

Which Type Of Solar Panel Is Best?

Solar panels efficiency refers to the amount of sunlight converted to electricity in a specific area. Under the above two types of solar panel technology, monocrystalline is the best in terms of efficiency.

The monocrystalline panels have the highest efficiency of up to 20%, require less space but they are a little more expensive than a polycrystalline solar panel. A 100-watt poly and monocrystalline panel will generate the same amount of power but the mono-crystalline panel will take up less space than a poly-crystalline panel.

  • Mono-crystalline efficiency – 20%
  • Poly-crystalline efficiency– 17%

Solar Panel Price

The most important factor that influences our mind at the time of purchasing solar panels is, ‘how much does a solar panel cost’. Normally, the prices of panels are measured in solar price per watt. Investment in solar is big and like a one-time investment. So if you are going to install a solar panel at your home or business, you should know the prices of solar panels. For your convenience, we are providing you the price list of all capacities and brand’s solar panels below.

Solar Panel Cost In India: 2021 List

The quality of a solar panel also depends upon the brand. There are few genuine solar panel manufacturers, who provide good quality solar panels at affordable prices. These manufacturers are Vikram Solar, Waaree Solar, Adani, Jakson Solar, etc. & the solar panel cost may vary from Rs.22 to Rs.36 per watt depending on the quality, quantity, size, and efficiency of the solar panel.

Model (Watt) Selling Price Price per watt
325w  Solar Panel Rs.8,450 Rs.22
270w  Solar Panel Rs.7,020 Rs.26
200w  Solar Panel Rs.5,600 Rs.28
160w  Solar Panel Rs.5,120 Rs.32
100w  Solar Panel Rs.3,200 Rs.32
50w  Solar Panel Rs.1,800 Rs.36

Big Brand Solar Panel Price 2021

Price list of the solar panel cost in India for all reputed brands like Tata Solar, Luminous Solar, Havells Solar, etc. The prices of these manufacturers start from Rs.28 and go up to Rs.40.

Model (Watt) Selling Price Price Per Watt
325W Solar Panel Rs.9,100 Rs.28
270W Solar Panel Rs.7,560 Rs.28
160W Solar Panel Rs.6,400 Rs.40
100W Solar Panel Rs.4,000 Rs.40
50W  Solar Panel Rs.2,000 Rs.40

Compare Solar Panel Price

To reduce your confusion regarding the solar panel cost of various brands, we made a comparison between the top solar panel brands that are available in the Indian market. Please see the price comparison between Tata Solar, Luminous Solar, Havells Solar, Vikram Solar, and Waaree solar panels.

Solar panel model Selling cost Per watt price
Tata 50w solar panel Rs. 2400 Rs. 48
Luminous 50w solar panel Rs. 2000 Rs. 40
Havells 50w solar panel Rs. 2000 Rs. 40
Vikram 50w solar panel Rs. 1800 Rs. 36
Waaree 50w solar panel Rs. 1800 Rs. 36
Tata 100w solar panel Rs. 4800 Rs. 48
Luminous 100w solar panel Rs. 4000 Rs. 40
Havells 100w solar panel Rs. 4000 Rs. 40
Vikram 100w solar panel Rs. 3600 Rs. 36
Waaree 100w solar panel Rs. 3600 Rs. 36
Tata 160w solar panel Rs. 7200 Rs.  45
Luminous 160w solar panel Rs. 6008 Rs. 38
Havells 160w solar panel Rs. 6008 Rs. 38
Vikram 160w solar panel Rs. 4800 Rs. 30
Waaree 160w solar panel Rs.4800 Rs. 30
Tata 270w solar panel Rs. 8100 Rs. 30
Luminous 270w solar panel Rs. 7560 Rs. 28
Havells 270w solar panel Rs. 7560 Rs. 28
Vikram 270w solar panel Rs. 5940 Rs. 22
Waaree 270w solar panel Rs. 5940 Rs. 22
Tata 325w solar panel Rs. 9750 Rs. 30
Luminous 325w solar panel Rs. 9100 Rs. 28
Havells 325w solar panel Rs. 9100 Rs. 28
Vikram 325w solar panel Rs. 6825 Rs. 22
Waaree 325w solar panel Rs. 6825 Rs. 22

Solar Panel Application

The solar panel basically generates DC electricity and this electricity can be used to power different types of applications like solar lights, solar systems, solar pumps, and air conditioners, etc.

Solar Lights

 Battery-based solar lights are a stand-alone system that will store power from the solar panel to illuminate solar street lights, solar lanterns, solar home lighting systems, etc. Generally, solar panels for solar lights start from 3w to 75w.

On-grid Solar System

 Generally, 300-watt solar panels and above-rated solar panels are used in on-grid solar systems. The on-grid solar system range starts from 1kW solar system to 10 kW solar system for home purposes and 15kW solar system to 100kW solar system for commercial use.

Off-grid Solar System

The off-grid solar system starts from 1kW to 100kW. In off-grid solar systems, 100 watts to the 330-watt solar panel have used these types of solar systems.

Hybrid Solar System

Generally, a 300-watt solar panel and above-rated solar panel are used in the hybrid solar system. This type of solar system starts from a 3kW solar system.

Solar Water Pump

Solar water pump range starts from 1HP (3 Panels) to 10 HP. High rating panels are used in these pumps.

Solar AC

Solar air conditioners can be run on solar power where above 300 watt panels are used.

Top Solar Panel Brands

When you plan to go for solar panel installation, go for reputed solar brands only. Because it’s an investment for approximately 25 years as all solar panels come with a 25 years warranty. So choose only the best one, who can give 25 years on-site services.

  • Usha Solar.
  • Patanjali Solar Panel and Inverter.
  • Havells Solar Panel, Inverter, and Solar System.
  • Waaree Solar Panel
  • Vikram Solar Panel – poly & mono solar panel
  • Tata Solar Panel & Solar System
  • Luminous Solar Panel, System, Inverter, and Battery

Pros And Cons Of Solar Panel

Pros – Advantage

  • Solar panels have a long life span i.e. more than 25 years.
  • 30% to 70% government subsidy is available on solar panels in India.
  • Solar panels are a renewable energy-based technique that helps to save the environment.
  • The ROR on the solar panels is great.
  • Solar panels will provide you free electricity after 5 to 7 years.
  • Only one-time investment.
  • Solar panels are a customizable and portable solar product.

Cons – Disadvantage

  • Solar panels are costly and require heavy one-time investment.
  • Solar panels require a large shadow-free area for installation.
  • Require regular cleaning, once a week.

Size Of Solar Panel

The size of a solar panel will vary from brand to brand and capacity to capacity. But for big capacity solar panels (more than 100 watts), the standard size is 1 mt. X 2 mt. and 1kW solar system contains three solar panels. So if we talk about installation space, it takes around a 6 square meters shadow-free area.

Solar Panels Length Width
50w solar panel 2.2 feet 1.4 feet
100w solar panel 3.3 feet 2.1 feet
160w solar panel 4.8 feet 2.4 feet
270w solar panel 5.4 feet 3.25 feet
325w solar panel 6.4 feet 3.2 feet

How To Install A Solar Panel?

Guide For The Installation Of Solar Panels In The Below Steps:

Step – 1: Calculate your electrical load/consumption

Step – 2: Decide the type of solar panel system.

Step – 3: Decide on the solar brand.

Step – 4: Invite dealers for site visits.

Step – 5: Ask dealers to send a detailed quote.

Step – 6: Compare price, quality, and services.

Step – 7: Place order for the complete project including net-metering

Step – 8: Regular cleaning with solar panel cleaning kit.

Solar Panel Buying Guide

As you know, there are mainly two successful types of solar panel mono and polycrystalline. Both panels are different from each other in sense of their efficiency level, prices, brands, etc. Now if you are still confused about the best type of solar panel for your home and business then you should consider the following points, suggested by solar experts.

  • Always buy a solar panel after calculating your load consumption.
  • Don’t worry about the price because it is a one-time investment and you will get your investment back within 3 to 5 years through net metering or reduction in electricity bills.
  • Always choose quality brand solar panels like Tata Solar, Luminous Solar, etc. There is another great solar brand like Vikram Solar, Waaree Solar, Adani Solar. These solar brands are also reliable.
  • According to solar experts, go for a monocrystalline solar panel because their efficiency level is more than a polycrystalline solar panel.
  • If possible, always buy solar panels offline after a site visit by a solar expert. And also buy all components of the solar system like solar inverters, solar batteries, etc. of the same brand.

Maintenance Of Solar Panel

The solar panel is a zero-maintenance product. However, it is mandatory to regularly clean solar panels to remove dust particles that accumulate on solar panels. It increases the efficiency level as well as the working life of solar panels. For cleaning solar panels we recommend you use a solar panel cleaning kit.

Solar Panel Cost FAQs:

1. Can a solar panel run an air conditioner ?

Yes, but not directly. You can run any size of air conditioner on the solar system. If you are going to install an air conditioner to run on solar power then we recommend you to buy solar AC.

2. How much does a 1 kW solar panel system cost in India ?

If you already have a solar inverter and solar battery and you require only solar panels then it will cost you around 30,000 including the charge controller. If you want to buy a complete system please visit – 1kW solar system.

3. Where can I buy solar panels in India ?

For buying any capacity or brand solar panel, you can contact us. You can also buy it online from our online solar store.

4. Can we run the computer center on a solar panel ?

Yes, you can run the computer center on a solar panel system. Generally, the computer lab has 10 to 15 desktop computers, 4 fans, 2 exhausts, 1 cooler, and 4 tubes light, customers can choose a 3 kW solar system.

5. How much does the installation cost of solar panels in India?

Solar panel installation cost starts from Rs.2 per watt to cost Rs.10 per watt. Depend upon the capacity of the solar system, location, and type of solar system.

6. How much rooftop space is required to install a solar panel?

Approximately 6 square meters of the shadow-free area is required per kilowatt solar system. And in a 1kW solar system, 3 nos. of a 335-watt solar panel is used.

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