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Mirror Direction As Per Vastu

Reflecting Positivity: Mirror Direction As Per Vastu Shastra

In the world of Vastu Shastra, an ancient Indian architectural science, every element within a living space plays a vital role in shaping the flow of energy and overall well-being. Mirrors, in particular, are powerful instruments that can either channel positive energy or disrupt the harmony within a home or office. 

Understanding the art of mirror direction as per Vastu principles can help you harness the constructive forces of nature. In this guide, we explore essential tips for mirror placement, whether you’re seeking to create a tranquil bedroom, an inviting living room, or a productive office environment. Join us as we delve into the world of Mirror Vastu to promote positivity and serenity within your living spaces.

1. Mirror Placement in the Living Room

The north and east walls are considered ideal for placing mirrors in the living room.

Avoid placing a mirror in a way that it directly reflects the main entrance, as this is believed to push positive energy away.

A mirror reflecting beautiful and positive images or an image of nature can enhance the overall positivity of the room.

2. Mirror in the Bedroom as per Vastu

Ideally, mirrors should be placed on the north or east walls of the bedroom.

Avoid having a mirror that reflects the bed directly, as it is believed to disrupt sleep and harmony in the household.

Ensure that the mirror in the bedroom as per Vastu does not reflect negative elements like clutter, sharp objects, or dark corners.

3. Mirror Placement in the Dining Room

Placing a mirror on the north or east wall of the dining room is considered auspicious.

A mirror can be used to symbolically double the food and wealth, but avoid positioning it to reflect any clutter or broken objects.

4. Mirror Direction as per Vastu in the Kitchen

Vastu generally recommends avoiding mirrors in the kitchen as it is believed to multiply the fire element, which may lead to conflicts and disputes.

If you still wish to place a mirror, ensure that it doesn’t reflect the stove or any sharp objects, and keep it small and well-maintained.

5. Mirror Placement in the Office

Mirror as per Vastu in the office can be placed on the northern or eastern walls.

A mirror in the office can symbolically double opportunities and wealth but avoid reflecting any obstacles or obstructions.

Ensure that you can see the entrance from your seat in the office through a mirror, as this is believed to bring more opportunities and awareness.

6. Mirror Placement in the Bathroom

Mirrors in the bathroom are common and generally do not follow Vastu principles. However, ensure that they are kept clean and free of any cracks or distortions.

7. Mirror Size and Shape

Round or oval mirrors are considered more favorable than square or rectangular ones.

Ensure that the mirror is not too large, as it may overwhelm the space.

Keep mirrors clean and free of dust or smudges, as cleanliness is essential in Vastu.

8. Mirrors Reflecting Nature

Placing mirrors that reflect natural elements like greenery, flowers, or natural light is considered highly auspicious.

Mirrors reflecting water features, like an indoor fountain or aquarium, can bring a sense of tranquility.

Concluding Thoughts

Mirror Vastu offers a profound insight into the art of mirror placement that goes beyond mere aesthetics. By aligning your mirrors with the principles of positive energy flow, you can create an atmosphere of serenity and harmony. Whether you’re revamping your living room, adding a mirror to your office, or simply enhancing your personal spaces, Mirror as per Vastu provides you with the tools to maximize the potential of these reflective surfaces. As you embark on this journey of balance and positivity, remember that your intentions, combined with the wisdom of Vastu, will guide you towards a more harmonious living environment.

Mirror Direction As Per Vastu FAQs

1. Which direction mirror should not face as per Vastu?

In Vastu Shastra, mirrors should not face the main entrance, as it’s believed to deflect positive energy. Mirrors facing the bed are also discouraged, as they can disrupt sleep. Placing mirrors on the south wall may intensify the fire element, potentially leading to conflicts. Additionally, mirrors should not reflect clutter or sharp objects for the sake of maintaining positive energy flow.

2. What is the best position of the mirror according to Vastu?

The best positions for mirrors in accordance with Vastu are on the north or east walls, particularly in dressing areas, bathrooms, and living rooms. These positions are believed to enhance positive energy and create a sense of abundance. It’s important to avoid having mirrors directly facing the bed, reflecting clutter, or pointing towards the main entrance to maintain a harmonious energy flow.

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