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How to Find Land Survey Number?

Looking forward to buying that dream home you have had your eye on? Then, the land survey number details online are something you ought to know about. The survey number of a property helps you avoid legal issues in your buying process.

The land is also regarded as a popular investment option for Indian real estate purchasers due to its lower investment cost, greater resale value, variety of uses, and lower upkeep costs compared to already existing structures. However, it isn’t the only place where risk and reward are inextricably linked. It is essential to understand the significance of Survey Numbers due to the large number of fraudulent operations in this sector

So, What is Survey Number"?

As part of their record-keeping for tax purposes, local governments or revenue officers assign a unique number to each piece of land in their city. The land survey number is used to identify that particular land. Access to property information like the shape, area, location, neighbourhood, and ownership rights can be gained by using land Survey Numbers.

These data are assimilated after a thorough investigation of the land site by tax officials in each state. The government then provides authorities with the land survey number. For instance, the Taluka Inspector of Land Records and the Superintendent of Land Records determine the land Survey Number in Maharashtra.

The Benefits of a Land Survey Number for a Buyer

The only use of a land survey number is registering it in the official records while buying a property. The land survey number makes it easier for potential buyers to inspect and understand the particulars of the land they want to purchase. The buyer can use this number to get information like

  1. Is it a piece of land?
  2. Where is it situated?
  3. How many people are the owners in total?
  4. Does it belong to an agricultural area?
  5. Where exactly does it end?
  6. Who owns the other plots that are near this one?

You, as a buyer may be able to avoid issues with the property’s future transactions by receiving responses to these questions.

Here’s an Example to Help You Understand This Situation Better

Imagine that you came across a seller who owns agricultural land on the city’s outskirts. For a non-farmer to acquire this land, the land’s use must be altered because non-farmers cannot own agricultural property in India. You might run into a lot of problems down the road if the seller withheld this crucial information from you.

By looking up the details of the land survey number online, you can determine what kind of land it is. The ownership of land may be the same. Co-owning land that has been owned by many people for generations necessitates each person’s consent for the transaction to be legal. If you have reviewed the land records and have information about all of the co-owners, an individual seller would not be able to deceive you.

Before purchasing a property, consider the following:

  • Verify the authenticity of the original documents.
  • If the building is already in place, check the official building plans.
  • Visit the registrar to acquire a certificate of encumbrance.

How to Find Land Survey Number?

Here are 4 ways to find the survey number of the land you are interested in:

  1. The sale deed specifies the land’s survey number.
  2. You can also find the land survey number for the property by visiting the state’s official website. For instance, the state of Andhra Pradesh’s official website is meebhoomi.ap.gov.in; Jamabandi.nic.in is the address for Haryana, and so forth.
  3. If this doesn’t work, you can meet with officials at the municipality’s office to get the land survey number information you need.
  4. To make land information more accessible, some governments have developed smartphone apps. The Dishank app, for instance, could be used to gather information about land in the Indian state of Karnataka.

How Do You Verify The Land Survey Number?

A good way to make sure is to compare the land survey number on the sale deed to the one on the property tax bill. You are obligated to notify the local authorities and have the error corrected if any.

The upkeep of these websites is the responsibility of the state revenue departments. By following a straightforward procedure, you can quickly access data regarding the land survey number on these websites.

A Final Word on How to Find Survey Number

The unique id number assigned to a piece of land in a rural area is called the survey number. However, land parcels are assigned beneath the survey numbers, which are assigned to complete plots.

There may be two survey numbers for a plot. A “deed of rectification” with the two land survey numbers can be requested by the owner of the land. Additionally, the seller must stamp and sign the deed of registration.

Using a land survey number to find or search for land information is simple. Select the city where the property is located at the state portal. Enter the land survey number into the land record section or view maps section, and then you can access the land details.

Here’s a list of all the websites for collecting the land survey numbers of each state:

Name of The State


Andhra Pradesh










Himachal Pradesh







Madhya Pradesh




Arunachal Pradesh












Tamil Nadu








Uttar Pradesh


West Bengal




How To Find Survey Number FAQs:

1. How do I find survey numbers on Google Maps?

Go to the state land record site to see your land survey number displayed on Google Maps. For instance, in the case of Karnataka, go to the revenue maps website, select the city in which the land is located, and then download the files.

2. How can I check the land survey number online?

The land survey number can be viewed online through state-specific websites.

3. What is the land survey number?

A specific piece of land is given a unique number known as a land survey number.


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