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13 Best Two-Color Combination For Kitchen Laminates

Best Two Color Combination For Kitchen Laminates

It is natural for one to want their kitchen to pop in color and be attractive as it is essentially the central place of your beautiful home. While the usuals are monochromatic and wood-finished, let’s take a look at some vibrant two color combination for kitchen laminates. Selecting the most beautiful choice of the color combo will make your kitchen the best place to recreate with your family.

Before we jump to the latest color combinations for kitchen cabinets, laminates, and more, here are a few attributes to keep in mind to make your kitchen an eye-popping showstopper.

Points To Remember When Choosing A Latest Kitchen Cabinets Color Combination

1. Blend The Kitchen Decor With The Walls

13 Best Two-Color Combination For Kitchen Laminates 2

Choosing the right color combination will ensure the flow of positivity in your kitchen. One such combination would be to blend in the color of the kitchen cabinets and the walls to ensure continuity. Also, a sense of spaciousness would prevail.

2. Match The Kitchen Laminates With The Flooring

Find Matching Kitchen Laminates With The Flooring

Two-color combinations for kitchen laminates that match the flooring are the ultimate combination you would want to go. If you’re looking forward to making your kitchen cabinets prominent, matching cabinets and flooring are the additions you need. This will give the kitchen walls an elegant look.

3. Use Impressive Subtle Colors

Use Impressive Subtle Colors

Lighter shades always give an airy impression, connecting you to the natural element, air. Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra emphasise combining with as many natural elements as possible.  A lighter hue is a symbol of tranquillity and peace.

4. Throw In Some Contrasting Colors

Throw In Some Contrasting Colors

Any contrasts in life would make you stand out. Likewise, a contrasting kitchen would be a shout-out to your take on life; the ability to be dynamic and to accept that life changes abruptly at times. This would also provide your kitchen with a sleek look.

5. Set Up Ambient Lighting

Set Up Ambient Lighting

For a classy touch to the centerpiece of your house, you could pair the lighter-hued cabinets and walls with some ambient lighting. It would highlight the subtlety of the kitchen and give it a spacious and elegant twist.

6. Add Darker Hues to Highlight

Darker Hues Highlighting

Dark hues are the best for highlighting the features of your kitchen. Go with lighter walls to enhance the darker tones. The perfect combination could be yellow sunmica and red tiles. The latest colour combination for kitchen cabinets also includes vibrant reds and yellows.

7. Use A Glass Top Platform

Use A Glass Top Platform

The kitchen top is an integral part of any modular kitchen. Add a glass platform as a countertop and you have added a tinge of beauty. Remember that your kitchen top needs attention as much as the other parts of the kitchen.

8. End With Some Wooden Finishes

End WithSome Wooden Finishes

Laminates nowadays come in wooden laminations too. Choose a mahogany lamination to lend your kitchen that ethereal feel. It would provide a sense of continuity to the kitchen. Feng Shui speaks of wood as its integral part. This way you could be as close to nature as possible while cooking up your favourite dish.

9. Fix Granite Coloured Laminates for Kitchen Tops

Fix Granite Colored Laminates For Kitchen Tops

Apart from glass, granite is yet another optimum choice for your countertops. It lends a touch of sophistication wherever it is used. Despite being robust, it is very pleasing to the eye. Match your kitchen furniture with a granite top to ensure a perfect match.

10. Make Your Designs as Realistic as Possible

Make Your Designs As Realistic As Possible

Realistic decors in a kitchen blended with the best two-colour combinations for kitchen laminates will make it stand out as the significant room of your house. Choose earthy colours if you want to make your kitchen look chic and remind you of your roots. Besides, this will give your kitchen a smart look because of its studious colours.

Now, diving more into the exact color combinations for walls and the best color for kitchen cabinets, let’s check out some happy color combinations for your kitchen.

1. A Dose Of Zesty Yellow

Nothing can be more refreshing and stimulating than citrus yellow that will remind you of the sunkissed tropical lands. One of the best two-color combinations for kitchen laminates is yellow and toned-down white. The vibrance of yellow can be matched with the subtlety of white and that will tone down the brightness.

2. The Tint of Bold and Peppy

Grey is a neutral shade that will adapt to any color that it’s combined with. Let your kitchen be piping hot with smokey grey and post office red. This color combo would look great with one of the latest color combinations for kitchen cabinets: oakwood.

3. White and Wooden Mix

One can’t go wrong with these two-color combinations of kitchen laminates. The earthy texture of the wood will go well with the coolness of white. Any shade of wooden veneers on the kitchen cabinets would look classy with white.

4. Tranquillity of Blue

The color of the sky can take center stage with a dash of distressed grey. Blue also signifies water and tends to be soothing to the eyes. This is one of the latest color combinations for kitchen cabinets. The color grey will direct all eyes to blue and make it stand out as the ethereal one.

5. White With a Hint of Pink

Off-white cabinets with a dash of bubblegum-pink walls are the ultimate combo to keep your kitchen minimal. You could also add some contrasting bright-colored chairs to this minimalist kitchen. Off-white is the best color for kitchen cabinets given that they make the cooking area look as dashing as ones in the Victorian era.

6. Timeless Black and White

This forever knot of Yin and Yang can never go wrong. The timelessness of black and white will take your kitchen to a new level. Give your kitchen cabinets a nostalgic turn with the “old is gold” black and white theme.

7. White And Spring Green

Like a dash of colour on a blank canvas, spring green cabinets would have a peaceful look on the white walls of your kitchen. The verdancy of green would be a stress buster for everyone while its freshness will stand out against the cool white wall.

8. Deliciously Burgundy

The pairing of a dark shade with calm white will never cease to inspire. Burgundy cabinets will add a sensuous touch to the white walls. Not feeling yourself today? Just walk into this inspiring kitchen to lift up your day instantly.

9. Steel Blue with Creamy Beige

The creamy beige and steel blue combination cabinets are evocative of sandy beaches and deep seas. This combo will lend your kitchen the pristine feel of nature. If you are a beach kind of person, this colour combo is for you.

10. Soft Pastels Ethereal Kitchen

Blue is a comforting shade that is soothing to our eyes as it is so profound. Powder blue with the softness of white will lend an almost ethereal touch to your kitchen. Blue is also a lively color that is almost every child’s favorite which makes the kitchen a happy place for your child too. Almost all kitchen cabinets’ color combinations include a hint of blue here and there.

11. Impactful Matte

Black and red are one such fiery color combination that is in every designer’s bag of ideas. The colors could be finished with a strong matte texture and it would be a sight to gaze at. Since both of them are bold and powerful color combinations, adding the same amount of energy with some strong kitchen cabinets color combinations should do the trick.

12. Hues Of The Rainbow

What better way to make the centerpiece of your house happy than to paint it in the hues of a rainbow? You could blend the bright colours with a darker hue like pitch black or grey and make cabinets stand out. The vibrant colours will make your kitchen the show-stopper of your house tour. Tired of choosing colours? Just add in all the best kitchen cabinet colour combinations you can find to make a rainbow!

13. Blended Beauty

If too many bright colours are not to your taste, you could splash your cabinets with your favourite assortment of colours. If not bright it could be a soothing layer of subtle colours like baby pink, turquoise, and cadet blue among others. Or… add all the kitchen cabinet colour combinations mentioned above and create a room full of mad vibrance.

14. Coral and White Trends

The raging kitchen cabinet colour combination in trend these days is coral paired with white. It gives your kitchen a beautiful blend of pastel feels that is cheerful and bright. Pair it with wooden flooring and you have a beautiful kitchenette. You could add in a french window on one of your walls if possible and that could be your sweet corner on rainy afternoons.

15. A Blend of Earthy Colours: Green and Brown

Shades of green have their way of making you fall in love with it whether it’s on the cabinets or the walls. Brown is yet another colour of nature that reminds us of our connection to the green around us. They go hand-in-hand to make your feel closer to Mother earth. You could alternate the colour combination amongst your walls, cabinets, and flooring.

16. Some Exquisite Magenta

Just like reds and blacks, magenta and violets are other bold kitchen cabinet color combinations. You could add magenta kitchen cabinets to your wooden walls. Add a touch of violet to the drawers below your sink and your kitchen becomes an elegant addition to your house.

Closing Thoughts

People love to spend their happy family time in their kitchens and to make it more blissful you would need properly analyzed decor in your kitchen. If you are a person who likes a minimalist look, we’d suggest you go for tinted kitchen cabinets with an ombre finish. Also, for a color-popping kitchen, it’s always advisable to maintain the tone of each color combination you choose. 

Two-color combinations for kitchen laminates can be as per your choice and liking. The suggestions mentioned above are just to help you see how any color combinations might affect the look and feel of your kitchen. Happy hunting folks!

Best Two Color Combination For Kitchen Laminates FAQs:

1. Which colors make the kitchen look bigger?

As per science light colors tend to be more reflective than dark colors. Hence, if you want to make your kitchen look bigger you might want to go for lighter colors. Pale yellows, light greens, or blues could be your choice.

2. Should the kitchen cabinet be darker or lighter than the walls?

Light-colored kitchen cabinets tend to provide more space whereas darker cabinets have a dramatic ambiance. In other words, if walls are off-white or light-colored then choose a pop of color for your kitchen cabinets such as red.

3. What colors go with grey kitchen units?

Grey is a neutral tone that can blend with other bright colours beautifully. Colours that go with grey could be a splash of

  • Yellow
  • Pink
  • Cream
  • White
  • Navy blue
  • Retro red, etc.
  • 4. Which lamination is good for the kitchen?

    The acrylic finish laminate is the best for laminating your kitchen. It will give your kitchen a high-end modern look. These are highly durable and come with a reflective high gloss finish. They are also moisture resistant along with non-fading characteristics.

    5. How many types of laminates are there?

    The types of laminates depending on usage, finish, application, manufacturing process, properties, and thickness. Some of them are

  • decorative laminate
  • industrial laminate
  • matt finish laminat
  • glossy finish laminate
  • metallic finish
  • texture finish
  • solid color
  • leather laminate
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