How To Choose Paint Colors For Your Home Interior

Are you planning to rework your home paint and are wondering, how to choose paint colors for your home exterior?

When it comes to choosing the best interior paint color, one might end up with a lot of confusion as there are many options to choose from. However, the best way to start on choosing paint colors is by picking ones that you love, and by doing so you tend to eliminate the traditional color schemes that you will be introduced to otherwise.

Try to have a color of your choice to be the base for a room and further build-up on it by creating a color scheme around it as it’s the perfect inspiration for your new color palette including the living room. To help you, listed below are the ways to choose the color that you love along with the ways to decorate.

10 Ways On How To Choose Paint Colors For Your Home Interior?

Here are the best 10 ways to help you how to choose paint colors for your home interior:

1) An Inspirational Home Paint Color - How to choose colors to paint your home

An inspirational home paint color

The best to get inspired by paint colors for your room is to go through a home or decoration-specific magazine or catalog. We’re sure you have a bundle of magazine options at your place, all you need to do is grab a cup of your favorite drink and dive into the glossy pages that will inspire you to choose the best pick for your home. On the other hand, make use of the digital platform by visiting the retailer sites, and other social media sites, like Pinterest and Instagram that are known to have multiple pages around the home decor color schemes.

2) Color Theory Of The Color Scheme - How to choose paint colors for your home interior

No, you need not get a degree in order to understand the color theories of various colors to help you with choosing the home colors but make use of the inexpensive color tools to generate color scheme ideas instead. Using the turn of the wheel you can easily look for how to choose colors to paint your home via their relation to each other. Feel free to use the shades of your basic colors to paint your beautiful home.

3) Get Used To Creativity With Neutral Paint Colors - How to choose interior paint colors for your home

Do you want to use neutral paint colors but fear if they turn out to be too dull on the walls of your house? The best way to deal with having neutral colors on the wall is to make sure to rev up the neutral color palette in terms of the usage and style of the paints. How about a striped wall of neutral colors with added tons of style? or, neutral ceilings for a soothing and relaxed vibe? It could be anything, but make sure it’s yours.

4) Pull A Print Pattern For Your Paint Color - How to choose living room colors

How to choose living room colors? Do you ask yourself that more often? The best way to deal with a living room is to choose interior paint colors that have a print fabric theme. This will help build in the vibe once done, throw across a few pillows and a pastel bedding into the corner with a few plants! Who says prints are TOO MUCH? However, if you have an accent wall theme in mind, try to look towards the boldest colors that are more subtle, or for a larger space, or purchase a fabric swatch for the store for a strip view at home.

5) Look For An Outside-In Idea For Your Home - How to choose paint colors for your home interior

This is one of the most popular ways to get inspiration for a color scheme. It could be any, from the foliage green to the laid-back blues of the beach, exterior-inspired color pallets are observed to be quiet, restful, and relaxing in nature. However, make sure to use the sample of your favorite paint color any time of the day/night with the window treatments to help get a much more realistic view of your favorite pick.

6) Look For Your Paint Color In An Artwork - How to choose paint colors

This is a similar way of choosing the perfect paint that an interior designer is said to use, an artwork at home. This is looked up for inspiration as most artists are observed to have a better understanding of color and light when creating their pieces. This is the best way to get inspired by the paint the artist has used, perhaps, you can also choose more complementary colors from the same work of art in helping you to create a color scheme for your house. 

7) Historical Color Inspiration - How to choose home colors

It isn’t necessary for you to use the craftsman’s color schemes even if you like it in the first place, if you are into the historical era craftsmanship, many paint industry leaders also offer to use the historical paint colors as their color scheme. You can make use of these collections and use them as inspirations to tailor your own decorating style.

8) Strike A Balance Between The Lighter And Darker Shades - How to choose interior paint colors for your home

While figuring out how to choose paint colors for your home, at times all that’s needed is a little adjustment in order to find the right interior paint color for you. Therefore, try striking a balance between a lighter and a darker shade of your favorite basic color. To help you with that, try asking for a paint strip in gradual shades, this will help with the percentages of light or dark shades of the base color.

9) Choosing Color Undertones To Get The Perfect Paint Color - How to choose home colors for your home interior

Undertones are known to be the colors that are under or a shade lower than your favorite paint color, but by choosing it, you must make sure it works best even in an undertone. For instance, beige may not be an appropriate choice to be used as an undertone to a strong green base color. Perhaps, to avoid such an occasion, try to read up on how an undertone can appear by taking a sample of it. This is important as they are responsible to change the way your paint would appear in reflection to your house.

10) Research Well Before Shopping - How to choose home paint colors

It is important for you to do good research to get a good outcome of the paints you choose for your home. Gather paper samples, inspiration via a catalog and magazines, and fabric swatches before you head over to the paint shop. By doing so you will be saved from choosing too many paints on your first trip to the store that might not be needed and only selects the ones that are required to paint your home all new and attractive.

To Conclude:

Choosing the right paint colors for your house is an essential step towards your newfound change that you are about to bring into your life. These paint colors are not just based on how to choose home colors, but are also necessary, in terms of their styles and shade options, as it’s the only thing that brings out or dulls that whole house view. Make sure to always decorate as per your vision, and do thorough research on the home paints so you know that you’ve chosen the right paint colors for your home.

Choosing a paint color for your home FAQs

1. How to choose paint colors for your home exterior?

Here are a few options to help you choose the perfect color for your house:
(1.) Choose your favorite color scheme
(2.) Strike a balance between the dark and light shades
(3.) Always start with the formal areas of your house
(4.) Take the help of a color wheel
(5.) Let the colors portray your personal style and not that of the craftsmen

2. What is the most popular color to paint a house?

(1.) Earthen tones
(2.) Blacks
(3.) Whites
(4.) Black with White
(5.) Bold Reds
(6.) Light Blue

3. Should the entire house be painted the same color?

As per the general rule of using paints in the house, one must never opt to choose the same color all throughout the entire house. Perhaps, you must allocate a primary wall to each room that isn't of the same primary color.
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