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6 Best Refrigerator Brands in India to Last You a Lifetime!

best refrigerator brand in india

For most of us, a fridge is a fridge. We must have had the same grey box that keeps our food cold for more than a decade. When it comes to changing it, we are spoilt for options in the market. Almost all home appliance companies manufacture different types of refrigerators. So how can you zero in on one? Well, you could go for the exact same company you already have or research a bit more on what makes the best refrigerator brands the best.

We are here to give just that information! Go through the top 5 refrigerator brands in India along with the 4 basic types of refrigerators to choose yours. Well, all the brand names mentioned here are household names but how do you know which is the best one for you? Once that’s decided how do you choose the design?

Let us brief you on the 4 types of refrigerators:

1) Top freezer: As the name suggests, the freezer section of this refrigerator is at the top third part. Since it’s the most common design, it is cheaper than the others. They are also considered 10% to 25% more efficient.

2) Bottom freezer: The only difference here is that the freezer compartment is at the bottom. It can cost you more because the design is uncommon in India and it will also cost you more energy eventually.

3) Side-by-side: These refrigerators are wider than the others with one half being the freezer and the other half being the normal storage. If you are not a fan of frozen food, you should stick to the other types of designs. They also come with amazing features (which makes them more expensive) like

  1. User interface panels
  2. Ice dispensers
  3. Water dispensers

4) French door: Here, the freezer compartment is at the bottom half of the refrigerator while the other half is a side-by-side door design. Some french door fridges have a single freezer door while others have side-by-side doors.

Take a Look at The Best Refrigerator Brands in India!

1) Godrej (1897, Mumbai)

Established some 100 years ago, every Indian household has at least one Godrej almirah or keys. This iconic name is one of the best refrigerator brand in India offering luxurious refrigerators at a reasonable rate. You cannot simply miss their offers!


  1. Minimal insulation
  2. Little cooling loss
  3. Energy efficiency
  4. Large vegetable trays
  5. Door locks
  6. Deep bottom chiller trays
  7. Toughened glass shelves

Most of their refrigerators are driven by inverter compressors with variable speeds. They also have automated defrosting which means no more ice build-up. The company aims to have zero footprints in the ozone layer depletion which is why their refrigerators are a boon to the environment.

2) Whirlpool (1911, Michigan)

One of the best refrigerator brand in India, Whirlpool makes it to at least one Indian home appliance (that’s how common their products are). All Whirlpool refrigerators are equipped with AI microprocessors and IntelliSense. Here are what it does to blow your mind away:


  1. Optimises the temperature depending on the contents
  2. Sets the fridge environment to an ambient temperature
  3. Flexi-vents ensure uniform chilling
  4. The anti-bacterial filters distribute cold air to all compartments
  5. They remain ON for 9 hours during a power outage

Whirlpool offers some of the most durable products ever by designing them according to an Indian family’s needs. New designs come up with evolving homes and here’s what they ultimately offer:

  1. 3 doors
  2. 4 doors
  3. Side-by-side
  4. Double door
  5. Single door
  6. Bottom mount

3) Samsung (1938, South Korea)

Samsung aims to adapt to your ever-changing lifestyle and that’s the reason they have been relevant for 84 years. They offer their customers a wide set of refrigerator options like

  1. French doors
  2. Side-by-side doors
  3. Twin cooling plus
  4. Bespoke
  5. Top mount freezers
  6. Bottom mount freezers
  7. One door

On their website, you can easily choose the type, features, colours, and capacity of your desired refrigerator model.


  1. Adjustable bottle and shelves rack
  2. Ice and water dispensers
  3. Odour control
  4. Auto-connecting with the house inverter
  5. Stabilizer-free operation

Reasonably priced products and high quality are words associated with Samsung and they have constantly upheaval the status with ultimate customer support and services.

4) LG (1958, South Korea)

LG is yet another household name in India and one of the best refrigerator brand in India. They have made their mark in the Indian market with their dependable, innovative, and qualified service in the field of home appliances and more. At LG, you can get these refrigerators at super affordable prices:

  1. Mini refrigerators
  2. Side-by-side
  3. Double door
  4. Single door

Their intelligent inverted make sure that they run for a long time with little to no noise and high energy conservation.


  1. Moisture control
  2. Deodorisers
  3. Ice and water dispensers
  4. Thermostat controls
  5. Adjustable shelves

5) Haier (1984, China)

Haier aims to be an omnipresent solution generator to a beautiful life through incessant innovation and excellent entrepreneurship. “Prioritizing people’s value” has been their motto ever since and they have been the symbol of trans-culture and trans-industry fusion.

Their website has an unending list of refrigerators differentiated according to their capacity, design, colours, and a mixed match of all three. So you can never run out of options when it comes to Haier refrigerators.


  1. Turbo icing technology
  2. 8 modes of chilling
  3. Bigger cooling pads
  4. Diamond edge design
  5. 90 degrees contour door
  6. Toughened glass shelves
  7. Anti-fungal gasket
  8. Water and ice dispenser
  9. Chill lock and door alarm
  10. Stabiliser-free operation
  11. Twin inverter compressor
  12. Dual fans

6. Bosch

The Best Refrigerators of 2023, Best French Door Refrigerators of 2023, Best Counter-Depth Refrigerators of 2023, and Best Bottom-Freezer Refrigerators of 2023 all ranked this Bosch refrigerator second.

 Bosch refrigerators are expertly crafted because special attention is paid to every detail. Along with capacity, integrated technical features affect the price of Bosch refrigerators. Bosch refrigerators come with either a double door or a side-by-side door. Use capacities to narrow your search, such as below 200 L, between 200 and 299 L, between 300 and 400 L, and over 400 L.

A Final Word on The Best Refrigerator Brands in India

Choosing the best refrigerator brand in India is not as complicated as it might seem. Check out our top 5 picks and you are good to go. The listed features of each brand will help you in zeroing in on one. Instead of going by model from each brand, we have listed what makes each brand stand out collectively. All these refrigerators come at an affordable and reasonable price so finance management is completely off your worry book.

Best Refrigerator Brands in India FAQs

1. Which refrigerator brand is best in India?

The best refrigerator brands in India are

  • Haier
  • Whirlpool
  • LG
  • Godrej
  • Samsung
  • Panasonic
  • 2. How do I choose a good refrigerator?

    Choosing the best refrigerator brand requires analyzing some points such as

  • Kitchen space and layout
  • The configuration and style
  • Storage options and fridge capacity
  • Any special features you want
  • The finish and colour of the fridge
  • 3. What is the biggest problem with LG refrigerators?

    Most LG customers have identified an issue with their refrigerators. The main cause of the issue is a faulty seal that stops the compressors from running. To check if you have the same issue, see if the fridge is running without cooling.

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