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Best Plywood For Furniture

Best Plywood For Furniture

A stronger, more affordable, and lighter alternative to wood is plywood. It is available in a variety of sizes, styles, and designs to add beauty and appeal to your décor. The modern wood substitute checks all the boxes necessary to be selected as a reliable source for making important items that we use on a daily basis. However, careful plywood selection is necessary to ensure the durability and strength of such equipment. We’ve compiled a list of the top best plywood for furniture with brand names and their prices in India to help you make the best decision.

Plywood varieties

A versatile and often used building material, plywood is renowned for its strength, affordability, and longevity. Here are a few examples of the several plywood varieties that are on the market, each having special qualities and uses.

1. Flexible plywood

As the name suggests, flexible plywood is utilized for curves and bending. As a result, it is utilized to make curved parts of building frames as well as furniture. It is built with thicker cross-grained ply on both sides and a cross-grained ply in the center. To achieve a glossier appearance, wood veneers are layered and applied to the front surface.

2. Exterior plywood

Plywood for exterior usage is intended for outside applications where the wood is exposed to the weather. It is normally made of softwood veneers and is assembled using an adhesive that is resistant to moisture. It is also a great option for applications that call for strength and toughness in damp or humid environments.

3. Softwood Plywood

As the name implies, softwood plywood is created from coniferous trees like cedar, redwood, or pinewood. The most popular kind of plywood is this one, and it is easily accessible. Softwood plywood is used in building, flooring, and basic carpentry applications because of its strength and longevity. It is frequently employed as a structural panel for wall and roof sheathing.

4. Hardwood plywood

Hardwood plywood is, as its name implies, manufactured from hardwood trees like oak, birch, or maple. It is renowned for its superior toughness, longevity, and aesthetic appeal. When a good finish is sought, hardwood plywood is frequently utilized in high-end cabinets, furniture, and ornamental applications.

5. Structural Plywood

Plywood intended for structural usage is strong and stable and is used in load-bearing applications. Usually built of softwood veneers, it is produced with a greater focus on strength than on aesthetics. The sturdiest, most waterproof glues are used in the fabrication of structural plywood.

Different grades of plywood

The number of layers, kind of adhesive, and level of finish all have a role in how plywood is graded. These grading scales assist customers in selecting the ideal plywood for their unique needs.

A-Grade Plywood

The best plywood that is currently available is A-Grade. It is manufactured from premium hardwood veneers that are normally devoid of knots and flaws. The layers are evenly thick and securely adhered using premium adhesive, creating a surface that is perfect and smooth. Furniture, cabinets, and other high-end applications frequently employ A-Grade plywood.

  • Plywood of Grade B

Although B-Grade plywood is not as high-quality as A-Grade plywood, it still has exceptional strength and durability. It might have some obvious surface flaws like knots or patches. B-Grade plywood is frequently employed in construction for subfloors, roofing, and wall sheathing.

  • Plywood of Grade C

Plywood of C-Grade is inferior to B-Grade in terms of both look and quality. It has to be fixed because it is unsanded and has faults including bigger knots, coloration, filled holes, and more. C-Grade plywood is frequently used in applications where strength is crucial, such as concrete formwork and temporary constructions, even if it may not be appropriate for projects where aesthetics are important

  • Plywood of D-Grade

The lowest grade of plywood, D-Grade, is sometimes referred to as utility-grade plywood. It contains cracks, patches, and knots among other flaws. It is not advised to use this grade of plywood for projects that need strength or a smooth finish.

How do we pick the best plywood for furniture?

Plywood may be purchased for anywhere between Rs 2000 and Rs 5000 depending on the construction and requirement. Before choosing the best plywood for furniture in India for your needs, there are several things besides pricing to take into account.  

The following elements must be taken into account before choosing the best plywood for furniture in India. 

Water Boiling Resistance

Water-resistant plywood is necessary to provide a building’s exterior, a bathroom’s interior or a home’s flooring. Before making a purchase, be sure the plywood is water-resistant by looking at the BWR grading.

Dimensions and thickness

One of the requirements before choosing a plywood brand must be the size and thickness of the plywood. Different sizes determine how plywood is used. The most popular thickness for plywood is three plies. The 4mm 5ply plywood is ideal for use as ornamental boards for indoor and outdoor furniture. The use of multi-plywood with seven or more layers is necessary for criteria like those for permanent constructions like roofing.

Resistance to moisture

As moisture dampens the material and causes it to expand, compress, or break, it defeats the purpose of plywood. Therefore, before making a purchase, verify the plywood’s resistance to moisture.

List of India’s Top 10 plywood brands

1. GreenPly


GreenPly, one of the main manufacturers of plywood in India, also provides options for home furnishings. It began in 1984 by developing a sawmill and bringing the plywood industry to India. Over the past three decades, it has built a number of facilities and routinely develops products that are strong and ecologically friendly. Thanks to their veneers, the homes have a unique and charming aspect.

2. SIlP Plywood

SIP Plywood​

SIPL Plywood was largely used as a supplier of wood after being founded in 1956 as a sawmill company. It created a standard production facility and started its own plywood firm in 2017 to compete with its rivals. SIPL, which brought a novel line of plywood to the market that ensured customer satisfaction in all areas and was reasonable, is one of the best waterproof plywood brands in India.



For art and craft projects, SNOOGG offers plywood in bespoke sizes and forms. Their goods are created in a way that appeals to one’s creative preferences.

4. Midwest Products Co.

Midwest Products Co.

Midwest Products Co. is a global company that was established in 1952 with the intention of igniting people’s interest in art and craft. Its items for the arts inspire individuals to indulge in their pastimes and produce original works of art. All craft crafts and activities may be solved sustainably and effectively by Midwest.

5. AmericanElm plywood

AmericanElm plywood

The best Indian Birch is used in AmericanElm Plywood, which is created from imported wood and has a smoother surface finish. It’s a wonderful option because of its antifungal and antibacterial properties.

6. Asian Timber and Plywood

Asian Timber and Plywood

A subsidiary of a major Asian interior company, Asian Timber and Plywood seeks to distinguish itself in the design world via innovation. The brand, which is situated in Kolkata and has enjoyed success for ten years, advises its clients on the best alterations to make in order to significantly improve the look of their interiors. 

7. Kitply


For using plywood as decorative, interior designers frequently use Kitply. In 1982, the company entered the market while being led by P.K. Goenka in the state of Assam. The company makes high-quality and environmentally sustainable plywood with the help of over 300 dealers and thousands of employees.

8. Paramount Plywood

Paramount Plywood

Since 2015, the company known as Paramount Plywood has offered plywood of standard quality at a reasonable price. The plywood and hardware company carries a wide range of goods, including plywood, HPL sheets, panels, tapes, and imitation marble sheets made of PVC. 

9. CenturyPly


CenturyPly was established in 1986 with the goal of transforming India through its goods to keep up with peoples’ modern lifestyles and rising standards. One of India’s biggest and best plywood producers, it gives consumers the widest selection possible among a variety of high-quality, long-lasting goods.

10. AK – Apple ply

AK - Apple ply

The AK Group, which was founded in 1984, has grown to be one of India’s leading producers of high-quality wood goods. The brand’s extensive range of goods is known for its quality, dependability, and adaptability. This company has an extensive selection of fine plywood, blockboard, doors, laminates, and veneers.

In final word

When picking plywood brands, factors including price, strength, durability, size, design, and moisture resistance are essential considerations. For sustainability, good-grade plywood may provide you with an everlasting guarantee. 

Best Plywood For Furniture FAQ’s:

1. Which plywood is best for furniture?

The finest plywood for furniture in India is MR, BWR, and BWP (moisture resistant, boiling water resistant, boiling waterproof). BWR and BWP are better options due to their durability and increased water resistance. Therefore, outdoor furniture may also be made from these plywood grades.

2. Describe Marine Plywood.

The finest plywood, known as marine grade plywood or BWP, is utilized in the construction of boats, ships, and other marine-related structures. It is devoid of voids, has no knotholes or fractures, and is waterproof and resistant to adverse weather.

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