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15 Bathroom Must-Haves: The Ultimate Bathroom Accessories List

Bathroom accessories list

Imagine your towels on the floor or your soap melting into a gooey puddle on the edge of the sink. Not a very pleasant sight, right?

There’s no doubting the personal satisfaction of a tidy, beautiful bath, beyond its impact on your guests. This is the bathroom accessories list, whether you’re planning a renovation, want to swap the entire theme in your new house, or just want to change up your décor.

Bathroom accessories are not just practical items, they are key players in creating a cohesive design theme and elevating the overall ambiance of your bathroom. By carefully selecting the right accessories, you can effortlessly enhance the functionality, comfort, and style of your bathroom.

From sleek toothbrush holders to chic shower caddies, the possibilities for accessorizing your bathroom are endless. Not only do they keep your space clean and organized, but they also add personality and charm to your sanctuary. In this guide, we will mention such bathroom accessories list with images.

Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom accessories can include a wide range of items such as towel bars, soap dispensers, toilet roll holders, shower caddies, and more. These items not only help to keep the bathroom organized but also contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal of the space.

For instance, a sleek and modern towel bar can add a touch of elegance to the bathroom, while a colorful shower curtain or a stylish soap dispenser can inject some personality into the room.

Bathroom Accessories List

Let’s take a look at the bathroom accessories names list with pictures.

  1. Bathroom Hooks
  2. Bathroom Shelf
  3. Bucket
  4. Dustbin
  5. Mirror Cabinet
  6. Soap Holder or Soap Dish
  7. Shower Shampoo Holder
  8. Shower Curtains
  9. Shower Mat
  10. Toilet Brush
  11. Towel Rack
  12. Toilet Papers Holders
  13. Towel Hooks
  14. Towel Ring
  15. Toothbrush Holder

Let’s read about each of these items in the bathroom accessories list with an image.

1. Bathroom Hooks

Bathroom Hoocks

The first one on the list of bathroom accessories list is bathroom hooks. It might take up a significant amount of space to have a towel stand or rack. Bathroom hooks can function as a hook for garments.

Additionally, it is used in the bathroom to hang towels. Towel bars can help the towel dry without bunching it up as hooks or rings would. As a result, things dry out more quickly.

It is recommended to place towel poles between 42 and 48 inches from the ground.  You can keep either one or two fixed pairs in your bathroom as per your requirement.

2. Bathroom Shelf

Bathroom Shelf

Do you have toothbrushes, lotions, soaps, shower gels, and other bathroom essentials lying around your bathroom sink?

Organising toiletries may be resolved by installing bathroom shelves. To improve the shelf’s visual appeal, you may also add decorative items.

You may also put items like hand towels and toilet paper on the shelf. Instead of scattering them everywhere, you may put them in a basket. This can improve organisation and make things easier to manage.

This bathroom things name can be of two types:

  1. Glass Bathroom Shelf
  2. Towel Shelf
  3. Corner Shower Shelf

Glass Bathroom Shelf

These are the only kind of bath shelves, and they serve a similar function to the bath shelf. Glass shelves, however, improve visual appeal.

Towel Shelf

You can choose a towel shelf if you prefer not to hang your robe, towels, and clothing. On top of them, you may put folded towels and clothing. As an alternative, you could even put toiletries there.

Corner Shower Shelf

Another variation of the bathroom shelf is the corner shower shelf. Rather than mounting it to the wall, it is positioned in the corner.

When there is little room, placing a shelf like this could be useful. Not all bathroom corners, nevertheless, are suitable for installing corner shelves.

Put this corner shower shelf in the corner opposite the faucets or the showerhead. This may make it simple to get the things you need for the shower while you’re having a shower.

3. Bucket


Bathroom accessories like buckets are often constructed of metal or plastic. It is a key necessity that must be present in every restroom.

You could decide against replacing it and choose a new one to go with your bathroom’s decor. These days, there are many different sizes and designs of buckets, giving you a wide range of choices. The bucket’s capacity range from 10 litres to 20 litres or even more.

Innovations are continually occurring and have not left any room. Additionally, buckets have been improved and are now more user-friendly than before. These days, folding or foldable buckets are also accessible. Such buckets make it simple to wash on the go.

4. Dustbin


You can’t plan to have a clean and tidy bathroom, without having a dedicated place to throw trash.

It is best to put the trash can in a corner cabinet in the bathroom to keep it hidden. Add a cover and shut it as well. However, open garbage cans maintained beneath sinks are ideal.

5. Mirror Cabinet

Mirror Cabinet

The mirror cabinet serves two roles by providing extra storage space as well.

A mirror cabinet can be a practical addition to your bathroom, serving dual purposes of storage and providing a reflective surface. You can store essentials like moisturizers, creams, perfumes, cologne, hairdryers, and other similar items in them, and arrange them in a line due to the cabinet’s shallow depth. This makes accessing your items quick and easy, ensuring you can streamline your daily routine and keep your bathroom tidy.

6. Soap Holder, Dish, or Dispenser

Soap Holder

These sets of bathroom accessories’ names can be a little confusing. So let’s find out what each of these is:

Soap Holder

Most of the soap holders are mounted to the wall. The soap holder has to be mounted onto the same wall which has the shower, but 16 to 20 inches away on each side. This may allow for simple access to the soap dispenser while taking a shower.

An improved sort of soap holder that conserves soap is a magnetic soap holder. The soap bar can be suspended upside-down to prevent washing away.

Soap Dish

A soap dish is available both for free and mounted on the wall.

You can fit the soap dish there if your bathroom has shelves. Or you may choose a soap dish that is wall-mounted and has the ability to be attached to the wall.

A tray connected underneath a wall-mounted soap dish is occasionally included to catch any water that drips from it.

Soap Dispenser

When activated, the shower soap dispenser can release a little quantity of soap, generally only enough for one use. This mechanism is enforced by a pump.

There are two different kinds of soap dispensers: 

  1. Manual soap dispenser: Handles are used to control manual soap dispensers. 
  2. Automated soap dispenser: Sensors in automatic dispensers release a little quantity of soap as soon as the hands are placed beneath it.

Another great option for your sink is a soap dispenser. Keeping a bottle of soap full may be helpful because you need to use a little bit of it regularly anyhow.

7. Shower Shampoo Holder

shower shampoo holder

A shower shampoo holder is designed to hold shampoo bottles in the shower. It looks similar to a soap holder but is specifically made for holding shampoo. This allows for easy access to your shampoo while you’re taking a shower, without the need to balance bottles on the floor or edge of the tub. Some shower shampoo holders can be mounted on the wall, while others hang from the shower head or attach to the shower caddy. It’s a simple addition to your shower area that can make a big difference in your daily routine.

8. Shower Curtains

Shower Curtain

Shower curtains are bathroom accessories that are available to guarantee privacy as well as to stop moisture from spreading.

A shower curtain’s lining works well to keep water from dripping. Liners are quite inexpensive and significantly lower the amount of moisture and bacterial growth.

You might need to replace the shower curtain twice a year if the climate where your home is located is humid. However, the liner still has to be cleaned once a month.

Shower curtains can be replaced with hemp, cotton canvas, or linen.

Another addition to the bathroom accessories list is the Shower Curtain Kohl. It is used to hold the shower curtain in line and adjust it.

9. Shower Mat

15 Bathroom Must-Haves: The Ultimate Bathroom Accessories List 2

There is a significant risk of slipping after taking a bath since you are soaking wet and the floor is also moist.

A shower mat is similar to a silicone mat whose main use is to give feet traction. Since it absorbs water, it should be positioned such that you may step on it after taking a bath.

10. Toilet Brush

Toilet Brush

After pouring a liquid toilet cleaner inside your toilet, you should use a toilet brush to clean the interior. It should be cleaned with denatured alcohol or another disinfectant after cleaning.

The toilet brush is one of the essential washroom supplies for maintaining hygiene.

11. Towel Rack

Bathroom Towel Rack

The towel and other clothing can be stored on a towel rack stand. They can be of many types, but two of the most popularly used bathroom things names are:

  1. Over The Door Towel Rack
  2. Wall Mounted Towel Rack

Over The Door Towel Rack

If your bathroom is even smaller, you might fasten the towel hanging to the door itself rather than the wall. Your bathroom door is obviously the furthest away, so you can be sure that water will fall on it the least.

This not only allows space for various accessories like toothbrushes or tumbler holders, but it also saves space.

This choice is not limited to your bathroom, though. Towel hooks are used in over-the-door towel racks. The pole has a few hooks where you may hang the towel and other items of clothing.

Wall Mounted Towel Rack

This rack is identical to the over-the-door towel rack, with the exception that, as its name suggests, it is mounted on the bathroom wall as opposed to the former, which is mounted over the door.

The same functions as the over-the-door rack apply to it. To avoid becoming wet, care should be given while positioning the rack so that it is not too close to the faucets.

12. Toilet Papers Holders

toilet paper holder

As the name suggests, a paper towel is kept in it. A toilet paper holder should be mounted around 26 inches above the floor.

Either way—under or over—can be used to mount this toilet paper holder. However, using toilet paper via rolling is challenging when there is “under.” Additionally, if positioned in an “under” direction, it’s possible that germs might breed.

13. Towel Hooks

Towel Hook

Towel hooks are a simple yet effective solution for hanging towels or clothing in your bathroom. They take up less space than a stand or rack and can easily be installed on the wall. In most bathrooms, two hooks are installed to hang towels or robes. When choosing towel hooks, consider the size and weight of the items you plan to hang to ensure the hook can support them. Additionally, make sure to install the hooks at a convenient height and location for easy access. With towel hooks, you can keep your bathroom organized and clutter-free while adding a touch of style to the space.

14. Towel Ring

Towel Ring

Hand towels are hung on it. Most often, it is positioned next to the sink so that people may wipe their hands after washing them.

The towel ring’s height has been modified so that the towel hanging from it won’t rub up against the vanity. Therefore, it should be a few inches higher than the sink, which is around 50 to 52 inches above the ground.

15. Toothbrush Holder

Toothbrush holder

It might be difficult to set up a toothbrush area. It could lie around if it’s not kept correctly. When the toothbrushes are not in use, they are stored in a toothbrush holder.

You must take the glue off a toothbrush holder before sticking it to the bathroom tiles or wall. A toothbrush should always be kept covered to prevent contamination from contaminants. Consequently, a toothbrush holder is a need.

Nowadays, electric toothbrush holders are also accessible.


There are countless ways to enhance your bathroom with accessories. From modern and urban to rustic and bohemian, there are options for every style. Remember to prioritize functionality, aesthetic appeal, and comfort for both yourself and your guests. Don’t forget to check out our bathroom accessories list with images from our guide!

Bathroom Accessories FAQs

1) What are bathroom accessories?

Some of the essential must-haves names in your bathroom accessories list are:

  • Bathroom Hooks

  • Bathroom Shelf

  • Bucket

  • Dustbin

  • Mirror Cabinet

  • Soap Holder or Soap Dish

  • Shower Shampoo Holder

  • Shower Curtains

  • Shower Mat

  • Toilet Brush

  • Towel Rack

  • Toilet Papers Holdersr

  • Towel Hooks

  • Towel Ring

  • Toothbrush Holder
  • 2) How do I choose bathroom accessories?

    You can arrange your bathroom accessories list with the price. For this, you must first understand your style and budget. Then you must make a bathroom accessories list and buy the items accordingly.

    3) Which material is best for bathroom accessories?

    Bathroom accessories are available in various materials. The most popularly used ones are stainless steel, solid brass, aluminium, copper, gold, galvanized steel, and so on.

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