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10 Wooden False Ceiling Designs for Your Home Sweet Home

Wooden False Ceilings

A building is always incomplete without a striff Ceilings similarly, home interiors are absolutely incomplete without a good ceilings. The ceiling or the fifth wall as you may call it, is steadily getting momentum in the world of interior design that generally favors just the four walls and the floor. Though wooden false ceilings designs have been around for years, they are coming back in terms of illusions, finishes, technology, and patterns.

Before diving deep into false ceiling designs, it’s better to know about false ceilings and to set a base of what it actually is, whom it is for, and what are its pros and cons. From wooden ceilings to metal and glass ceilings, here is everything you need to know about ceilings.

What Is A False Ceiling ?

In simple words, a false ceiling is a well-fitted ceiling that hangs below the original ceiling of your room or home. False ceilings are suspended by metal or wooden frames and it brings the illusion of a lower ceiling. A false ceiling is called a ‘drop ceiling’ because sometimes it has the parts of the original ceiling on display.

These false ceilings are usually mounted at a minimum distance of 8 inches from your original ceiling. These false ceilings are versatile enough and can be constructed in a home of any size– it’s all about being good with the home interiors like the shapes and available space. But before getting one you must consider a few aspects, such as material, cost, etc.

False Ceiling Materials

1. Gypsum False Ceiling: Lightweight False Ceilings

Gypsum false ceilings are used for lightweight false ceilings designs. It is an offspring of calcium which is specifically used in the construction of lightweight false ceiling materials. This false ceiling usually comes in the form of boards which you can hang off the ceiling with the help of iron or wooden frameworks and given some strokes of paint. The false ceiling cost per sq ft. is ₹50 – ₹150.

2. Plaster Of Paris False Ceiling: Long-lasting And Weather Resistant

This false ceiling design is a very common variety of ceilings, not only because plaster of Paris is easy to shape and source. But also because they last for a long time and are well-insulated even in changing weather conditions. The false ceiling cost per sq ft. is ₹50 – ₹150.

3. Add An Aesthetic Appeal With Wooden False Ceilings

The wooden ceiling has found its way to the fifth wall many times. This is due to the texture and natural grain of wooden false ceilings. It is a bit high on the price, hence you would most like to see this false ceiling in residential buildings rather than on large-scale commercial projects. The wooden false ceilings cost per sq ft. ranges from ₹80 to ₹650.

The first two false ceilings are usually a choice in Indian homes because they can be customized.

Types Of False Ceilings: Design Ideas

To help you in evaluating which false ceiling to go for, here is a rundown of both the trendy and classic false ceiling designs:

1. Single-layered False Ceiling Design

Single-layered False Ceiling

This type of false ceiling is an ideal way to jazz up your living room without much effort. Owners can choose to leave the ceiling design white on a white ceiling, as this will add a dimension without unnecessarily overwhelming the room. However, if you want to go out with something extravagant, you can choose from various lighting options, colors, textures, and shapes to draw the eye upwards immediately. This can be a great trick to distract from a small living room or one that does not do much in terms of decor.

Multi-layered False Ceiling

10 Wooden False Ceiling Designs for Your Home Sweet Home 2

Layers are a great way to experiment with ceiling designs. As they are already quite versatile through which you can create a completely personalized false ceiling. If you have larger rooms, a multi-layered false ceiling in the very center of the ceiling gives a feeling of grandeur and drama. These false ceilings tend to make space look wider. A multi-layered false ceiling is likely to open up new avenues for color and shape-based experiments as well as lighting. Hence, these false ceilings give you complete freedom to flex your creative skills.

Decor Plans With Plus-Minus POP False Ceiling

Decor Plans With Plus-Minus POP False Ceiling

The plus-minus false ceiling design is constructed completely out of POP. In these false ceilings, there are elements that protrude out of your regular false ceiling or, by contrast, are tucked into it. This is more on the elaborate side and is totally in trend. If you want to add this false ceiling design to your existing decor plans you must keep in mind the amount of space you have. The pop false ceiling can add an aesthetic appeal to your room.

Coffered False Ceiling: Give Illusion To Living Rooms

Coffered False Ceiling Give Illusion To Living Rooms

Coffered false ceilings are boxy panels or sunken squares that are fixed into the ceiling. Apart from bringing instant drama into your space, this false ceiling design also creates the illusion of a higher ceiling and multiple dimensions within one room. Unlike some of the other false ceilings, this one allows proper lighting in the rooms.

False Ceiling Designs: Everything You Need To Know

Unique Box Designs With POP

POP false ceilings are used for their mouldable properties which makes them ideal for almost every kind of ceiling design. However, there are several false ceiling materials that can be customized and shaped as well. Have a look at some of the most popular false ceiling designs and shapes for your room:

1. Box False Ceiling

Box False Ceiling

This false ceiling design features a layered ceiling with recessed and boxed lights attached to them.

2. Peripheral Ceiling

Peripheral Ceiling

There can be limited false ceiling designs if your room has a low ceiling. However, the peripheral false ceilings can create an illusionary effect. Peripheral false ceilings give a minimal look but also lets you find spaces for pendant lights or chandeliers.

n be great for your room. It is easy to install and can give an aesthetic look to your interior.

3. Geometric Design Ideas

Geometric Design Ideas

The geometric design ideas require suspended panels for each and every piece which is put together. It’s a modern design that gives the interior of the room a stylish edge.

4. Intricate Lattice

Intricate Lattice

Intricate lattice false ceilings take easy installation and at the same time provide subtle demarcation. This ceiling design adds an aesthetic appeal to the interiors.

5. Wooden Slats

Wooden Slats

Wooden false ceiling is one of the best ceiling designs for the interior of your rooms. Wooden false ceiling designs can be a bit higher on cost but looks natural. You can even match it with the light color of the wall, as the material and texture of the wood can create an appealing aura.

6. Inverted Cove

Inverted Cove

These ceiling designs work well for modern homes. These designs are great to reduce high ceilings.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Ceiling Designs

If you are still confused about the installation of false ceilings or the designs, this is everything you need to know:

Advantages Of False Ceilings

1. Great Acoustics

If you add an additional layer to the original ceilings it can create better acoustics. At the same time, it makes a perfect design treatment for AV rooms, home theatre, and living rooms.

2. Hides Wires And Pipes

False ceilings are a perfect place to pipe and hide wires. False ceilings can also be fitted with hidden or sunken lighting.

3. Brings Lofty Ceilings Lower

You can always consider installing false ceilings to restore proportions. If you have smaller spaces, these designs can look natural and good.

4. Insulates The Spaces

False ceilings have various advantages for homes that are in colder regions. The additional layer of the false ceilings creates a gap between it and the original layer. This traps air and helps to cool the room down. False ceilings also optimize the functioning of air conditioners. This is because false ceilings slash energy bills and reduce the square footage to be cool.

Disadvantages Of False Ceilings

1. Installation Of False Ceilings Require Help From Experts

False ceilings require precision in installation, calculation, and design. Hence these must be put in place only by experts.

2. False Ceilings Are Not Feasible For Low Ceilings

False ceilings need to be at least 8 inches away from your original wall. Therefore, it’s always recommended that the height of false ceilings must be 11 feet or higher. If you have a compact home, a partial ceiling in one of the corners of the room can indeed do the trick.

False Ceilings: Where To Install

There are no limitations as to where you want to install false ceilings. But there are some popular options:

1. Living Room

False ceilings make for a grand entrance and they instantly hint at the amount of space available. This makes the room look larger than it actually is or quite right.

2. Bedroom

Various types of ceilings can add drama to your bedroom. Ceilings over the bedroom, or one that runs through vertical length between the wall and floor, is a striking way to add grandeur to the room. At the same time, you need not compromise on the comfort and coziness of your bedroom.

3. Kids Room

You can experiment with different types of false ceilings for your kid’s room. You need not always play it safe with pink and blue, you can consider various colors and use them up in the form of a ceiling. This keeps the room free of dangerous decor items and furniture. It also connects the space, according to the design.

4. Kitchen

The ceiling in a kitchen is not for safe players but it is indeed an amazing way to add style. It can instantly convert a task-oriented space into a place with an offbeat design. Not only does it look beautiful, but it also provides lighting without using a wall or countertop space.

5. The Dining Room

Homeowners generally go for ceiling designs in the dining room. Lowering the ceiling can give a cozy atmosphere that makes the dining experience more personal and enjoyable. In various cases, the ceiling can be similar to the material of the dining table providing a similarity of design in the room. For instance, a POP false ceiling can be painted to look like wood and it can be matched with the solid wood dining table.

6. Prayer Room

If you have a prayer room at your home, you must know how essential good lighting is for this space. A prayer room is generally a compact space without any windows. Even if there are any windows, they are most likely to be covered or blocked. This will let you install this design to save a lot of space with ample overhead lighting.

Give Natural Touch With Wooden False Ceilings

There is no doubt that wooden false ceilings offer several advantages. If you are still thinking about whether to go for a pop false ceiling or a wooden false ceiling, here is everything that you need to know about it;

1. Sound Absorption

A wooden false ceiling offers amazing acoustic advantages, this is because it provides the opportunity to use sound-absorbent wood. These wood panels are perfect to control reverberation in the room.

2. Hiding Wires

One of the reasons that people use false ceilings is that it helps you to hide pipes and cables for various types of installations, like, fiber, electrical, thermal conditioning, etc.

3. Removability

Another advantage of a wooden false ceiling is that it can be removed easily or disassembled. In case you need access to certain devices or cables located inside the ceiling or need repairs you can easily remove the wood panels. It also lets you replace the damaged panels without much inconvenience.

4. Variety Of Finishes Available

Wooden false ceiling is available in a variety of finishes. Wooden false ceilings have a vast catalog that has numerous options. It has a combination of finishes, such as melamine, lacquers, natural varnished wood, HPL, etc.

5. Resistance Against Fire And Humidity

Wooden false ceilings are designed for maximum resistance. Depending on the commercial or residential projects the wooden false ceilings can be made with materials having certain humidity and fire resistance characteristics.

6. Energy Savings

When you lower the ceiling of the room, you tend to reduce the number of cubic meters of air conditioning. Hence, the air space between the wooden false ceilings and the original ceilings provides sound and heat insulation.

Which False Ceilings To Choose ?

You are likely to be confused as to which one is better, a wooden ceiling, glass, metal, so on and so forth. While buying a wooden ceiling make sure it is made of high-quality wood, which permits good air conditioning. It may be a bit high on cost, but it will give a better look than tiles or fiber. However, ceilings made of tiles or fiber are cost-effective and assures durability too. While wooden ceilings give a natural look, fiber ones look trendy. You may also go for glass or metal ones which are also durable and long-lasting. Male sure you consider the form of the ceiling.

Related To Types Of False Ceilings FAQs

1. Are wooden false ceilings good ?

Installing wooden false ceilings tends to offer amazing acoustic advantages. This is because it gives you the opportunity to use sound-absorbing wood panels. These wood panels control reverberation with utmost perfection and discretion.

2. How are wooden false ceilings done ?

You can mark the desired height of the ceiling from the floor to the walls and add the wooden struts that will support the structure. You may also install wood panels and use paint of your choice. Hence, the installation of wooden false ceilings can be pretty convenient.

3. What material of wooden false ceilings is used ?

Wood is one of the many materials used for creating false ceilings. A wooden false ceiling can be in combination with various materials like gypsum, POP, metal, glass, etc. In this arrangement, the wood comes in boards, hollow blocks, or panels.

4. How to maintain false ceilings ?

Make sure you clean the false ceiling regularly. The maintenance may depend upon the material, such as fiber, tiles, glass, etc. You may clean them with a moist cloth or sponge dipped in a detergent solution.

5. How to maintain wooden false ceilings ?

Wooden false ceilings are quite durable, but you do need to maintain them. You may use a wet cloth or sponge to clean the dust or soot. You may also use detergent or a cleaning agent to clean wooden false ceilings.

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