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What Is Khasra (ख़सरा) Number? 2

A Khasra number (खसरा नंबर) number is a Persian term for a plot number or a survey number allocated for all lands located in Indian villages. In other words, what you call a ‘plot number,’ ‘house number,’ or ‘survey number’ in a city is called a ‘khasra’ number in rural Indian villages.

Khasra was a term introduced in the olden days during the rule of the Mughal emperors in India in an attempt to organize land records to be able to levy land taxes and generate revenues for the government. It is highly possible that you may have never heard of this term before, especially if you are a city dweller because towns and cities have adapted to the modern naming and numbering systems. Rural Indian areas, villages, and the legal bodies therein still, however, very much use the term Khasra amongst other land-relevant terms like Khata and Khewat.

Khata Number (खाता नम्बर) v/s Khewat (खेवट) v/s Khasra number (खसरा नंबर) ?

Khasra, Khewat, and Khata are some of the most prominent and widely used land-relevant terms in rural India. It is very important to not confuse one from another. While Khata खाता and Khewat खेवट are just two different names of the same thing, there is, however a difference between Khewat/Khata, Khatauni and Khsara (ख़सरा) number as follows-

Khata Number (खाता नम्बर) vs Khewat (खेवट) vs Khasra number (खसरा नंबर)

Khata (खाता) or Khewat (खेवट) Khasra (खसरा) Khatauni
A Khata number, also known as khewat is an account number given to a family denoting their collective landholding. In other words, a Khewat or a Khata number gives you the total land holding information of the owners.
The Khewat number is an account number given to joint landowners who own a land parcel.
Example: Meena, Teena and Sheena are three sisters who hold individual land parcels falling under Khasra number 1, 2 and 3 in their village will have the same Khata or Khewat number.
Khasra number is a number that is assigned to each plot in rural India for the purpose of identification; just like a house number or a survey number in the cities.
A khasra number is a bigger number and khata or khewat is a part of khasra.
A khatauni number is an account number that provides land-holding patterns and information of a family.
In other words, a khatauni number provides all the information there is to know about a land; right from its khasra number to all the people who have owned it ever, the total area etc.
Khatauni number is a legal document that basically is a record of all the khasras owned by a family.

Who Assigns The Khasra Number In India?

The ‘Lekhpal’ of each state is responsible for preparing the local land revenue documents and hence, is the one who assigns the khasra number, with some assistance from the village patwari.

It must be noted here that Khasra is just a part of another document called ‘Sharja’ and hence, may not necessarily be the same for a plot number. In case a land parcel is broken down into or sold to another person (transfer of ownership), the khasra number will change accordingly. For example, let’s say a piece of land has a khasra number 20 originally. Now the owner of khasra 20 decides to sell off two parts of his land to another person. In that case, the divided and sold two parts will be called khasra 20/1 and khasra 20/2.

Sharja, the main document which contains khasra used to carry the map of the entire village and hence if you have a khasra number, you can get details on the entire ownership history of a land which might go back up to even 50 years!

Final Thoughts

Now that we have learned everything there is to know about the Khasra number, Khata number, and Khatauni number, you may be wondering how to find Khasra number/Khata number/Khatauni number? Would you have to visit the village to find the Khasra number, Khata number, and Khatauni number? Well, luckily not.

Most Indian states have digitized the land records and hence, one can find these numbers on the official revenue department website of the state concerned. If your state does not offer the details online, however, the Khasra number, Khata number, and Khatauni number can then only be retrieved from the tehsildar’s office.

List of states that offer details on Khasra number/Khata number/Khatauni number online along with the portal name-

  • Andhra Pradesh: Meebhoomi
  • Assam: Dharitree
  • Bihar: Bihar Bhumi
  • Chhattisgarh: Bhuiyan
  • Delhi: Bhulekh
  • Goa: Bhulekh
  • Gujarat: E-Dhara
  • Haryana: Jamabandi
  • Himachal Pradesh: Bhulekh
  • Jharkhand: Jharbhoomi
  • Karnataka: Survey, Settlement & Land Records.
  • Manipur: Loucha Pathap
  • Madhya Pradesh: Bhulekh
  • Maharashtra: Mahabhumi
  • Odisha: Bhulekh
  • Punjab: Jamabandi
  • Telangana: Know your land status
  • Uttar Pradesh: Bhulekh
  • Uttarakhand: Bhulekh
  • West Bengal: Banglarbhumi

FAQs: What Is Khasra (ख़सरा) Number?

1. What is the difference between the khasra, khata, and khatauni number?

  • A Khata number entails the owner’s details along with his entire landholding.
  • A Khasra number entails plot details
  • A Khatauni number entails all the details of the entire hand-holding of a family
  • 2. What is a Batai system?

    In the olden days, most landowners used to depend on people with no landholding for cultivation. The owner would just provide his land and the resources required for cultivation (like rent-free land); while the entire effort required for a good yield was on the cultivators. After the reap of each yield, the crops were equally divided in both the involved parties. This is called the Batai system.

    3. Where to get the khatauni number?

    Khatauni numbers can be retrieved by visiting the village tehsil or the jan-suvidha centers. Alternatively, some states also provide this number online on the Bhulekh websites of the state in question.

    4. How to check khasra, khatauni online in Bihar?

    Khasra and khatauni records can be checked on the BiharBhumi website online in Bihar.

    5. How to check khasra, khatauni online in UP?

    Khasra and khatauni records can be checked on the UP Bhulekh website online in Uttar Pradesh.

    6. Where to find the khasra number for my land online?

    The Khasra number can be found online by logging on to the official land revenue department website of your concerned state.

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