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7 Best Different Types Of Locks For Storage Units In 2021

While having a good locking mechanism is essential to protect your belongings from getting stolen or being tampered, it is essential to also invest in the right types of locks from the dozens of options in the market.

In this article, we have discussed the various kinds of locks that you can use and their pros and cons. We have also thoroughly talked about how to choose the type of lock that is ideal for your storage unit.

How To Know Which Kind Of Lock Should I Buy For My Storage Unit Lock?

When you decide to buy locks for storage units you should first determine the kind of locking mechanism you want for yourself. However, choosing the appropriate kind of lock can be difficult as there are so many types available in the market which are likely to prevent the storage unit from being vandalized. 

Consider The Cost Of Storage Unit Locks

We would advise you to talk to the manager or employee of a storage unit prior to buying a lock, this will help you to understand whether the locks have any restrictions or not. There are some storage units on which you can use only a particular kind of lock, and you cannot use another one to unlock it. If at all you try a different number lock for a storage unit you will probably get a call asking you for the replacement of an unapproved lock, as it is against the rule. Hence, save money by purchasing the accurate lock for your storage unit.

Choosing Different Types Of Lock For Your Storage Units

Take into consideration your storage facility as well as the storage unit and only then purchase your storage unit lock. Ask yourself some basic questions; Is the storage unit placed inside? Or do you own a unit that is located outside or do you have a combination of both outside and inside units?

  • Keep in mind all these points before you buy the correct kind of lock because at the end of the day you are buying one to keep your belongings safe and secure. For instance, if you own an outside storage unit, your lock will be exposed completely. On the other hand, the storage front means that the storage unit will be frequently exposed to rain, extremely hot weather, or freezing temperatures. You may think these things are not important, but the weather conditions do affect the durability and performance of the device. So the type of metal used in the lock also matters in this case, a lock made of brass can handle any kind of weather conditions.
  • There is another factor too, having an outside unit may act as a vulnerability to the unit. It is not good to assume that because your facility consists of iron gates and other barriers it will make the outside storage unit tamper-proof or burglar-proof.
  • You can find several instances where storage units have been broken, even though there were a number of facilities and protections. Let us face it, haven’t we all climbed over bushes or a gate? Then imagine the thief doing the same is quite easy, no matter how safe and secure your lock is. This is the reason why you should always go for a lock that is tamper-resistant, as these make it pretty difficult for burglars to break your storage unit.
  • If your lock is durable it will help in keeping your valuables secure. What one keeps in the storage unit is completely their wish, some keep their old clothes or extra miscellaneous items, whereas some may keep their valuable items or antiques. So carefully go through the storage unit lock’s packaging when you look for certain security features in the lock. More than the fancy look it is the facilities that are important.

Various Types Of Lock That Are Available In The Market

The padlock or a combination of single dial lock from a dollar store or bargain store may not be the best selection for a storage unit lock. According to various sites,  the combination of multiple dial locks that your children or you use as bicycle locks is not a good choice. There are numerous kinds of locks that provide excellent security while also meeting the needs of storage facilities.

1. Keyed Padlocks Made Of Stainless Steel

Keyed Padlocks Made Of Stainless Steel


The keyed stainless steel padlock is one lock choice you might wish to explore. This lock is indeed known as a “circular” lock or a disc lock. For a variety of reasons, it is regarded as a viable storage alternative. The fact that accessing the lock requires the use of a key is indeed one of the reasons. This lock is of far higher quality than the other low-cost budget padlocks, and as a result, it is much more difficult to break.

The hardened steel plate and stainless steel construction, according to Regal Locksmith, guarantee ‘maximum security.’ The compact design provides a high ratio of strength-to-weight as well as handy and secure padlocks for both outdoor and indoor storage units.

2. Disc Locks

Disc Locks


There are additional functions that are available on some keyed disc locks. The ABUS 20/70 Diskus Padlock is one example. It has a disc detainer that makes tampering with the lock exceedingly difficult. This lock’s small cylinder makes it difficult for would-be thieves.

Do you have a lot of storage space? Consider purchasing a number of commercial-grade disc locks, like the Brinks Commercial Discus Lock that has a shackle made of Stainless Steel, which provides weather protection and maximum security. When compared to purchasing an individual lock for each of your storage units, purchasing a pack of high-grade multi-pack locks for storage units could save you money.

3. Maximum Security And High-Security Padlocks

Maximum Security And High-Security Padlocks


It is crucial that you select a lock providing high security or the highest level of security available in a padlock. Padlocks that are inexpensive are usually not the best solution for securing valuables in a storage container. Padlocks with current features are available that provide the best protection for both indoor and outdoor use.

Purchase a padlock with a brass body or one with a hardened steel body. These locks guard against rust and corrosion caused by changes in the weather. Among the numerous styles of padlocks, this sort of lock is also likely to provide the finest security.

The Stanley Hardware Steel Padlock S828 is a heavy-duty padlock that appears on several websites that review specific padlocks. This lock is made by Stanley, a well-known company in the hardware industry, to defend against break-ins and lockpickers. The tough design includes anti-pick pins and a six-pin cylinder along with ball bearings made of stainless steel, it is ASTM certified and shrouded entirely by hard steel.

4. Bluetooth Lock For Outdoor Storage Stores

Bluetooth Lock For Outdoor Storage Stores


Do you wish to choose a storage unit lock that is high-tech? Consider a Bluetooth outside lock that is “smart.” The Master Lock Bluetooth Outdoor Lock is one option to explore. This specific lock, according to Master Lock, puts control of the lock in the palm of your hand.

One simple software gives you numerous options, like monitoring the activities of your storage area, sharing access if you wish to provide it to another person, and unlocking your lock. Consider how simple it would be to unlock and lock your storage unit with this software, and how you might prevent problems like forgetting the lock combinations or misplaced keys, or lost keys.

It is a bit more expensive than ordinary locks, but given the high level of safety features, it may be the best alternative for safeguarding the storage units.

5. ABUS Granit Padlock

ABUS Granit Padlock


This isn’t a typical padlock. The ABUS Granit padlock, according to ABUS, is built in such a way so that it’s “nearly impossible” for anyone to forcefully remove the bolt from the body of the lock. Other sorts of storage locker break-ins, such as removing the lock to obtain access, are also deterred by the unique locking system. In an attempted break-in, the steel plate on the front of the cylinder aperture even prevents drill bits from getting hold.

This isn’t a typical padlock. According to the firm, this lock is one of the most secure in the world. The lock’s black finish provides exceptional corrosion resistance. Choose among a variety of ABUS Granit padlock alternatives to get the perfect lock for the storage unit.

6. Lock That Has Audible Alarm

Lock That Has Audible Alarm


Are you looking for a storage unit that has a security feature that a standard lock for storage units doesn’t have? Consider getting a lock with an audible alarm. Although most people identify audible alarms with automobile alarms or security systems for businesses or houses, there are locks that have the audible alarm feature that you may install on your storage unit. This sort of lock has a number of conceivable choices, all of which are sold by different brands. The Anti-Theft waterproof Crystal Vision SHPLA Loud 130db with 10mm Alarm Heavy Duty Padlock is one choice.

This lock comes with an auto alarm and disarms functionality, as well as one-year battery life. It can operate in extreme temperatures from –14 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit and is virtually waterproof. It’s perfect for securing the exterior storage facility as well as internal security units.

This lock’s double locking 10 mm system and steel carbide-reinforced locking pin give further security, ensuring that would-be storage unit criminals flee.

7. Smart Key Lock

Smart Key Lock


Do you detest the idea of having to buy additional keys to unlock and lock your various storage units? For the storage units, some people are inclined to choose a lock that opens numerous locks with just one key.

These locks, like the Kwikset Smart Key 50mm  Lock, allow you to use just one key to access many locks. The padlock has a sporty appearance and a key effective mechanism helps prevent you from dropping the key accidentally.

As an added security element, the lock incorporates a shackle constructed of reinforced molybdenum. The lock does have several useful functions. One thing to think about is the extremely useful features. Although the ability to access multiple locks with one key may appear desirable, the site How to Become a Locksmith warns that this lock is susceptible to picking.

Consider all of the features, security, and conveniences before determining whether one or more of the many storage unit locks is appropriate for your unique needs. Keep this in mind while choosing this lock or any other security room lock.

Types Of Locks : Final Thoughts

It really does not matter what kind of storage unit you are using for your home or business place, what matters is how properly you are securing your unit with the help of a locking mechanism. Proper locks are really important, and at the same time, you must know the kind of lock you want and which is ideal for the unit you have.

We hope that the above-mentioned locks will help you figure out what you specifically need, it could be padlocks, disc locks, or locks that function with the help of an app. Always remember that the major objective of a lock is to provide protection to your units, doors, and cabinets.

Types Of Locks FAQs

1. What are the different types of locks ?

There are various types of locks:

  • Disc Lock
  • Smart Key Lock
  • Keyed Padlock
  • Bluetooth Lock
  • Locks With Alarms
  • 2. Do we need a lock for storage units ?

    For keeping all your valuables and belongings safe and secure it is better to have a high-quality lock, it will help you protect your essential stuff and prevent any kind of break-ins.

    3. Is a Bluetooth lock helpful ?

    If you want a high-tech lock then you must try the Bluetooth-enabled lock that will allow you to operate the lock from almost anywhere. All you need to do is get access to a few software and the control is on the tip of your fingers.

    4. What lock should I buy ?

    The type of lick you want to buy completely depends upon your requirements and the kind of storage unit you have. There are certain locks that work for particular storage units, so buy a lock that is ideal for your storage unit.

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