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Sannidhi Eco Farms by Swasya Living: A Sustainable Investment for a Better Future With Assured Returns!


Nestled amidst the breathtaking Western Ghats, where nature’s canvas is painted with lush greenery and misty mountains, lies a hidden gem – Sannidhi Eco Farms, a 36-acre gated farming community. This idyllic retreat is more than just a place; it’s an experience designed to rekindle the bond between your soul and the natural world.

It’s a living testament to the harmonious coexistence between humans and the natural world. Prepare to be captivated by the allure of Sannidhi, an estate that transcends the boundaries of mere land, offering a gateway, where the extraordinary meets the everyday. 

Here, nature weaves its magic with two majestic natural lakes and two man-made lakes, interconnected to nurture a flourishing forest system and abundant flora and fauna. The air comes alive with the melodies of wild fowls, the calls of barking deers, the grace of Malabar hornbills, the playful hopping of wild rabbits, and the display of peacocks spreading their vibrant plumage.

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Why Choose to Invest in Sannidhi Eco Farms? 

Sannidhi Eco Farms isn’t just a retreat; it’s a sanctuary where your connection with the land goes beyond ownership. With great benefits that we couldn’t let go of. 

A Slice of Paradise in Sakleshpur

As you embark on a journey to Sannidhi Eco Farms, the enchanting town of Sakleshpur welcomes you with open arms. Known for its charming landscapes and rich biodiversity, Sakleshpur stands at the foothills of the Western Ghats, a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the world’s eight “hottest hotspots” of biological diversity. The air here carries an unmistakable sense of adventure and tranquility.

Your Gateway to Green Riches! 

Embark on an extraordinary journey from WFH to WFF (Working From Farm). 

Imagine working in the midst of nature’s embrace, surrounded by verdant landscapes and harmonious bird songs. Sannidhi Eco Farms offers the perfect opportunity to blend your work life with the calming influence of nature. 

Earn from Harvest – Your Bountiful Cash Crop

Who said farming can’t be lucrative? They believe in the power of green thumbs and offer you a chance to earn some extra cash by selling your own bountiful harvest. It’s a win-win situation! 

Not only will you revel in the joy of gardening, but you’ll also earn by cultivating and selling your organic produce, not to forget the minimum 8-15% guaranteed ROI! 

Vacay, Make Hay – Nature’s Weekend Getaways 

Are you tired of the same old tourist destinations? Pack your bags for a memorable weekend getaway at Sannidhi Eco Farms! 

Say hello to nature’s lap and create unforgettable moments with your loved ones amidst the picturesque beauty. 

Nature’s Embrace: A Plenitude of Wonders

At Sannidhi Eco Farms, nature’s embrace is at its warmest. Surrounded by sprawling coffee and spice plantations, the farm immerses you in the scents and flavors of the land. From the gentle rustling of leaves to the melodious symphony of birds, every moment here is a melody to the senses.

But that’s not all – for the intrepid explorers, a treasure trove of experiences awaits within a 50-kilometer radius. Whether you seek divine blessings or historical marvels, Sakleshpur has it all. The sacred Sakaleswara Temple and the serene Sindhi Brahma Temple offer spiritual solace, while the imposing Manjarabad Fort stands as a testimony to the region’s historical significance.

Calling All Adventurers

For adventure seekers, Sakleshpur’s embrace extends to thrilling trekking and hiking trails. The Herur Gavi Betta, Hosahalli Gudda, and Ettina Bhuja trails promise breathtaking vistas and a chance to conquer nature’s challenges. The thundering Mookanana Falls, the majestic Abbigundi Falls, and the serene Honnamana Kere offer a refreshing dip and a connection with the elements.

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Culinary Delights

A true haven for food enthusiasts, Sannidhi Eco Farms is conveniently close to a diverse range of dining experiences. For those yearning to savor authentic flavors, the legendary 80-year-old Naidu Biriyani Hotel beckons with its time-honored recipes. Meanwhile, for those seeking luxury and culinary finesse, Teatro-The Estate Kitchen tantalizes with its gourmet offerings. Your taste buds are in for a treat!

Beyond Boundaries: Enchanting Peripheries

If you think the wonders end at Sannidhi Eco Farms, think again! The farm acts as a gateway to a plethora of experiences right on its periphery. The striking Bisle Ghat View Point offers a panoramic vista of the rolling hills, and the mystical Byraveshwara Temple invites you to unravel its ancient secrets.

Grow Your Returns, Not Just Plants

Swasya Living believes in making your investments flourish as much as green landscapes. With them, your investment grows along with the natural beauty that surrounds you. As the value of your property rises, you get to savour the best of both worlds – financial gains and a soul-soothing environment.

Experience the bliss of working amidst lush greenery, earning from your harvest, and creating cherished memories in nature’s embrace.

Don’t miss this chance to turn your life into a green oasis of tranquility and prosperity! Swasya Living – Where Nature Meets Opportunity! 

So, take a leap of faith into a world where the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary, and join Sannidhi Eco Farms, where nature’s embrace awaits you. Experience the true essence of living in harmony with the land, and be a part of this extraordinary tale as it unfolds, one step at a time. 

Come, be enchanted by the whispers of the wilderness and the symphony of the soil. Your journey into a different world begins here. But first…

Discover the Best Amenities at Sannidhi Eco Farms 

Enjoy these premium amenities at this 36-acre farmland – 

  1. Clubhouse with state-of-the-art facilities
  2. 20,000 sw ft Organic Community Kitchen Garden
  3. 4 well-appointed Cottages
  4. Gym
  5. Library
  6. Lounge Area
  7. Amphitheatre 
  8. Restaurant 
  9. Swimming pool 
  10. Bar Area
  11. Volleyball
  12. Kayaking
  13. Boating
  14. Box Cricket 
  15. Table tennis and many more. 

Exiting enough? Not just that, this is the first farmland that offers a pet-friendly pool and is inclusive with its disabled-friendly infrastructure – a farmland for all!

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Know The Farm Plot; Enchanting Community of Natural Abodes

Here, creativity knows no bounds as each plot is a canvas of imagination, marked and numbered with unique artistry, and built using naturally sourced or 100% recycled materials including soil-compressed bricks! 

Embracing a sense of unity, the estate features natural fences, replacing permanent walls, and fostering a strong community bond. The entire area is set amidst 80% of nature, surrounded by various tourist spots – all of it at just ₹300/sq.ft – a true catch in progress! 

Experience Serenity – Sannidhi Eco Farms Awaits

Whether you seek respite from the chaos of city life or an adventure that reconnects you with nature’s wonders, Sannidhi Eco Farms has it all. Embrace the harmonious symphony of earth and sky, embark on thrilling escapades, and indulge in the region’s vibrant culinary culture. Every moment spent here adds a new verse to the melody of your life.

Come, be a part of the symphony at Sannidhi Eco Farms – where inner peace finds its sanctuary and life’s journey is adorned with nature’s choicest blessings.*

Visit now and discover what it truly means to be one with nature.

Conclusion; But Why Does Propertygeek Believe it is a Great Investment?

In the heart of Karnataka, this community-living organisation is leading the charge toward a greener future. Sannidhi Eco Farm, Swasya Living’s first project is pioneering agro-foresting, breathing life back into the land, and sowing the seeds of change. With each step, they revive the soil’s health, halt erosion’s relentless grip, and embrace Mother Nature’s rhythm.

Together, as One united community, they’re trying to forge ahead, hand in hand, turning dreams into tangible wonders. With them, the possibilities are endless when hearts and minds unite.

Not just that, the project stands firm with its model of returns for all nature-loving investors. With your investment in this farmland, you not only get a guaranteed ROI of a minimum of 8-15% but also enjoy the profits made from the crop yield – it’s a true win and has caught the eye of Propertygeek.

Swasya Living: Igniting the Green Revolution, Together!

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