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Mivan Construction Technology

Mivan Construction Technology is a fast-paced construction technology that is built to offer strength and durability to buildings built using aluminum formwork. It has been promoted for its ability to aid the mass construction activity sites that have had blown up due to the onset of the pandemic increasing the housing demand.

As for the calculation, the Mivan construction cost ranges anything from Rs. 8000 – Rs.9000 per sqm. without any tax and varies on the repletion of formwork that reduces the cost per sqm. and is calculated in terms of square meters for the Mivan slabs. 

The Mivan technology is widely popular and has been used in Europe, Asia, Gulf Countries, and other parts of the globe as it is suitable for constructing a large number of houses using room size forms in a short period.

Let’s now cut to the chase and understand the Mican construction technology in depth.

Mivan Construction Technology And Its Uses In India

Speaking of the present scenario, Mivan technology has not been used widely in India but is very popular in Gulf countries, Europe, and some parts of Asia, as mentioned in the article above. However, its use is now preferred in India to help complete the challenging government scheme by 2022 – Housing for All. 

What Are the Major Components of Mivan Formwork?

What Are the Major Components of Mivan Formwork

based on the location, these are:

  • Wall Components – Wall panel, rocker, kickers, and stub pin
  • Beam Components – Beam side panel, prop head, and panel for soffit beam
  • Deck Components – Deck panels, Deck prop, prop length, and soffit length
  • Other Components – The other elements are internal and external soffit corners and exterior and interior edges for wall panels

Mivan Construction And Conventional Formwork – What’s The Difference?

Development Speed 7 Days 21 Days
Finishing quality of the surface Excellent  Assembly is required
Pre-planning of the formwork Required Not required
Construction Kind Cast-in-situ cellular Simply RCC
Wastage Little  Higher
Accuracy Accurate Lesser than modern systems
Coordination Essential Not required
Seismic resistance Good  Less
Dismantling  Possible Not possible

Mivan Construction – What Are The Pros, Cons, And Limitations of Mivan Technology?

Listed below are the limitations, advantages, and disadvantages of Mivan Shuttering:


  • The Formwork requires relatively less labor as compared to the others
  • Mivan construction is capable of completing the floors faster
  • Has a limited number of joints that reduces the leakages
  • Has a smooth finishing of the walls and slabs
  • Requires low maintenance
  • Has more seismic resistance
  • Includes a huge carpet area
  • Mivan technology has good quality construction work
  • There is no need for plastering


  • The alignment maintenance would require skilled laborers
  • The initial setup required time
  • Mivan technology is rather expensive and is used only for typical floors
  • The construction joints must be set in the right manner
  • Could have a leakage issue such as seepage and leakages during the monsoon season


Irrespective of the advantages of Mivan formwork, there are a few limitations that need to be addressed to have a fair deal:

  • The services post-completion becomes tedious as there is a small breadth of components
  • The formwork requires consistent planning and elevations to be cost-effective
  • There is a possibility of shrinkage cracks due to the box-type construction
  • Changing it later isn’t possible, which is why it is initially set in the design

What Is The Area The Mivan Construction Technology Would Require?

What Is The Area The Mivan Construction Technology Would Require

The Mivan technology is mostly preferred for constructing a large number of houses in just a limited period. Speaking of the area of Mivan construction, it only makes use of room size structures to construct walls and slabs and permits shuttering for both the slabs and columns on the construction site.

As for the walls of the real estate industry, they are of huge room size including the floor slabs that are made from Mivan shuttering. These are known to be extremely sturdy and strong in nature and form and are super easy to manage.

What Are A Few Key Uses Of The Mivan Shuttering In Indian Real Estate?

  • It’s easy to operate
  • Comes with the 3S scheme of construction – Strength, Safety, and Speed
  • The slabs and walls of construction technology Mivan are easily formed in just one consistent development
  • Allows the assembling and fitting of the part of shuttering
  • The column and beam construction are removed
  • The slabs and walls are constructed in a simultaneous way

Main Features And Construction Techniques Of The Mivan Formwork

Main Features And Construction Techniques Of The Mivan Formwork

Main features:

The major features of Mivan include:

  • Has a load-carrying capacity
  • Includes a striking time
  • Is durable
  • Comes with a cycle time

Construction Techniques:

Construction techniques are used to help provide the structure to the building and also hold the concrete until it gains 50% of the required strength. There are three unique construction techniques used by the Mivan technology:

  • The setting of the aluminum formwork –  The aluminum formwork of the Mivan technology is set around the factory-made steel mesh, instantly built on the construction site.
  • Placement of aluminium formwork – In addition to the wall strengthening steel, room-sized walls, and structured floor slabs, these aluminum metal slabs are also easy to handle, made accurately. To combine these structures, the pin and spearhead system is used which can be destroyed once the structure is ready.
  • Pouring of Concrete – Once the forms are shaped, high-quality concrete is poured into the structure which is removed later to help make a structure backed by strengthening steel.

Note – Aluminum bodies can be reused about 250 times, which means no wastage from the construction site.

To Conclude:

The Mivan shuttering technology has traveled across the globe, proving their economic variant as compared to the traditional methods that are labor-intensive and time-consuming.

It is economical as it eliminates the use of bricks and makes use of concrete. Mivan being space-efficient, aesthetic appealing, and time-consuming, has helped the real estate sector with quicker construction and easy assembling, bringing a new angle to the real estate of India.

Now, the ball is in your court. Decide how you’d like your house to be built and make sure to come to a conclusion keeping in mind its cons, pros, and needs! Feel free to get in touch in case you have a few questions in mind!

Mivan Construction Technology FAQs:

1.What is Mivan shuttering?

It is a kind of aluminum formwork that is economical, faster, and strategic in the world of real estate. It is also now gaining popularity in the Indian market.

2. How is Mivan shuttering done?

It is carried by a skilled workforce that assembles the aluminum formwork, then pours the concrete and removes the formwork to make it more durable.

3. What is formwork?

Formwork is the process of building temporary molds. Once done, concrete is placed into it to help form the structure. As compared to the traditional formwork that was fabricated using timber, this is constructed using aluminum, steel, and other materials.

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