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Top 10 Kitchen Wall Decor Items That’ll Make Your Kitchen Look Modern

Kitchen wall decor DIY 'EAT' sign

While creating or designing our dream houses, is it possible that you can forget to work on your kitchen space, especially the wall. Perhaps, in this article, we would discuss a few easy-to-do designs to your kitchen space that would eventually showcase your personality, be it vintage, shabby chic, bright and colorful, or modern.

These simple ideas could be as basic as adding DIY shelves to the wall space, food-related signs in a corner of your kitchen, coming up with wall art of the bases of the space, etc, or could be a small or large space, these kitchen wall decoration items are for all to grab onto.

Now, without wasting any time, let’s quickly get onto the list of the top 10 best picks for kitchen wall decor items, sort by our team!

Top 10 Of The Best Picks Kitchen Wall Decor Items To Choose From

While you are scrolling through the kitchen wall art designs, make sure you pick one of the designs that perhaps speaks of your personality, cause let’s not forget, the kitchen is the most important area where you prepare mouth-watering meals for your day.

1) Kitchen wall decor DIY ‘EAT’ sign

Kitchen wall decor DIY 'EAT' sign

As the word ‘Eat’ in itself speaks volumes that we have known and love, the use of old cutting boards in your home pops out the reference to each and every mealtime, bringing forth the memories of the beautiful gathering you’ve had. Also, the wood lettering happens to mesh well with the tattered style of the boards, reminding us of the work that is put into preparing one meal.

2) The food, love, family Prayer sign in the kitchen

Top 10 Kitchen Wall Decor Items That’ll Make Your Kitchen Look Modern 4

Amongst all the kitchen wall decoration items, this happens to be the most used one as it symbolizes the blessings with this timeless piece of canvas. This is a simple board that embraces the upcoming meals and also calls for the members to reflect on the blessings and bring out their inner compassion. They are created using wood stylings that tailor the dining space as a safe space in a kitchen.

3) Kitchen wall art designs by a DIY metal kitchen sign

coffee bar in home

This metal timeless piece in your kitchen with the right spacing brings out the shiny yet rustic look on your kitchen wall. You could also give the letterings a painted cork board or hardwood support to help pop out its shine and appeal above your workplace.

4) Rolling Pin with recipe card kitchen wall art design

home interior

This is the perfect wall in design that you can use to reveal some of the secret ingredients that you have received from generations to keep. Try to frame the recipes that are golden or rich in your family history and place them on the wall with a tattered rolling pin that ties the hard work of the generations in order to perfect the recipe.

5) A weekly menu card display board for the kitchen wall

A weekly menu card display board for the kitchen wall

Kitchen wall decoration items like a menu card display are known to be the most popular wall design used across countries. This wall display helps you to know and plan your weekly eating schedule from the hardwood creation card. Try adding in stylish letters for each week with metal clips besides them to add the name of the dish as per the day, and is also quite easy to replace and shift easily.

6) Kitchen wall DIY herb garden

Kitchen wall DIY herb garden

In order to create this DIY herb garden in your kitchen, you’d need the old tattered shower rods or the curtain that will now transform into a preservation space for your herbs and spices. This is easy as it basically reuses the items found at home to bring a livelihood of fresh ingredients and aromas, and a space to help lighten up the airwaves in your kitchen.

7) On-wall produce baskets with a sign

On wall produce baskets with a sign

This kitchen wall idea happens to make a great set of wall hangers that gives a classic look and also more floor space in the kitchen area. These can be used as wall baskets to keep or store fresh fruits and vegetables that could also be free of contaminants. However, the sign with the produce baskets further enhances and opens up an internal marketplace representing the farmer’s market at your home.

8) Framed vintage silverware for the kitchen walls

Top 10 Kitchen Wall Decor Items That’ll Make Your Kitchen Look Modern 5

These kitchen wall decor items are perhaps the best way to showcase the silverware and utensils and also a great way for the appreciation of meals. Try to come up with colorful border combinations that would suit the tone of the utensils that are framed, and use a black background to help pop the elements out to the surface.

9) Wood boards for clip art on the walls of the kitchen space

Wood boards for clip art on the walls of the kitchen space

What better kitchen wall decoration items than a photography space that goes best with the stylish background. Treated hardwood that helps the imagery pop, creates an appealing visual for the fresh foods and colorful photos. Also, the added clips on these provide an ever-changing canvas for the kitchen space for a seasonal or weekly change.

10) Kitchen wall DIY coffee and tea bar

Top 10 Kitchen Wall Decor Items That’ll Make Your Kitchen Look Modern 6

This function wall art cabinet with a coat rack provides the best combination for a morning greeting Cup of drink with deep-toned baskets. Its faded wood or the old metallic siding helps bring about the rustic nature of the coffee or tea creating an ambiance of where it was born to host.

To Conclude:

Creating or looking for kitchen wall decor items or kitchen wall art designs could at times be quite confusing as there are many options available to us, and at times they often happen to interlink. Perhaps, one must always attempt to look for those decor ideas that are unique, doable, and speak of the individual’s personality. Therefore, while curating the content above, we have made sure to choose and work on those ideas that are different in terms of their personalities yet are doable and aesthetic in nature.

Best Kitchen Wall Decor Items FAQs

1. What colors make a small room look bigger?

Black walls, contrary to their nature provide to be quite an open space for creation and an ideal spot for an addition of a mural. Try to put a stencil or a hand paint design on these walls of your kitchen or rather attempt to put a scenic wallpaper without the painstaking painting. These will help pop the walls of the kitchen in an aesthetic manner without the need for anything extra.

2. What can I do with a large blank kitchen wall?

Here are a few examples of what you could do with a blank kitchen wall:

(1.) Add floating shelves

(2.) Hang rugs

(3.) Nail in an oversized art piece

(4.) Playful displays

(5.) Curated vignette

3. What is a good theme for a kitchen?

Listed below are a few good kitchen theme ideas for you:

(1.) A tranquil kitchen space

(2.) A modern farmhouse kitchen

(3.) A coastal kitchen

(4.) Minimalist kitchen space

(5.) A rustic kitchen design

(6.) An industrial kitchen

(7.) Tuscan kitchen

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