How to Create The Perfect Kid’s Room Design: Tips and Themes

Tips To Design Your Kids’ Room

Creating a space for your child to play and grow can be an equally fun and challenging one. Kids are very specific about how they want their room to look and those visions are inspired by elaborate fairy tales or epic movie sets. And let’s face it, creating a mini Disney in your house needs to win a mini million-dollar lottery. So what do we do? We pick out the childlike imagination and pair it with adult practicality to create a balanced interior design.


After all, a beautiful, yet functional kid’s room design that the child will love for years to come is a pretty difficult task to do. This article has a few useful swoon-worthy rooms for kids and pro decorating tips designed to help you understand your child’s current wants and future needs.

While choosing your kids’ room design you must strike a balance whether you are starting from scratch or trying to improve an existing room. Here are some healthy doses of inspiration for kid’s room design for girls and boys.

Kids Room Design For Girls & Boys

How to Create The Perfect Kid’s Room Design: Tips and Themes 1

Do you need a little advice? We’ve got tips for decorating the rooms. This useful round-up of swoon-worthy rooms for kids and pro decorating tips are designed to help you understand your child’s current wants and future needs too.

This will allow you to strike the all-important balance between practical and downright adorable room decor. Whether you are starting from scratch or trying to improve upon an existing room, you are certain to find some healthy dose of inspiration here for kid’s room design for boys and girls.

Kids Room Design: Tips And Tricks

If you are finding it difficult to design your kid’s room here are 10 tips that will help you get some trendy and adorable decor ideas.

1.Keep Your Kid's Room Simple

Keep Your Kid's Room Simple

When it comes to room for younger children, less is usually more. You can keep the décor simple and furniture to a minimum, by this you will create enough space to play and provide a neutral canvas that can easily be updated as your child grows.

This can be simple yet super adorable as you put playtime first, by providing plenty of open floor space. Open shelving will allow well-loved toys to serve as charming accessories and floor-level, the house-frame bed can double as a play zone.

2. Add Indoor Toys

Design A Kid-friendly Space

You should create your kid’s room design where they would want to do the one thing they love: play. Try putting up an indoor swing, a ball pit, a whimsical house-frame bed, or just about anything you know they love spending time on. We are talking about

  1. A decorating chalkboard wall or an easy-to-update art gallery where your child can display their favorite creations.
  2. A built-in rock-climbing wall
  3. Ceiling-suspended cargo net
  4. Bunk bed slide, etc.

3.Add Magic on The Walls

Kids see the world quite differently than adults; they infuse imagination and magic into their everyday life. Let your kids design the walls with a touch of something enchanting. Give them

  1. A pack of glow-in-the-dark ceiling stars
  2. Some inexpensive, glittering fairy lights
  3. Adorable star motifs
  4. Colorful circus flags

and they will surely give you a fairy palace or a galaxy of adventure. Get ready to be surprised by what your little one does with their whimsical designs and theme ideas.

4.Add Storage Spaces

Make Room For Magic In The Child's Room

A kid’s room design demands a ton of storage to organize all their belongings. From their books, games, and toys to their ever-changing wardrobes, kids come with a lot of stuff. You will need to contain the clutter so experiment with wall-hugging, hooks, book rails, under-the-bed storage boxes, and built-in storage furniture. You may also install the second rail in your child’s closet for some added space..

5. Play With Colors

Kids are very fond of colors, but choosing the right color for your kid’s bedroom can be tricky. Indeed, your little girl may adore all things in hot pink now, but that does not mean she will be equally fond of it later, and the thought of repainting the entire room in a span of a few short years can be enough to give you color commitment issues.

You may go for multicolored designs, that are timeless and clean. For example, bright and cheery colors in your kid’s bedroom may offer a clever compromise by going for a rainbow of colorful accessories. Make sure they are put into a clean, and neutral setting that can be easily updated when your child is ready for a new look.

6. Incorporate Pattern and Texture

Wondering what makes the kid’s room design you see on Pinterest look so, well, and Pin-worthy? It is the careful use of pattern and texture to create a beautiful theme. The design of the walls is often neglected when it comes to decorating the room. These important decorating tools are the secret weapon of a professional designer and can take a room from minimum to breathtaking with just a few added elements.

Make a mix and match of bold, graphic patterns and rich, textural layers to create a visually interesting and well-balanced space without too much color. The color of the bedroom walls can be in contrast with the bed, with various trendy designs, depending on your child’s preference.

7.Designate a Kid's Work Area

If you have enough space, a kid-friendly work area is a must. Providing your child with a place to color and create not only keeps them busy but can also help them with their physical and mental development. When the child is older, a personal workspace could come in handy, offering a quiet place to study and do their homework.

As seen on Instagram, this is a comfortable workstation for two, with plenty of space for doing arts and crafts. Make this space playful and stylish, and it will easily transition into a homework station for an older child.

8. Create A Cozy Corner

Incorporate Pattern And Texture

We all find the need to get away from time to time. A reading nook in the kid’s room can be an excellent place for some quality time alone and has the added benefit of encouraging your little one to engage with a good book!

This cozy corner, spotted on several sites like Pinterest or Instagram, has everything you require to spend a rainy day indoors. You may catch a quiet moment with your child by yourself or invite a friend. There is even room for cuddles

Kids’ Room Design Themes: Pick Your Child’s Favorite!

Children want to be transported into another world when they step into their room; it’s where their imagination comes alive. Check out these amazing themes your little one might like:

1. Jungle

This is an early childhood memory for all of us; we have all been through different animal stories, dressed up as one of them for Halloween, and even imagined ourselves as one of them. Bringing a jungle to your kids’ room design can be a fun activity involving your whole family. Have your kiddies paint wild DIY flowers with their hands while you could paint the massive trees. You could paste animal stickers or paint them yourself. Add in a small tent for them to play the man of the jungle!

2. Shades of Green

Is green your kid’s favorite color? Or do they love nature as much as they love the jungle? If they don’t want animals in their room you can still bring in a bit of the jungle theme by adding different shades of green on the walls. You could also add complementary furniture in green. Another advantage? Green is a happy color and with their toys and white bed sheets, this room will be their and your favorite too.

3. Bright Colours

Bright-colored themes in your kid’s room design can include anything from oranges to yellows and blues. Whichever colors you choose keep the design minimalist; it should not seem like you splattered the room with random colors. Say you picked yellow as the primary color, add some accent walls to it. Hand print the wall with your child or get it done professionally. Instead of yellow, you could pick any color that your child wants.

4. Soft Pastels

Soft colors like baby pink, matte sea green, and whites can give your kids’ room design a soothing twist. Add long picture window curtains in one of the pastels and paint the walls in contrasting pastels. Match the bed sheets with the curtains and remember the pro tip: keep the kids’ room design minimalist so that they have enough space to experiment, add their art, and not feel cluttered.

5. Geometric Patterns

Painting geometric patterns on the wall will help your kid learn what they are. Engage in this kid’s room design with your child and let them choose the shapes they want on the walls. You could either draw the outlines or filled figures and stick their drawing inside them. Even labeling them will be a fun and bonding activity. Reeber not to draw them haphazardly; choose a pattern or a particular wall. Keep the other walls bare or maybe accessorize with a kid-friendly decor or two.

6. Floral

This kid’s room design may be the easiest to do: paste a floral wallpaper on a particular wall with matching curtains and bedsheets. One of the first things that kids learn to draw are flowers which means you already have everything you need to introduce a floral theme to your child’s room. Instead of wallpaper, you could paste your kid’s hand-drawn flowers on the wall. Give them a primary color to use to draw these flowers and fill a wall up from top to bottom.

7. Vintage

Children don’t relate much with vintage until they are in their teens so this kid’s room interior design is for the adult’s satisfaction. We think wood when we think of vintage and so this may get expensive. Add wooden walls or floorboards with wooden furniture. If we look at the old movies, we’ll see that only the wall towards the floor is covered with wallpaper. That could be a floral or a chosen theme. You can bring the old-world charm with cushions, settees, or chairs covered with jute or clothes.

The Bottom Line: The Best Kids' Room Design Ideas are Based on Maximizing The Play Area

That’s the first thing you should consider while creating a kid’s room design. The second thing to remember is to keep the theme minimal because kids will clutter their rooms almost every day. We want to teach them cleanliness right during their prime days so staying unorganized is not an option. Install enough storage drawers and laundry baskets and make putting toys in the right basket an activity. Have them help you with the decoration with hand-drawn items or finger painting.

Kid's Room Design FAQs

1. What furniture will go for any kids' room ?

When it comes to bedrooms you must ensure that the beds are of quality wood, and they occupy less space. Ideas for any 12-year-old kid’s room design may also include a desk or table with drawers, to keep all the accessories organized, this is useful for children of any age.

2. How can I style my son's room ?

Kids' room designs for boys may have bold colors painted on the walls, you can play with the lighting of the room, and maintain enough space to keep his toys, books, and other stuff. You may even go for neutral paint in the rooms.

3. How to decorate my daughter's room ?

Kids room design for girls may include adorable fairy lights that will light up the room, have an art space, put up photographs, or display wallpapers. You can also get creative with paint and take inspiration from her favorite cartoon character.

4. What should be in the kids' room ?

Kids' rooms can have small-sized beds, a desk, a wardrobe, or a closet to keep their toys and other stuff well-organized. You may also put up shelves and hooks to keep the room clutter-free.

5. How to make space in the kids' room ?

To maximize the space in your kid's room you can go for beds with built-in storage systems, hangers, tables with drawers, vertical bedding with several shelves to keep their books, colors, and toys in place.
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