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How To Buy Land On The Moon From India? Unlock The New-age Real Estate Cosmos with Propertygeek!

How To Buy Land On The Moon

No, this is not just another conspiracy theory; something fascinating is happening. People from India can now buy land on the moon. But, there’s a big debate about this. Why? Well, think about it – the moon is really far away (of course!), and one can’t get there just “like that!”

So, the question of how to buy land on the moon is a bit puzzling, right? Not just that, how to buy land on the moon from India? What are the rules? And if you buy moon land, can you ever actually visit the moon yourself?

Let’s discuss all and get into the nitty-gritty of how to buy land on the moon from the article below.  But first, what is the Outer Space Treaty of 1967?

Have We Actually Signed an Outer Space Treaty?

Yes. According to the Outer Space Treaty signed in 1967 people from all countries can explore and use space, like the moon and other celestial objects. It doesn’t matter if a country is rich or advanced in science; space belongs to everyone. All countries can explore space equally and follow the rules of international law. They can use space objects freely and access all parts of these objects without any discrimination.

But does that mean anyone can buy land on the moon? Article II of the Treaty says, ‘Outer space, which includes the moon and other objects in the sky, can’t be owned by any one country. Nobody can say it’s theirs, use it as if it belongs to them, or try to take control of it in any way.’ So technically, how to buy land on the moon may sound bogus. But is it so?

What Do We Know About The Lunar Registry?

The International Lunar Lands Registry (ILLR) is like a special office that takes care of who owns land on the Moon. Just like you can own a house or land on Earth, people, groups, and companies from different countries can say they own a piece of land on the Moon, and the ILLR keeps track of all these ownership claims. It’s like a big record-keeper for Moon properties.

Lunar Land Claim

While searching for “how to buy land on the moon “, the first step is to sign up on the Lunar registry. Once that’s done, you’ll get a Lunar Land Claim that contains an ownership package that comes with a special certificate with your name on it, a picture of your land on the Moon taken from a space satellite, and a paper that tells you about the land’s features.

Lunar Republic

When you buy land on the moon through the Lunar Registry, your proceeds go to the Luna Society International and their partners who are working towards two big goals: development and settlement on the Moon, and the making of an autonomous Lunar Republic. If you join the Society for 5 years, you get 5 acres of lunar land.

Right now, you can buy land on the Moon, but you have to get at least one acre, which is about the size of a big backyard (approximately 4,047 sq. metres or 43,560 sq. feet). You’re allowed to buy up to 10 acres at once when you’re buying online.

How Much Does It Cost To Buy Land On The Moon?

Well, the Lunar Registry says that we can buy land on the Moon for a minimum of one acre for about $37.50, which is around ₹3100.

How to Buy Land On The Moon: A Step-by-step Guide

The question of the hour – “Can we buy land on the moon? For real?” – Yes yes and yes! Read the steps below and get yourself a home on the moon – quite literally.

  1. Visit the Lunar Registry website.
  2. Scroll down to click on “Buy Land on Moon”.
  3. Select your landing site.
  4. Enter the full, legal name of the owner (business entity, group, or individual).
  5. Select the total acres you want to purchase (1, 3, 5, and 10-acre options are available).
  6. If this purchase is a gift, you can include a gift card of 10 to 12 words in the next step.
  7. The next step helps you custom-date the documents to mark any special occasions like anniversaries or birthdays.
  8. You can also buy Lunar property as an NFT, issued on BNC for US $12.95.
  9. Next comes several optional choices like getting a detailed view of your Lunar land for US $8.95, a full moon Atlas, or even an email document delivery for US $8.95.
  10. Click on “Place Order”.
  11. Select the shipping location and type (Global Air Mail or Email Docs).
  12. You can also add a gift certificate or a discount coupon if you have any.
  13. Click on “Checkout”.
  14. Add your delivery address.
  15. Pay with PayPal.

Viola! You are the owner of Lunar Property now!

How To Buy Land On The Moon With US Dollars Or INR?

Landing Site US Dollar/acre INR/acre
1 acre 3 acres 5 acres 10 acres 1 acre 3 acres 5 acres 10 acres
Eastern Sea (Far Side) $29.07 $26.16 $24.71 $23.26 ₹2402.92 ₹2162.38 ₹2042.52 ₹1922.66
Proposed Zoning: Tourism (T-1), Scientific Industrial (S-1)
Sea of Clouds
Same as above
Proposed Zoning: Tourism (T-1), Scientific Industrial (S-1)
Bay of Rainbows $27.27 $24.54 $23.18 $21.82 ₹2254.13 ₹2028.47 ₹1916.05 ₹1803.63
Proposed Zoning: Tourism (T-1), Scientific Industrial (S-1), Operations Base (O-1)
Ocean of Storms $40.10 $36.09 $34.09 $32.08 ₹3314.65 ₹2983.19 ₹2817.87 ₹2651.72
Proposed Zoning: Tourism (T-1), Scientific Industrial (S-1), Operations Base (O-1), Heavy Industrial (M-1), Commercial Industrial (C-1)
Sea of Rains $120.30 $108.27 $102.26 $120.77 ₹9943.96 ₹8949.56 ₹8452.78 ₹9982.81
Proposed Zoning: Tourism (T-1), Scientific Industrial (S-1), Commercial Industrial (C-1)
Taurus Mountains $28.03 $25.23 $23.83 $22.42 ₹2316.95 ₹2085.50 ₹1969.78 ₹1853.23
Proposed Zoning: Tourism (T-1), Scientific Industrial (S-1)
The Lunar Alps $27.07 $24.36 $23.01 $21.66 ₹2237.60 ₹2013.59 ₹1902.00 ₹1790.41
Proposed Zoning: Proposed Tourism (T-1), Scientific Industrial (S-1)
Sea of Vapours $18.95 ₹1566.40
Proposed Zoning: Tourism (T-1), Scientific Industrial (S-1), Operations Base (O-1), Light Industrial (L-1), Commercial Industrial (C-1)
Moscoviense (Far Side) $41.10 $36.99 $34.94 $32.88 ₹3397.31 ₹3057.58 ₹2888.13 ₹2717.85
Proposed Zoning: Operations Base (O-1), Scientific Industrial (S-1), Tourism (T-1), Commercial Industrial (C-1)
Lake of Happiness $29.07 $26.16 $24.71 $23.26 ₹2402.92 ₹2162.38 ₹2042.52 ₹1922.66
Proposed Zoning: Tourism (T-1), Scientific Research (R-1)
Lake of Dreams $33.72 $30.35 $28.66 $26.98 ₹2787.28 ₹2508.72 ₹2369.03 ₹2230.16
Proposed Zoning: Tourism (T-1), Scientific Industrial (S-1), Operations Base (O-1), Light Industrial (L-1)
Sea of Tranquility $42.37 $38.13 $36.01 $33.90 ₹3502.29 ₹3151.81 ₹2976.57 ₹2802.16
Proposed Zoning: Primary Transportation Hub (HUB), Tourism (T-1), Scientific Industrial (S-1), Commercial Industrial (C-1)

*Price disclaimer: Just like in the stock market, the cost of Lunar property can fluctuate hourly based on its location and the level of demand. When a specific area is in high demand, its price will rise, and conversely, if demand is low, the price will decrease.


Disclaimer and Authority of Lunar Property

Lunar property ownership is being made available as part of a global endeavour to privately fund the exploration, establishment, and advancement of specific areas on the Moon.

All assertions of property rights on the Moon adhere to the guidelines set out in the Lunar Settlement Initiative (LSI), which stipulates: “According to the LSI, individuals and private entities can obtain property rights on the Moon as a means to fund its exploration, settlement, and resource development.”

Any lawful citizen of any country can assert ownership of and utilise Lunar land and its resources by engaging a representative (agent) registered with the International Lunar Lands Authority in accordance with the LSI. (Those who make purchases through Luna Society International are provided with proxy rights and protections in line with the Lunar Settlement Initiative.)

How To Buy Land On The Moon FAQs

1. Is it worth buying property on the moon?

You can technically buy land on the moon, but it’s not a decision to make quickly. Before even considering it, it’s important to do your homework. However, thinking about putting money into moon property doesn’t really make sense, as there are much smarter investment choices available for people.

2. Can moon land be sold?

No, you can’t. The global agreement says that all space exploration is for the good of everyone and doesn’t allow individuals to own land on the moon.

3. Is land on the Moon cheap?

You might be able to buy Moon Land at a cheaper price depending on when you buy it. Land on the Moon costs less than land on Earth. It’s about $34 for an acre, which is roughly Rs. 2800 in Indian money.

4. Is the Lunar Registry real?

While numerous companies sell unique lunar properties online, only The Lunar Registry, formally known as the International Lunar Land Registry, possesses the authorization to officially document property ownership claims on the Moon. Their mission is to generate funds for commercial exploration, settlement, and the development of the Moon while adhering to international legal standards, particularly the Lunar Settlement Initiative.

5. Who is the owner of the moon?

The Outer Space Treaty ensures that regardless of which country’s flags are placed on the lunar surface, no nation can claim ownership of the Moon.

6. Who bought land on the moon in India?

Following their participation in Bigg Boss 16, two popular Indian TV celebrities, Ankit Gupta and Priyanka Chahar Choudhary, received a unique gift from one of their fans – a one-acre plot of lunar land.

7. How to buy land on the moon from India? Is it legal?

Buying lunar property is against the law, as outlined in a treaty signed by several nations, including India. Therefore, it’s essential to thoroughly understand this matter before you inquire about the cost of moon land.

8. How do I join Luna Society?

The Society welcomes anyone who shares its beliefs and wants to join a special group. By paying membership fees, you help organise events for members and support important activities like meetings and dinners.

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