Home Lighting Design Ideas For Each Room

Home Lighting Design Ideas For Each Room

Lighting is an aspect of your home that is sometimes overlooked. The way you light your room has a big impact on your mood, emotions, and overall well-being.  Lighting is closely tied to our daily lives. We as humans have evolved significantly from relying on natural light to govern our sleep and work routines to implementing home lighting design ideas for each room.

In this article below we shall discuss what are the different types of room lighting ideas, what type of lighting for living room is considered to be the best, home lighting design ideas for each room, and other lighting tips for your home.  Let’s get started.

Types Of Lighting For Your Home : Room Lighting Ideas

Types Of Lighting For Your Home; Room Lighting Ideas

1. Ambient Lighting Or General Lighting

Ambient Lighting Or General Lighting

Your room’s primary light source is ambient lighting. It fills the space with soft lighting and improves vision, and it also brightens a large area. You can think of general or ambient light as natural light which is combined with light coming from normal room lights. With the ambient lighting in your home, you can move around safely.

2. Task Lighting

Task Lighting

Task lighting is the lighting that brightens a specified area to enhance object detail and ensure safe movement. Task lighting should be used for any close-range job, such as cooking, sewing, painting, and writing.

3. Accent Lighting

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is the lighting that creates a mood in the space of your house by directing focused light to a point of focus. This type of lighting gives a dramatic vibe to your living room by lighting prominent items and eliminating forgettable regions. Accent lighting may be used to draw attention to artwork, bookshelves, furniture, and architectural details of your home.

Types Of Lighting Fixtures; Lighting Tips

Mentioned below are the types of lights and lighting which can be fixed to make your room lighting ideas successful.

1. Surface Lights

Surface Lights

Surface fixture lights are clearly identifiable and lie level against the ceiling or wall of your home. Surface lights are used in the room, entryways, and living room of the house.

2. Pendant Lights

Pendant Lights

Pendant lighting is typically used in the dining room and kitchens. A wire, cable, or chain suspends pendant lighting from the ceiling and they are perfect for your home if you have a high ceiling.

3. Recessed Lights

Recessed Lights

Recessed lighting is generally covered,  in the ceiling space, so that the source of light cannot be seen directly. Recessed lighting is a type of lighting that is often in the shape of downlights or spotlights, and can be utilized in any room of your home.

4. Track Lights

Track Lights

Track lighting offers a wide range of lighting possibilities. On one track, there are many lights, each with its own circuit and voltage. If you have track lights in your home, you may hang them from the ceiling as pendant lights or have them surface-mounted like surface lights.

5. Portable Lights

Portable Lights

Portable lights can be moved or changed from one place to another. Battery-operated portable lights are becoming increasingly common. They are generally connected to light electrical sockets by their cable. Desks and tables of the living room are common places for portable lights.

Room Lighting Ideas And Lighting Tips For Each Room In Your Home

Mentioned below are the best room lighting ideas and lighting tips for each room and other spaces in your home.

1. Room Lighting Ideas For Utility Room And Garage

Room Lighting Ideas For Utility Room And Garage
Room Lighting Ideas For Utility Room And Garage 1

The utility room of your home where laundry and other things are kept will require plenty of ambient lighting and recessed lighting. The garage requires task lighting which can also be a combination of track lighting and higher-luminance pendant lamps.

Lighting Tips For Utility Room And Garage

A few important lighting tips which need to be considered for lighting the utility room and garage of the home are-

  • Do not install recessed lighting in a garage because this lighting can create a shadow.
  • Do not fix the lighting over the top of a vehicle.
  • Consider using task lighting to do repairs and fixing of spare parts.

2. Living Room Lighting Ideas; Home Lighting Design Ideas For Each Room

Living Room Lighting Ideas; Home Lighting Design Ideas For Each Room

The living room is the space where a family would spend most of their time at home. Because we do a bulk of our daily activities in the living room, having a lighting plan that works for your living room is highly important.

The best living room lighting ideas would be to install recessed lighting and track lighting because they can be used to highlight the artwork, sculptures, and architectural elements of your living room.

Lighting Tips For Living Room

If you want to know what type of lighting for living room is needed here are a few lighting tips for your living room:

  • Multiple lighting layers with dimmable light should be used in the living room.
  • While fixing the lights in the living room, make sure that there is no glare falling on the television screen. It is recommended to use dimmers and reduce the illumination level of the space.
  • The living room lighting can be made more unique and attractive with the use of led bulbs, accessories, and portable lighting, along with ambient lighting.

3. Room Lighting Ideas For Bedroom

Room Lighting Ideas For Bedroom

The bedroom is the space that requires special attention when it comes to lighting, bedroom wall colours and Several elements, such as the size and complexity of the room, should be kept in mind while installing the lights. The bedroom requires ambient lighting with a mix of task lighting if you want to read and do other personal tasks in the room.

Above the head of the bed, try incorporating recessed lighting with lower controls, but avoid placing lights exactly over the bed. If you have a small and light-colored room, you don’t always require as much ambient lighting as a large and dark-colored room. If your room has a lot of mirrors, there may be sufficient reflective lighting from other sources such as natural light to compensate.

If your room is painted in dark colors it requires ambient lighting and if you want to highlight the artworks and other designs up to the walls of your room, accent lighting would be the best.

Dimmer and other smart lighting make a turning point in the bedroom. Smart lighting makes it possible to control the brightness levels of various lights in the space of your room with a remote control or voice control. Depending on your current mood, you can adjust the lighting environment.

Lighting Tips For Bedroom

Few important lighting tips for your bedroom are as follows-

  • For sitting spaces in the room, use low brightness and shaded lighting.
  • For work tables and attached bathrooms in the room, use direct lighting.
  • Don’t fix light bulbs directly up your bed, because it can prick your eyes when it is turned on while you are on the bed.
  • Always use light bulbs with a lower voltage.
  • Consider using colored lamps to alter the atmosphere in your room.
  • For the closet, use fluorescent light bulbs.
  • Choose energy-efficient lighting such as LEDs and CFLs for not only your bedroom but for all rooms in your house.
  • Try implementing fluorescent light bulbs above cupboard door frames and recessed lightings for the walls.

4. Room Lighting Ideas For Office Room

Room Lighting Ideas For Office Room

With work from home being the new trend due to the ongoing global pandemic, most people have set up an office room at home. Although the accent and task lighting may generally offer enough illumination for your office room, you should use a combination of ambient and accent lighting. If you have a dark office space, ambient lighting is required, because it can provide more brightness to the room.

If you want to be more productive at work, you can choose a room with natural lighting and enough sunlight penetrating through the windows of your room, and good air would increase your happiness, improve oxygen level, and will also make you more productive.

Lighting Tips For Office Room

Few important lighting tips that you need to consider for your office rooms are as follows-

  • Try to keep the brightness to a minimum, particularly on computer screens.
  • To generate bright, low-glare lighting, use direct and indirect lighting.
  • Make use of energy-saving light bulbs.
  • Keep windows open to get enough natural light or sunlight for better productivity and healthier living.

5. Room Lighting Ideas For Dining Room

Room Lighting Ideas For Dining Room

The dining room is the one space in your home where you must have the best lighting when compared to any other room. Since the dining room is the main focal point in the space of your home, it is recommended to fix excellent and high-quality lighting up your dining table.

Most dining rooms have a pendant or hanging lighting above the dining table, but there are other options such as track lighting which can install up the table. You might prefer a gentle glow for some meals and a fine glass could be used to decrease the light and give the table an appearance of a candlelight dinner.

Lighting Tips For Dining Room

The following are some of the best lighting tips you can incorporate in your dining room –

  • Recessed lighting and wall lighting can be used to highlight the artwork, decorative items, and valuable objects.
  • Install under-cabinet lighting to draw attention to your cutlery and silverware of the room.
  • If you have track lighting and recessed lighting in the room, try to direct the lights toward the walls of the room to create ambient lighting.

6. Room Lighting Ideas For Kitchen

Room Lighting Ideas For Kitchen

Modern-day kitchens have become a center of attraction where you not only cook food but also you can do a variety of tasks such as cleaning and socializing with people while cooking. Since the kitchen lighting is complex, use recessed lighting.

To provide an aesthetic appeal and brighten your kitchen areas, mix under cabinet lighting with recessed lighting in your ceilings to decrease reflections and glare on cooking appliances. Led bulbs in your kitchen allow you to create a romantic environment by dimming the lights or raising the lights to provide enough task lighting for hobbies and other activities. to

Lighting Tips For Kitchen

Mentioned below are a few simple lighting tips which you can try to use in a kitchen.

  • To provide task illumination for your kitchen counter, install under cabinet lighting underneath the drawers.
  • Overhead pendants or chandeliers should be used in focal areas such as the kitchen island and dining table.
  • It is better to use energy-efficient light bulbs such as LEDs because the kitchen is used very frequently.

7. Room Lighting Ideas For Bathroom

Room Lighting Ideas For Bathroom

Recessed lighting is the most common type of lighting which is used in a majority of bathrooms. because it is known to clear the space and provide a clean and glare-free look inside the bathroom. Also, you can try to allow some natural light to enter from the windows of your bathroom. Adding windows in your bathroom will also ensure that space is well ventilated and also receive sunlight.

Lighting Tips For Bathroom

The following are some important lighting tips that you can consider adding to your bathroom.

  • If you have a bathtub install Led lights above the head.
  • Add task lights around the mirrors in the bathroom.
  • Use hanging light bulbs above the sink.
  • Choose a combination of ambient light, such as chandeliers and pendants, to ensure that light is spread equally.

Closing Thoughts

The quantity of natural light that each room receives will determine the lighting settings in that room. When you have the opportunity, take advantage of natural light since it may improve your health and mood. As mentioned above you can follow any of the room lighting ideas and use them in any room of your house.

Home Lighting Design Ideas FAQs

1. What type of lighting is required for the living room ?

Ambient lighting is required for a living room.

2. Are LED lights safe to fix in a baby room ?

Yes LED lights are safe to fix in a baby room, but it is important to ensure that you fix a low-intensity LED bulb.

3. Which LED light color can I use as a bed light while sleeping ?

A red light color is best for sleep because it has a low color temperature, far lower than regular sunlight.

4. Which are the four main types of lighting ?

The four main types of lighting are ambient lighting, task lighting, accent lighting, and decorative lighting.

5. How many floor lamps can you have in a room ?

It is recommended to have one or two-floor lamps in your room.
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