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Flower Gardening For Beginners

Flower Gardening For Beginners

Do you know what a flower garden is? Well, a flower garden can be described as a ground or a garden where flowers are grown, cultivated, and displayed. Flower gardening is done to cultivate, sell flowers, and also to provide an aromatic environment with good scenery. Flower gardening is a very good hobby and also a profession where you can grow plenty of flowers in your private flower gardens. 

If you are a beginner in flower gardening or if you would like to try your hand in flower gardening and start a flower garden, this article below gives you a clear understanding of what is flower gardening and tips for flower gardening for beginners to get started.

Why Grow Flowers From Seeds ?

One thing for gardeners to keep in mind while doing flowering gardening is that seeds are much cheaper to purchase rather than purchasing plants. Flower seeds allowed gardeners to grow a large quantity of perennial flowering plants with very little investment. When you buy new plants that are fully grown, you’re paying for the materials, time, labor, and care that have gone into growing them into flowering plants.

If you grow your flowers from seed, and you are providing yourself all of the above-mentioned resources, which is very cost-effective for your flower garden. By growing your own plants and flowers, you can reuse the plant pots, soil, and ground once the flowers are sold.

Which Is The Best Time To Plant Flower Seeds ?

Which Is The Best Time To Plant Flower Seeds

The best time to plant flowering seeds depends on the seed that you are planting. If you are buying seed packets, the best month to plant the seed will be mentioned and it will also include other tips on how to care for the plant and flowers.

If you want to plant your flowers outside, you should wait until spring or start after the last frost date has gone and once the weather starts to warm and when a full sun starts to appear. To plant your flowers indoors, you need to provide a warm, bright location, with plenty of sunlight for your plants. If there is a lack of heat, your seeds will not germinate and if there is less sunlight, the steam of the plants will grow weak.

Spring is the best growing season, for you to grow different varieties of flowers from seeds since the sun is very bright during the spring season.  However, if you are a little delayed with the digging and sowing, you can start growing it in the early summer season.

Difference Between Annual Flowers And Perennial Flowers

If you are a beginner in flower gardening, you need to know and have a clear understanding of what is the difference between annual flowers and perennial flowers. By knowing the difference between these flowers, you will get to know which flower should be grown in which growing season.

Annual Flowers

Annual Flowers

Annual flowering plants are plants that grow, flower, and die in one growing season or growing year. As a basic rule, gardeners will need to replace the annual flowering plants after they die, with new plants every year if you want to have them in your garden for a long time.

Plenty of annual plants are known to produce and scatter their seeds once they have finished flowering. Although these plants and flowers last for one season, they disperse seeds around your garden and replace themselves for the next growing season. Annual flowers include Marigold flowers, Petunias, Zinnias, and Impatiens (Touch me not).

Perennial Flowers

Perennial Flowers

Perennial flowering plants will keep on growing year after year, and there is no need for gardeners to replace them regularly. Perennial flowering plants can die in the winter season and grow back again in the spring season, or they can also be evergreen flowering plants.

The life span of perennial flowers can be variable, and some perennial plants can live for only three to five years. Perennial flowers are very expensive in terms of their care and maintenance. Perennial flowers include Lavender, Asters, Coneflowers, Sage, and Coral Bells.

What Are The Tools Required For Flower Gardening ?

What Are The Tools Required For Flower Gardening

Every gardener requires certain tools that are very important for gardening. A gardener’s tool kit includes knives, digging forks, wheelbarrow, spades, scissors, saws, etc. Below is the list of tools that any gardener should have while not only doing flower gardening but also any other type of gardening.

  • Soil Knife: for planting bulbs, herbs, flowers, and veggies, for dividing plants, removing rocks, digging out weeds, cleaning out cracks, and cutting twine
  • Weeder Tool: For digging out weeds and removing their roots without damaging other plants.
  • Digging Fork: For digging the soil and mixing it up once the plant is planted.
  • Water Breaker: To soak plants and flower seeds in water and gently water new plants.
  • Scissors: To cut soft-stemmed plants, such as herbs, for snipping twine, and thinning perennials, etc.
  • Water Hose: To water the plants and also for irrigation of the plants.

Flower Gardening For Beginners: 5 Easy Flowers To Grow From Seeds

1. Sunflowers


Sunflower seeds can be directly planted into the soil and they can be planted wherever you want to. For sunflowers to grow, the seeds can first be planted in pots and you can later plant them out once they are established. As their name suggests, sunflowers are the happiest growing in a sunny location. It requires regular watering as they can dry out very quickly.

2. Zinnia


Zinnias are perfect for your garden as they are very colorful and they attract bees. Zinnias like to grow in sunlight. If you grow them in the partial shade they can still grow, but they will produce fewer flowers.

3. Marigolds


Marigold seeds can grow very quickly and they are the best flowers to grow for beginners in gardening. The seeds are capable of germinating in four to five days, and you’ll have your plant flowering with marigold about two months later.

4. Cosmos


Cosmos plants are capable of producing more flowers if the gardener keeps on cutting them.  Cosmos are known to attract bees and they are a great plant for pollinators. Once the plant starts flowering you can cut the flowers and place them in your indoor vase.

5. Morning Glory

Morning Glory

Morning Glory is a climber plant that blooms in your garden in the morning and that is why it is called Morning Glory. It is a very fast-growing flower and when in bloom it is very beautiful to see. Since the plant is a climber you can grow it on your fence or arch which you want to cover.

Final Thoughts

Flower gardening is a very good hobby and once your flowers are in full bloom you can admire the flowers that you have grown. It is important to know which flowers can grow in which season and under what type of climate. Creating and maintaining your own flower garden is a form of art and first-time flower gardeners can be very creative and enjoy this newfound hobby. PS- Don’t forget to water your plants.

Flower Gardening For Beginners FAQs

1. How often should I water flowers ?

Water the flowers daily for the first week. After seven days of blooming, you can water them a few times a week.

2. How can beginners start flower gardening ?

To start flower gardening beginners need to know the site, the type of soil, winter or first season, and also the type of flower that they want to grow.

3. How deep should flower beds be ?

Flower beds should be at a depth of 8-12 inches.

4. What flowers are easy to plant for beginners ?

Flowers such as Marigold, Daffodils, and Cosmos are easy to plant for beginners.

5. What are the flowers that stay in bloom all year ?

Sunflower, Petunia, Verbena, Begonia are some of the flowers that bloom throughout the year.

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