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Baby Room Designs: Decor Tips, Color Ideas, and More!

Designing A Baby’s Room

Having a baby is an emotion-filled journey and those 9 months could be a roller coaster ride. So why don’t you try doing something that would be a distraction at the moment but also a necessity when your darling arrives?

Designing a baby’s room involves choosing the right furniture, making space for storage, but also leaving space for the baby’s toys. Confusing? We know it is and we are here to help you with the dilemma. Choosing the right theme is the first step in creating an enchanting baby room design. Then choose the color palette that suits your chosen theme. All you have to do now is pick the baby essentials like cribs, bassinets, changing tables, storage boxes, drawers, toys, and the like.

We have a detailed guide to creating a beautiful baby room design. Keep reading!

Tips on How to Create a Perfect Baby Room Design

Tips And Ideas For Creating A Baby's Nursery; Designing A Babies Room

Newborns won’t care much about what is in their surroundings. All they want to do is sleep, which means you need to create a sleeping environment (white noise generators are ideal add-ons here). Once they are 6 months old, they need to have a stimulating environment to develop their skills.

1. Select A Good Room

First things first, select a good room near a caregiver’s room. In case of an emergency, the baby can be accessed easily. Yes, you may have baby monitors to alert you even then you don’t wanna be running miles to reach your baby. The amount of light in the room is important too plus add a new sink or basin so that you have clean water to wash whenever you need.

2. Ensure Safety In The Room

Ensure Safety In The Room

It’s good to have gorgeous and lovely fittings in your nursery decor, however, safety should be the guiding concept in all of this. Furniture, bedding, and baby gates should be designed keeping the baby’s safety in mind. The lighting, locations of the bed, heaters, accessories, and other decorations are all things you should baby-proof.

All electrical outlets should be covered, and cables should be tucked away. Any furniture that might cause a hazard should be secured and carpets should be secured to the floor to avoid slides. Keep an eye out for any choking risks and make sure that all medicines, ointments, and other items are safely stored out of the baby’s reach.

3.Choose a Calming Color Palette

Paint The Walls; Designing A Babies Room

You should always decorate the baby’s room with colors that are relaxing and calm. Paint the ceilings and walls of the baby room, with pleasant colors like pink and green. Reflective light is one element that may be unpleasant for your baby, therefore make sure to coat it with a finishing touch after the painting.

4. Choose a Simple Theme

Keep The Nursery Design And Theme Simple; Designing A Babies Room

Once you baby-proof and paint the nursery, it’s time to choose a theme for the baby room design. Remember not to over-decorate your baby’s room. To keep things simple, consider a child-friendly theme with no loud distracting things. Your baby should not feel overwhelmed by what they see in their room.

5. Keep Only Movable Furniture

When it comes to decorating your child’s room, keep in mind that only readily moveable items should be included.  All of your interactive artwork, as well as your furniture and fittings, should be easily moveable from one place to another. Makes sense right? Because what if you want to redecorate? Movable furniture makes sure you can clean the room as much as you want.

6. Identify a Focal Point

Create And Design The Room Differently; Designing A Babies Room

Creating a focal point is the main trick in designing a perfect room. The crib is the focal point of most nurseries, but there are several other alternatives: a wide window, a corner, or a specific object like an oversized toy or a painted dresser.

7. Install Crib Drawers

Install Crib Drawers In The Nursery

A crib with drawers will be helpful when you have a fussy baby around. Plus, your nursery will have more space and look organized. You could store diapers, bibs, and baby linens in them and just whip them out whenever you need them.

8. Keep Laundry Baskets

Keep Laundry Baskets In The Nursery

Laundry baskets are a huge necessity in a baby room. Most laundry baskets can not only be used to store clothes but also give your baby’s toys a place. Again, this step ensures your baby room design is a well-thought-organized decision.

9. Add Curtains

Keep A Medical Box

Always use blackout curtains or thick shades for your baby’s room. This ensures your little ones get enough of their beauty sleep. Plus, curtains will keep the room cool throughout the day.

10. Decorate The Ceiling

Use Eco-Friendly Green Products

Babies spend a lot of time on their backs, looking at the ceiling. Paint the ceiling in a calm color or add a painting or wallpaper to compliment the theme of your baby’s nursery.

11.Keep a First-aid and Medical Box

It is important to keep a medical box in the nursery (you never know when your baby might fall sick or get injured while playing). A medical box should typically contain

  1. Bandages
  2. Baby thermometer
  3. Droppers
  4. Measuring cups
  5. Dehydration powders
  6. Antiseptic sprays for minor wounds
  7. Antihistamine creams for stings or bug bites
  8. Bug sprays
  9. Diaper rash creams

You may also include diapers, wipes, lotions, ointments, and a baby manicure kit.

12.Use Eco-friendly Green Products

Add Curtains To The Windows

Use non-toxic, eco-friendly products for the nursery instead of chemical products. Use organic blankets and carpets along with energy-efficient lightings such as LEDs or CFLs.  By using green products, you are one step closer to a greener earth as well as keeping your baby away from any chemical exposure

13. Install a BookShelf

Install A BookShelf

To encourage reading and introduce storytime, include a bookshelf in your baby’s room design. Add nursery rhyme books or other children’s story books to the collection. Your baby can start having books as early as 6 months old.

14. Design a Growth Chart

Design A Growth Chart

Draw measurement lines on a piece of cardboard, and decorate it if you want. Place it on a wall close to the floor and you have a growth chart. You can also stick a paper the same way. Or just paint a measurement line on the wall.

5 Themes for Baby Room Designs!

  • 1. Dreamy

This is the best baby girl room design straight out of a fairy tale. The two-toned palette of light colors in a cloud-like backdrop with a tree mural wallpaper in soft colors takes you and your baby into a land of cloudy dreams. Fill the room with vintage, traditional lighting, and furniture to add to the effect.

  • 2. Rainbow Room

This is the easiest baby girl room design that suits the boys too. All you need is your DIY skills and a few multi-colored painted accessories. Add rainbow-colored knobs on the storage drawers along with a multi-color patterned rug. This adds a bit of fun with sophistication. Choose a neutral tone for the rest of the room.

  • 3. Birch Trees

Black and white birch tree wallpapers can transform the nursery into a make-believe storybook. Add in a stuffed giraffe and an oversized floor lamp and you have a warm room full of neutral themes. Accessories the room with a pop of color and bedding to complete the look.

  • 4. Geometric

Pinterest is full of DIY geometric pattern ideas; you simply need to choose a few geometric patterns and start making the strokes. This could be a dynamic and colorful baby room design that does not lose its subtlety. You could bring a retro vibe to the nursery with a dash of coral, green, and blue. An arched bentwood bookshelf and a pale wood crib work beautifully against the soft color scheme to create an all-around feel-good room.

  • 5. Vintage Eclectic

If you are a lover of everything vintage, this vintage theme will make the nursery your favorite place to be. Add medium-toned gray walls with an assortment of vintage accessories like

  1. A red Persian-style rug
  2. A vintage rocking chair
  3. A stuffed animal trophy head
  4. A thrift store vintage painting
  5. A hot air balloon-shaped chandelier

You could even get a vintage baby stroller that doubles as a crib. This timeless theme can easily transition into a child’s room if you swap the crib with a bed (a vintage-designed one of course!). We know there is no specific baby boy room design which is why this vintage theme will suit both genders surpassing the stereotypical blue for boys and pink for girls thought.

The Bottom Line: Do You Need to Choose a Baby Room Design?

We think that planning a baby room interior design ahead of the little one’s arrival is the ideal thing to do. You get enough time to plan, decorate, redecorate, choose themes, and buy furniture, first aid kits, and other necessities. The AAP recommends that babes have a bed of their own as a precaution to preventing SIDS. You may be worried to leave your newborn alone in a room which is why we have suggested that you pick a room adjacent to yours. Also, you have tons of baby monitors to alert you. So yes, you need to choose a baby’s room and a design so that they have their own space to grow into a beautiful human

Tips For Designing A Baby’s Room FAQs

1. What things should be in a baby’s room ?

Irrespective of the size of the nursery, there are a few design tips you could follow to create an amazing bright nursery for your child. Take a look:

  • Choose a comfy chair for the nursery
  • Keep a bassinet in the room
  • Choose a crib with storage
  • Create an accent wall
  • Pick the perfect palette of paints
  • Decide on a theme
  • 2. How a baby’s room should look like?

    Your baby’s room must be simple, practical, and cozy with just the necessary furniture and toys. For a newborn, the room just needs a crib with storage, a few dressers and drawers, and a changing table.

    3. When should I start my nursery?

    You could start envisioning your baby’s room design right in your second trimester. This gives you enough time to plan, buy things, manage the finances, and by the time you have your newborn in your hands, you simply have t move to the nursery. With a newborn in your house, it is not possible to go around collecting things for the baby’s room.

    4. What are the best colors for a nursery?

    Bright and subtle colors with fun themes are the best baby room designs you could go for. Here are some colors you could add to your nursery. Oh, remember not to stray away from your chosen theme!

  • Contemplative grays
  • Soothing whites
  • Neutral greens, browns, and blues
  • Purples
  • Pinks
  • Yellows, etc.
  • 5. Do you need a baby room?

    The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends infants be put to sleep in their own sleeping space. We do tend to keep our newborns in the same room in a crib or a bassinet but eventually, they need to be in their own sleeping space. This precaution is taken for prevents Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

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