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The Benefits of Ceramic Floor Tiles: Why They’re a Great Choice for Your Home

The advent of ceramic tiles has given rise to new opportunities for home décor, design, and architectural creativity. Modern tiles are far more standardised and feature high-quality dimensions and surface finish. Ceramic floor tiles have eliminated the need for tedious and expensive sourcing of natural stones, polishing and repolishing them to maintain their looks.

Similarly, using ceramic floor tiles in different areas can make them safer for all users and situations. A varied range of digitally printed ceramic wall tiles makes the task of enhancing the internal décor easy.

The Benefits of Having Ceramic Titles

The simplicity and ease of use are not the only features of ceramic floor and wall tiles. These other advantages of ceramic tiles make them one of the best materials for home finish and décor:

1) High Durability

Modern ceramic tiles have a layer of hard glass-like glaze on top. The glaze improves their strength and surface hardness, making them incredibly durable, withstanding the foot traffic, making them suitable for high-traffic areas such as kitchens, hallways, and entryways.

You can also explore different types of vitrified ceramic tiles if you want sturdier surfaces:

  • Polished Vitrified Tiles
  • Glazed Vitrified Tiles

Polished vitrified tiles are unglazed tiles with stain-free polished surfaces. This uniformly structured tile is best for usage in high-footfall areas such as the lobby, countertop, etc.

Glazed vitrified tiles offer a superb variety, and prints with designer and nature-inspired patterns. The majority of the marble, wood, granite, and other stone finishes are available within GVT portfolios.

2) Water Resistance

Ceramic tiles are non-porous, making them highly water and stain resistant. They are the best picks for kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas that are more prone to moisture.

While non-vitrified ceramic tiles have a higher water absorption of about 0.5%, vitrified ceramic tiles are more water resistant with 0.05% water absorption. However, even non-vitrified ceramic tiles can resist water damage with the glazed surface which makes them almost impervious to water.

Installed properly and sealed with appropriate grout even non-vitrified ceramic tiles can offer a safe surface finish, especially on a budget. Non-vitrified ceramic bathroom tiles’ price in India is often far lower than vitrified ceramic tiles.

This is why these tiles are a popular choice for wet areas like bathroom and kitchen walls.

3) Easy Maintenance

Cleaning ceramic floor tiles is simple. Occasional mopping with water and mild detergent  and regular sweeping are usually enough to keep them looking clean and fresh. The glazed surface of the tiles is also resistant to almost all household chemicals. Thus, the tiles can decorate your kitchen backsplash and bathroom walls safely.

You should, however, pay more attention to the grout lines in these areas, especially if you have used unsanded grout. Epoxy grout is recommended for sealing your tiled surfaces in the bathroom and kitchen.

4) Design Options

Design is where ceramic tiles thrive and can outdo any other form of surface finish in construction. From classic designs to modern and trendy styles, ceramic floor tiles offer a wide range of design options to suit any aesthetic preference.

Leading tile manufacturers like H&R Johnson in India offer more than 3,000 different designs for ceramic and vitrified ceramic tiles. Some of the popular designs in India include the following:

  • Ceramic Floor Tiles (vitrified & non-vitrified)
    • Nature Inspired Marble, Sandstone, Granite, Quartz, Wooden, etc.
    • Geometric Patterns
    • Moroccan Arts
    • Bookmatch Designs
  • Ceramic Wall Tiles (vitrified & non-vitrified)
    • Digital Coordinated Prints
    • 3D Punched
    • 3D Elevation Tiles
    • Plain Heritage Colours

5) Hygienic & Allergy-Friendly

Non-porous ceramic tiles do not harbour bacteria, mould, or allergens, ensuring a cleaner and more hygienic environment. This is one of the factors why tiles are recommended for bathrooms and kitchens Tiles more than other areas.

Also, tile installation does not release toxins in your home like wood or vinyl flooring. Thus, tiles offer a safer design finish in your home. Unlike carpeting, ceramic tiles are not prone to collect dust, allergens, or pet dander, making them a healthier flooring option for those with allergies or respiratory issues.

6) Versatility

Ceramic tiles come in a wide variety of colours, patterns, shapes, and sizes, allowing endless possibilities for design to suit any interior style. There are various types of spaces in your house and you can find a ceramic tile version suitable for that space:

  • Ceramic wall tiles for indoor décor
  • Ceramic front elevation wall tiles
  • Terracotta tile designs
  • Stone art decorative tiles
  • Cool roof tiles for terrace floor
  • Anti-skid tiles for bathroom and kitchen floors
  • Parking and pavement tiles
  • Tiles for various industrial applications such as radiation, electrostatic, etc.

7) Scratch Resistance

Ceramic tiles are highly resistant to scratches and wear, maintaining their appearance even in high-traffic areas or homes with pets. You can use Scratch and Stain Resistant (SSR) ceramic floor tiles if you have pets at home.

SSR tiles can also be useful in entryways and galleries where footfall is often full of dust.

8) Fire Resistance

Ceramic tiles are fire-resistant, adding an extra layer of safety to the home. Also, ceramic tiles do not release harmful fumes when exposed to fire. Thus, tiles can add a layer of fire safety to your home.

9) Eco-Friendly

Ceramic tiles are made from natural clay and other sustainable materials, making them an eco-friendly flooring option. After breaking tiles can be returned to the ground without harming the environment or can be recycled.

Leading tile manufacturers like H&R Johnson recommend recycling broken tiles and offering products like Terrazzo tiles made up of such recycled materials.

10) Temperature Regulation

Ceramic tiles can become a perfect replacement for marble and granite tiles due to their thermal properties. Ceramic tiles have good thermal properties, helping to keep indoor spaces cool in hot weather and retaining warmth during colder months.

How to Buy The Best Ceramic Tiles?

The benefits of ceramic floor tiles, including their durability, water resistance, easy maintenance, and design versatility, make them a practical and aesthetically pleasing choice for flooring. Ceramic floor tiles are easy to use for home or commercial spaces.

The best ceramic tile for space must consider the footfall, type of traffic, and maintenance needs. For example, parking tiles are quite different from living room floor tiles. Similarly, tiles for retail stores and malls would be different from parking tiles for gardens.

Make sure to select the area-appropriate tiles for the best experience. Check the ceramic tile price in India to budget the installation and cover the most important areas before going for purely decorative spaces.

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