The Vedic Astrology Behind The Colours of The Week

colors of the week

Vedic astrology is a holistic medical system that originated in India thousands of years ago. According to its adherents, a healthy diet, active lifestyle, and meditation can lead to wellness. Colours are an unexplored field in Vedic astrology. Not many know how the colours of the week can affect their lifestyle and impact their decisions.

For instance, did you know that white is connected with more clarity and joy for people who follow the Vedic ways? In the same way, Vedic astrology believes that the different hues of blue can promote mental peace and tranquillity.

Every day of the week has been specified a colour, or “khanda,” These colours promote overall equilibrium, which helps to balance your body, mind, and emotions. You could wear them, mix them with your house’s interiors, or simply add a small part of them in your life one way or the other.

Here’s a look at the 7 colours of the week and what they represent!

Which Colour to Wear on Which Day?

Follow the 7 colours of the week to choose your outfits for the day!



A dreaded day for most of us, right? Hitting back on the road to work or start school? The end of the happy weekend. But what we miss out on is that Monday is the day for fresh starts. Is there something you have been wanting to do for a long time? Make it real on a Monday. Vedic astrology says it’s the ideal day to seek medical advice or start gardening or farming. Have some finance-related decisions to make? Do it on a Monday.

Monday is the day of white which is a symbolic colour for the moon, the ruler of the sea. Make your career decisions on this day to make it a successful choice. Take some time out and visit the sea, lakes, and rivers. These are the best places to be on a Monday

It is said that painting your house white can help improve your financial situation as well as your career.



According to Vedic astrology, the planet Mars rules Tuesdays, a blazing ball of fire that represents strength and power. In light of this, the colour for Tuesdays is red to signify those two traits of the planet Mars. Red represents extreme emotions like anger, war, or love.

This makes it a fantastic day for social activism and facing off against opponents. It is said that you are likely to succeed if you take up administrative work or other labour-intensive tasks on a Tuesday. But be careful not to lose your temper because it’s a fiery sign too and can be channelled for good.

You could also add red to your walls or other interior decors to give your home a sense of strength. Amongst all the colours of the week, red is one of the happiest colours that positively alters your psychological state.



It’s a green day on Wednesday! Mercury is the ruling planet on Wednesdays and anything involving money, such as banking and investment, has the green signal. Working in collaboration with others and mastering subjects like chemistry that need long-term memory retention are two of the many things you could achieve on a Wednesday.

To add a bit of green in your house, you could bring in plants and flowers to your porch. That way you bring harmony and calmness into your living space.



Jupiter, sometimes referred to as Mangala, is supposed to dominate Thursdays. Courage, charisma, and religious faith are traits of this aggressive astrological sign. It controls leadership, imagination, education, and interpersonal communication.

Yellow, the colour of Thursday, represents energy, positivity, and happiness. It also improves creativity and focus, so you could add a dash of yellow to your child’s room or study space.



The last working day of the week! This day heralds a time of peace and stability in your life. Anything new, including changes in relationships and employment, can be started on a positive note on a Friday. You may try to accomplish your objectives and satisfy your wishes, especially if you have been overworked or have been unsuccessful in doing so in past days.

Fridays are represented by pink, a symbol of success and beauty. It is often associated with femininity but that doesn’t restrain the positive effects it can have on all genders. Choose lovely pink walls for your home to stabilise and strengthen your relationship with your mate.


Black & Purple

The start of the much-awaited weekend is finally here. Saturday is a fantastic day to unwind and deal with all of your problems because Saturn is regarded as a distant entity. It’s crucial to keep in mind how resilient you are in trying circumstances if you’ve ever experienced them. Amongst all the colours of the week, Blue, Purple, and Black are the chosen hues because they stand for strength and power. It may be a smart idea to include these potent Weekday colours in your house’s interior designs.



Sunday is a day for joy and romance and is represented by the colour orange. In addition to bringing warmth and excitement, orange also draws people who are looking for a closer bond with those around them. The spiritual significance of the orange is profound. It is said to symbolise the sun’s energy. The orange can elicit feelings of happiness and joy and is also regarded as a symbol of creativity.

A Final Word

According to Vedic astrology, the colours of the week are yellow, red, orange, and green. These colours are said to have positive effects on your health, but day-wise colour can also elicit a sense of harmony in your environment.

Orange gives warmth and comfort, red stimulates the circulatory system, green contains chlorophyll, which boosts immunity and has many other advantages, and yellow encourages quiet, peace, and harmony. You could also consider incorporating these colours in your home’s interior and exterior to bring you good luck.

Colors of The Week FAQS:

1. What is the colour for each day of the week?

Here are 7 colours of the week:
  • Monday: White
  • Tuesday: Red
  • Wednesday: Green
  • Thursday: Yellow
  • Friday: Pink
  • Saturday: Black or Purple
  • Sunday: Orange
  • 2. What do the 7 colours represent?

    Originally, there were eight colours:
  • Pink for sexuality
  • Orange for healing
  • Yellow for the sun
  • Violet for the spirit
  • Blue for art
  • Green for nature
  • Indigo for harmony
  • Each of these colours stood for a different concept. The rainbow flag represented a variety of social movements before it came to be associated with amazing pride groups.

    3. What colour to wear on which day?

    Here’s what Vedic astrology suggests you wear on each day of the week:
  • Monday: White
  • Tuesday: Red
  • Wednesday: Green
  • Thursday: Yellow
  • Friday: Pink
  • Saturday: Black or Purple
  • Sunday: Orange
  • 4. What are the colours of each month?

    Here are the colours for each month:
  • January: Light blue, dark blue and red
  • February: Yellow, blue, and purple
  • March: White and light blue
  • April: Red, yellow, and white
  • May: Yellow and green
  • June: Cream, white, and light purple
  • July: Green and red
  • August: Red, orange, and light green
  • September: Dark blue and brown
  • October: White, pink, and cerulean blue
  • November: Red and yellow
  • December: Indigo green, greenish blue, and blue
  • 5.Why do Indians wear yellow on Thursday?

    According to Vedic science, Sai Baba and Lord Vishnu are associated with Thursdays. These Gods, notably Lord Vishnu, are known as Pitambar Dhari because of their affinity for the colour yellow. So, on Thursday, folks choose to wear the same thing.
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