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Studio Apartments: Everything You Need To Know About

Everything You Need To Know About Studio Apartments

A housing concept that has become popular only recently, studio apartments are one of the most preferred housing options for independent Indian bachelors and for believers of personal space. A concept that has seen a huge demand, especially in metropolitan Indian cities, studio apartments are particularly booming in Mumbai and Delhi, cities that suffer from a space crunch owing to the high population density. If you have been planning to take a studio apartment for yourself but do not quite understand the concept, here’s everything you need to know about it and more!

What Is A Studio Apartment ?

A studio apartment is an apartment space or a house that combines the normal number of rooms (living room, bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen) into one single room. In other words, it is the kind of a house that has just one huge room with no pre-defined or dedicated space for living, bed, bathroom, and kitchen. While some studio apartments may offer partial walls creating demarcation, most will be just an open floor space with no partition or demarcation possibilities. The dweller needs to allocate space for each of these functions (except the bathroom) on their own and as per their convenience.

What Is The Size Of A Studio Apartment ?

What Is The Size Of A Studio Apartment

Typically, studio apartments vary between 250-700 sq ft. The size is dependent on variables like the location, developer, and demand. Also known as efficiency apartments or self-contained apartments, studio apartments are small in size because they are built on the concept of space utilisation in the first place.

What Is The Price Of A Studio Apartment In India ?

It is often assumed that studio apartments would be on the lower end of a price range owing to the small size and the typical open floor space plan. However, you may be surprised to note that studio apartments in strategic Indian locations like posh areas of Mumbai and Delhi can cost as much as Rs. 1 crore. In other Indian cities and in less popular areas, however, studio apartments can be purchased at about Rs. 25 LakhsRs. 40 Lakhs. The price in most cities and by most developers is kept in an ‘affordable’ range to allow young couples or young single individuals to be able to invest in a property of their own, without having to sign up for a long-term loan or burning a holder in their savings.

Who Should Buy A Studio Apartment In India ?

Studio apartments are highly recommended for single adults or young couples who are just starting out a life on their own and do not want to invest in a big or expensive house. Such houses are also widely popular among people looking for a real estate investment just to create a passive rental income because of the affordability factor attached to them.

What Is The Difference Between a 1 BHK & A Studio Apartment ?

Difference Between a 1 BHK & A Studio Apartment

One bedroom-hall kitchen (1 BHK) and a studio apartment are often confused with one another owing to the similarities between them, however, here are some differences between a 1BHK and a studio apartment that you should know-

1 BHK Studio Apartment
1 BHK units offer a bedroom, a hall, and a dedicated kitchen space. A studio apartment is typically a single large room with no pre-defined space for living, bedroom, or kitchen. The dweller needs to allocate the space for each function on their own.
1 BHKs come with partitioning walls between each space. There is typically no scope for demarcation or partition between spaces in a studio apartment.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Studio Apartment?

Here are some advantages or benefits of a studio apartment, albeit their small size-

Advantages or Benefits of a studio apartment-

  • Ideal for single adults who do not like to share their space with anybody else as it takes away the need of cleaning a huge house and also cuts down on rent in a space-efficient manner
  • Low power consumption resulting in low electricity bill
  • Affordable renting when compared to a 1BHK or above
  • Affordable even for purchase when compared to a 1BHK or above
  • Do not require high maintenance which helps save a lot in terms of month-on-month costs

On the flip side, here are some disadvantages of a studio apartment-

Studio Apartments: Everything You Need To Know About 2

  • The small space with no concrete demarcation of partition is not suitable for family living
  • Limited space
  • Runs low on storage space
  • Lack of privacy in the event of guests coming over

What Is A Studio Apartment Called Outside India ?

‘Studio apartment’ is a term particularly relevant to the Indian scenario, however, this does not mean that such apartments are not popular or do not exist internationally. Studio apartments are even more popular outside India owing to the varied belief system in the West.

Here’s what countries outside India call a studio apartment-

Here's what countries outside India called a studio apartment

  • Argentina: Monoambiente
  • Brazil: Quitinete
  • Canada: Bachelor apartment
  • Czech Republic: Garsoniéra
  • Denmark: 1 værelses lejlighed
  • Germany: Einzimmerwohnungen
  • Italy: Monolocale
  • Jamaica: Quads
  • Japan: One-room mansion
  • Kenya: Bed-sitter
  • New Zealand: Studio rooms
  • Nigeria: Room self-contain apartments
  • Norway: 1-roms leilighet
  • Portugal: T0 (T Zero)
  • Poland: Kawalerka
  • Romania: Garsonieră
  • South Korea: Officetels
  • Sweden: Etta
  • United Kingdom: Bedsit
  • United States: Alcove studio

Final Takeaway: Do Studio Apartments Offer Good Rental Returns ?

Yes, a studio apartment is a great option for those looking to invest in real estate in order to generate passive income. This is because investing in a studio apartment is much cheaper (in most cases) than investing in a 2 BHK or even a 1 BHK. The rental return, however, is almost the same as that of a 1 BHK or a 2BHK, the minimum rent ranging between Rs. 6,000- Rs. 12,000 in most tier 1 / tier 2 cities. It goes without saying, the rental range changes from city to city and area to area. While a studio apartment of 700 sq. ft. in the Indiranagar area of Bengaluru could even get you Rs, 20,000, the same price of a 700 sq. ft. in the Kodagu area of Bengaluru may go down to Rs. 10,000 or even lesser.

Studio Apartments FAQs:

1. What is the difference between a 1RK and a studio apartment ?

A 1 room-kitchen (RK) and studio apartment are often used as interchangeable terms due to a lack of an obvious difference between the two. 1RK, however, must not be confused with a 1 BHK.

2. What makes an apartment a studio ?

Here’s what makes an apartment a studio apartment-

  • A huge open floor space
  • No demarcation or pre-defined allocated space for cooking/ living/ sleeping
  • A self-contained space housing everything in a single room; just with a separate bathroom.
  • 3. How do you live comfortably in a studio apartment ?

    One of the simplest ways of making a studio space liveable and comfortable is by not cluttering the space with a lot of things. If you do have a lot of stuff that you own, either try to get rid of the less important stuff or invest in a vertical storage rack to make the most of the space you have in hand.

    4.Can 2 people live in a studio apartment ?

    Sharing a studio apartment may or may not be a good idea depending on who you plan to share it with. While sharing a studio apartment may be easy and possible for couples, it may not be a great idea to share it with a friend or an acquaintance given the small area of a typical studio apartment.

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