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14 Best Hair Dryers Tested And Reviewed

best hair dryer in india

Discover The Best Hair Dryers of 2023 to Unlock Your Stunning Locks!

To have really nice, salon-style hair when you do it yourself at home, you need the best hair dryer. Nobody wants hair that looks flat like it’s sleeping or all messy and frizzy. That’s where a hair dryer comes in handy. But to pick the right one, you need to know which type of hair dryer is best for your hair.

Let’s find out!


Thin Hair

Thick Hair

Curly Hair

Which One Should You Pick?

Hair dryer with a concentrator

Ionic hair dryer

Hair dryer with a low heat setting + diffuser

14 Best Hair Dryers In India: Our Top Picks!

1. PHILIPS Hp8100/46 Best Hair Dryers, 1000 Watts, Purple (₹799)

14 Best Hair Dryers Tested And Reviewed 14

Philips is India’s trusted and best hair dryer with fancy technology that makes it heat up quickly:

  • – You can set the temperature to keep your hair safe.
  • – It comes with a hook to hang it up.
  • – It’s not wireless, so it has a 1.5-meter-long cord.
  • – It’s small and easy to use, and you can hang it up for storage. 
  • – There are two speed options for drying your hair, slow and fast. The motor adjusts itself to work well at these speeds, so you won’t have any issues with the fan going too fast or too slow.


Important: This is a hot air dryer. It has two heat settings for gentle drying. It has 1000 watts of power, and if you buy it in India, it comes with a 2-year warranty from Philips.

2. AGARO HD-1120 2000 Watts Professional Hair Dryer (₹1342)

14 Best Hair Dryers Tested And Reviewed 15

This hair dryer is very powerful and can make your hair look like you just came from a salon. Agaro is a potential best hair dryer brand with the following features:

  • – It has two different speeds and three heat settings, including both hot and cool air.
  • – There’s also a button that can blast cold air to help your hairstyle stay in place.
  • – If the hair dryer gets too hot, it will turn off by itself to keep you safe.
  • – It comes with a few accessories like a diffuser, a concentrator nozzle, a comb, and a long cord.
  • – The concentrator nozzle focuses the air to help you style your hair precisely.
  • – The diffuser makes your hair look bigger without making it frizzy.
  • – The comb helps detangle your hair and can make it straight while you dry it.
  • – Plus, it comes with a two-year warranty from the manufacturer.

3. Havells HD3151 1200 Watts Foldable Hair Dryer (₹999)

14 Best Hair Dryers Tested And Reviewed 16

Havells is trusted by millions as the best hair dryer out there, with 90 out of 100 customers giving it a thumbs up. Plus, lots of people have bought it recently, more than 50,000 orders! This brand has been on Amazon for over 7 years.

  • – The hair dryer is strong with 1200 watts of power.
  • – It also lets you aim the air where you want when you’re styling your hair.
  • – You can choose from three temperature settings: hot, warm, and cool.
  • – There’s no special feature called “Ionic.”
  • – There’s a button just for cool air if you want it.
  • – It won’t get too hot because it has a double safety feature.
  • – Plus, the handle can fold, which makes it easy to store.
  • – The part where the air comes in is designed to keep your hair from getting tangled.

4. Nova NHP 8100 Silky Shine (₹422)

14 Best Hair Dryers Tested And Reviewed 17

This hair dryer has a special setting that keeps the temperature at a constant 60 degrees.

  • – You can hang it up because it has a loop for that.
  • – It’s a foldable hair dryer, and it uses 1200 watts of power.
  • – If you buy it, you get a one-year warranty from Nova India.
  • – It can blow hot and cold air.
  • – It’s not cordless; it has a 1.5-meter-long cord.
  • – It has a special technology that makes the air come out fast, and it’s easy to handle because it’s small.
  • – This is a hot air dryer, and it has two heat settings (cold and hot).
  • – The motor speed changes to make the air come out at the right speed for these settings.
  • – You won’t have any problems with the fan speed on low or high settings.

5. Havells HD1903 (₹699)

14 Best Hair Dryers Tested And Reviewed 18

Introducing the best hair dryer brand that’s great for quick drying!

  • – It uses 1200 watts for fast and effective drying.
  • – You can choose between Hot and Warm temperatures, and it has two-speed options.
  • – This hair dryer is designed to be safe and easy to use, preventing tangles in your hair.
  • – It also comes with a hanging loop and a 180-degree swivel cord to make it convenient to store and use without any knots.

6. urbannova Urban Nova Professional Stylish Hair Dryers (₹684)

14 Best Hair Dryers Tested And Reviewed 19

Urbannova is the best hair dryer for anyone who wants to dry their hair quickly while keeping it shiny and healthy.

  • – It comes with three different heat settings and two speed options, so you can choose the perfect combination for your hair type.
  • – The Hair Dryer features a professional AC Collector Motor, which makes it extra powerful and efficient.
  • – Plus, it has a handy hanging loop for easy storage, so you can keep it within reach whenever you need it.
  • – With its 2-meter-long cable, this hair dryer is built to last, ensuring durability for long-term use.
  • – It even comes with a removable concentrator attachment
  • – One of the best features of this hair dryer, the Health Breeze Mode, is designed to protect your beautiful hair from excessive heat, ensuring gentle and safe drying.

7. Philips HP8100/60 Compact Hair Dryer (₹799)

Philips HP8100/60 Compact Hair Dryer (₹799)

Philips HP8100.60 is a fantastic hairdryer that has been in the market with some amazing features!

  • – It has two handy settings to gently dry your hair.
  • – It also comes with a narrow concentrator for precise drying.
  • – The cord is a good length, 1.5 meters, and the hairdryer itself is compact and easy to hold.
  • – It even has a special temperature setting to protect your hair from getting too hot.
  • – Plus, there’s a hook for easy storage, and it’s a 1000W powerhouse for beautiful hair in no time!

8. Amazon Basics Hair Dryer (₹539)

14 Best Hair Dryers Tested And Reviewed 20

This best hair dryer is sure to impress with these useful features:

  • – First off, it’s designed with an automatic safety cut-out feature that stops it from getting too hot and causing any problems.
  • – You can choose between two temperature settings: low heat for a gentle drying experience, and high heat for a quicker dry.
  • – You won’t have to worry about any issues for two whole years, thanks to the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • – When it’s time to put it away, the foldable handle makes storage a breeze.
  • – Plus, you’ve got plenty of room to move around with the long 1.6-meter cord.
  • – It’s super efficient, thanks to its 1000 watts of power.

9. Vega Vhdp-02 Professional Hair Dryer (₹2099)

14 Best Hair Dryers Tested And Reviewed 21

Introducing the amazing Vega Hair Dryer for Women that offers you different ways to style your hair.

  • – You can change how hot it gets and how strong the air blows with its 2 heat and 2 speed settings.
  • – The Vega Hair Dryer has a special Cool Shot Button that helps your hairstyle stay perfect all day long.
  • – The Vega Pro Touch Professional Hair Dryer comes with two detachable nozzles. These special tools help you control how the air flows, so you can create the hairstyle you want.
  • – Plus, the Vega Pro Touch Professional Hair Dryer comes with a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer.

10. Beurer HC25 Travel Hair Dryer (₹799)

14 Best Hair Dryers Tested And Reviewed 22

Are you tired of those bulky hotel hairdryers that barely get the job done? Well, say hello to your new beauty buddy: the best hair dryer travel companion!

  • – It’s sleek, compact, and super easy to carry because of its foldable handle.
  • – This hair dryer has “dual voltage” which means, no matter where you go in the world, it can work perfectly.
  • – This ionic hairdryer releases some fancy-sounding negative ions that make water droplets smaller.
  • – The cold air shot button is perfect for making those curls luscious or setting your hairstyle like a pro.
  • – And last but not least, it’s lightweight, feels soft to the touch and looks absolutely elegant with its black matte and rose gold colour combo.

11. AGARO HD-1214 Premium Hair Dryer (₹1009)

14 Best Hair Dryers Tested And Reviewed 23

Here comes another one of the best hair dryers in India that will make your hair styling a breeze!

  • – This hair dryer comes with a special honeycomb air inlet, which means it’s really good at letting air flow through.
  • – It’s also very light, not too big, and looks stylish.
  • – Plus, you can fold the handle, making it easy to take with you when you travel.
  • – This dryer has a concentrator nozzle that you can attach. It helps you direct the air exactly where you want it, so you can style your hair just the way you like it.
  • – It has 1400 watts of power, which is just the right amount for drying your hair gently.
  • – You won’t have to worry about where to hang your dryer, because it comes with a hanging loop.
  • – And the cord is super long – 1.8 meters! That gives you plenty of room to move around while you’re styling your hair.
  • – Safety is important, too. This dryer has a feature that turns it off if it gets too hot, so you don’t have to worry about it overheating.
  • – Lastly, there’s a cool shot button. It sends a burst of cold air to help set your hairstyle in place.

12. VEGA Insta Glam Foldable 1000 Watts Hair Dryer (₹583)

14 Best Hair Dryers Tested And Reviewed 24

Introducing the amazing Vega Hair Dryer – your secret and best hair dryer company to beautiful hair in a flash!

  • – With a powerful 1000W motor, this hair dryer dries your hair super fast and adds that extra lift and volume you’ve always wanted.
  • – You have control with 2 heat/speed settings – low and high, so you can dry your hair just the way you like it and style it precisely for any occasion.
  • – This hair dryer has an automatic overheat feature, so it shuts down when you’re not using it, keeping you safe from excess heat.
  • – Designed for your convenience, it’s ergonomically shaped and has a foldable handle, making it easy to store and perfect for travel.
  • – It even comes with a detachable nozzle for precise styling and easy cleaning. The nozzle helps direct the airflow right where you want it, taming frizz and giving you salon-quality results.
  • – No worries about storage – it has a cord guard with a hanging loop, making it a breeze to pack, store, and carry.
  • – Plus, the non-slip grip handle ensures a comfortable and secure hold while styling.
  • – And here’s the cherry on top: it comes with a generous 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

13. Morphy Richards Stylist Care Hd192Dc 1900W Hair Dryer (₹1497)

14 Best Hair Dryers Tested And Reviewed 25

With this Morphy Richards hair dryer, you’ll have all the tools you need for beautiful hair right at your fingertips! This is one of the best hair dryers in India that seems like having your own salon at home.

  • – It’s super powerful at 1900W, giving you professional-style hair in no time.
  • – Plus, it’s got 6 different styling modes.
  • – You can choose from 3 different speeds and 2 heat settings to get the airflow just right and keep your hair nice and moist.
  • – There’s a special cool air mode that helps set your hairstyle after you’re done drying, so it stays looking great for a long time.
  • – This hair dryer comes with a big diffuser that makes your hair look full and bouncy while keeping it frizz-free.
  • – And if you want to direct the airflow exactly where you want it, there’s a removable concentrator for that.
  • – Cleaning is a breeze too, thanks to the removable back cover.

14. Havells HD3181 1600 Watts Unisex Foldable Hair Dryer (₹1369)

14 Best Hair Dryers Tested And Reviewed 26

Experience the ultimate convenience and efficiency with this remarkable hair dryer!

  • – Boasting a generous 1.6-meter-long power cord and a 16A socket type, this hair dryer ensures you have the freedom to move while styling.
  • – With a powerful 1600W motor, it delivers quick and effective drying.
  • – Worried about overheating? No need – this dryer comes with double protection against that.
  • – Enjoy precise styling with the concentrator and fixed nozzle.
  • – You can select from three temperature settings: hot, warm, and cool, tailoring your experience to your liking.
  • – The smart honeycomb inlet design prevents hair tangling, making this hair dryer a fantastic choice for your hair care routine.

An Endnote

In the world of hair care, finding the best hair dryer company is like discovering a diamond in a sea of options. With its powerful drying, innovative features, and thoughtful design, the hair dryer we’ve explored stands as a true champion. It’s not just a tool; it’s a partner in your journey to fabulous hair days.

So, bid farewell to bad hair days and say hello to a new era of stunning locks, all thanks to the best hair dryer by your side. Your hair deserves nothing less than the best, and with this hair dryer, you’re bound to feel like the royalty of your own hairstyling realm.

Best Dishwasher in India FAQ’s:

1. Which brand hair dryer is best?

Here are our top picks of the best hair dryers:

  • Beurer HC25 Travel Hair Dryer
  • Vega 2100 W Hair Dryer for Women
  • Vega 1200-Watt Hair Dryer For Women
  • Philips HP8120/00 1200-Watts Hair Dryer
  • Havells HD3151 1200-Watt Foldable Hair Dryer
  • Syska HD1610 1200-Watts Foldable Hair Dryer for Women
  • 2. Which is the No. 1 brand of hair dryer?

    The top choice is the Philips Hair Dryer BHC017/00 in Pink. It has 1200 Watts of power and comes with an air concentrator and a diffuser attachment.

    3. How do I choose a new hair dryer?

    Look for a hair dryer that has options for low, medium, and high heat. This way, you can choose the right amount of heat for your hair. If your hair is fine, thin, or dry, use the low heat. If your hair is normal, go for the medium heat. And if your hair is thick and coarse, use the high heat setting.

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