10 Best Home Gym Equipment Of 2022

10 Best Home Gym Equipment Of 2021

In the last few years, there has been a drastic change in the landscape of home gyms. Home gym equipment was once considered a luxury; it is now being preferred by most owing to the pandemic and the whole stay-at-home situation as more and more people are getting conscious about their health. Slowly and steadily people are trying to turn their garages or a small space in their homes into mini gyms. If you do not have the will or time to step into the gym, you need not worry as there are various ways to stay healthy and fit.

If you are planning to set up your own home gym, you may include yoga mats, simple weights to some high-end cardio workout machines, as these are some of the best home gym equipment most basic yet essential items that would be sufficient for your home. However, if you are into hardcore fitness, you may have to spend a bit more on the initial cost of setup but in the long run, you will obviously be saving money and time. It is likely for you to be clueless regarding what to include in the best gym equipment list and what you should leave, so we are here to help.

We have made a list of essential gym equipment items that may help you set up your home gym and will fit in your budget too.

Criteria On Which The Home Gym Products Are Based

  • Versatility: The objective of a home gym set is to save money, so the products in the list have various uses so that you do not have to invest in different items.
  • Material Quality: Gym items can be high-maintenance, so be it the cardio machines or the dumbbells the products in the list are reliable, well-made, and stable.
  • Size: When it comes to gym items for homes, we always look for products that can fit well in the room without consuming much space. We have looked for some similar equipment.
  • Customer reviews: The products that we have included in the list have received positive reviews from the customers.

10 Best Home Gym Equipment Of 2021

The Essential Equipments

1. Workout Mat-Thick Workout/Yoga Mat

Workout Mat-Thick Workout Yoga Mat

A good quality yoga/workout mat is an essential item for exercise, be it for stretching, HIIT exercises, or yoga this is a must exercise gear. If you look for options online you may find a wide range of yoga mats, but the Thick mat from Gaiam Premium Extra has to be one of the best. The workout mat is available, affordable and you will get this in various colors and designs, the best part of the mat is that it is easy to clean.

It is one of the best home gym equipment, as it features a surface that is non-slip (making it secure and safe for workout), the surface is well-textured too and you can easily work out on that even if you slip. The weight of the mat is 1.4 kg that is 3 pounds, has an extra thick surface where you can comfortably workout, padding of 6 mm and you can get all this for a minimal amount.

2. Resistance Bands

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are not only functional, budget-friendly and compact but also travel-friendly to add some intensity even to your travel workouts. While you shop for resistance bands, always keep in mind the level of tension is based on the variety of color codes. So it is always better to purchase a resistance band set that has the maximum versatility.

Our list includes resistance bands from Whatafit as the band features a lot of accessories such as door anchors and handles. If you need to do several exercises it is better if you improve the range and motion hence these handles and anchors help.

These are one of the most highly rated resistance bands for working out at home, these offer a resistance of 50 pounds that is 22.7kg, and are the best for muscle growth and toning. The kit includes:

  • 5 resistance bands
  • 2 handles
  • 2 ankle straps
  • 1 door anchor
  • 1 travel bag

The travel bag will help you to keep all the items in one place and so is the best for traveling too.

3. Workout Bench - Preferably Adjustable

Workout Bench - Preferably Adjustable

The Adjustable Bench from FLYBIRD has over 12,000 reviews online, and almost half of them are 5 stars, making it an ideal, must-have gym equipment for your home. You will get this weight bench along with 4 seats and 5 back positions, this is a great choice for home as the bench can be adjusted easily into a full-body exercise item.

So your personal weight bench from FLYBIRD is made from high-quality steel as well as durable leather, which makes it long-lasting too and won’t break or tear anytime soon. People are fond of this for the foldable feature and can support 600 pounds that are 272.7 kg. You will get this weight bench fully assembled so you need not worry about setting it up for a home gym and you can get a stable workout experience.

4. Freestanding Punching Bag

Freestanding Punching Bag

There are people who are fond of kickboxing, boxing, or even MMA or mixed martial arts, so a freestanding heavy bag is equipment you may be looking for. A good quality heavy bag with boxing gloves can be a good investment for such individuals. If you are looking for the best heavy bags, the one from FITVEN is one of the best choices, as it comes with durable and flexible material.

Your personal punching bag from FITVEN will be 70 inches tall (177.8 cm). The punching bag comes with springs on demand from several customers that are designed for shock absorption and noise reduction which makes it better than the competitors. Another benefit that you may add to the heavy bag is that it does not need to be anchored to the ceiling. You may want to add water to fill in the base, the company recommends you add sand instead for better support and stability.

You can add this to your home gym set and it is easy to carry and is gym equipment that takes up very little space in the house.

Strength Building Equipments

1. Best Dumbbells

Bowflex(SelectTech 1090)

A home gym equipment without which workout is incomplete is dumbbells. Dumbbells are the best home gym equipment and are available in a variety of sizes, and are easy to keep in your home if you have less space. Dumbbells are best for tricep kickbacks, bicep curls, weighted lunges as well as Russian twists, this is one of the most versatile equipment you can get that will help you tone and strengthen your body.

Well, if you want to purchase a set of dumbbells it could get a bit expensive and will require a dumbbell rack too. Instead of that, we would recommend the Adjustable Dumbbells from Bowflex(SelectTech 1090), which has to offer 15 weights and are super adjustable. These have various features such as they are effective, compact, and more at an affordable price.

You can easily adjust the dumbbells with just a turn of a dial, you can get 1.1kg increments with simple turns for example from 5-52.5 pounds.

2. Kettlebells


One of the best home gym equipment has to be a kettlebell. The best thing about kettlebells is that you can use this for many exercises for which you need dumbbells, all in all, a kettlebell somewhat serves the same purpose. Another benefit of kettlebells is that they offer more dynamic movements, which include a variety of swings, cleans, and snatches.

The Rogue Fitness piece of kettlebell which is rubber-coated has to be the best because they are made from a single iron piece which makes it super durable. Apart from being a quality product, the kettlebell even has textured handles that make the grip stronger. You can easily identify the weight of your choice with the help of the color codes.

The kettlebells are available in 5 weight increments, which makes it easy to choose the one that is good for your requirements.

3. Suspension trainer

Suspension trainer

A kit of suspension training is quite beneficial for a complete body workout too whenever and wherever you want to. The TRX suspension training kit features a wide range of handles and straps, the suspension trainers will help you to do a complete strength and resistance workout and you won’t even require weights.

The trainer basically makes use of the weight of your body and gravity which provides resistance during the workout, which includes squats, lunges, pullups, planks, and pushups. In addition to that, the kit can be adjusted and is lightweight, which makes it perfect for compact spaces as well as individuals of every size and level of fitness.

4. All-In-One PR3000 Home Gym From Bowflex

PR3000 Home Gym From Bowflex

The price of this workout item from Bowflex is a bit expensive but is best for full-body exercise. This home gym equipment assures a workout bench, a seated leg press that provides comfort to your legs, and a cabled pulley system. If you want to perform more than 50 exercises with the help of one machine this item will come to your rescue, you can try leg extensions, bicep curls, and shoulder presses, so maintain your health and fitness with Bowflex.

It can accommodate users of 300 pounds too and is totally on-demand for being solid, reliable, and a durable home gym equipment item. The resistance offered by the machine is 210 pounds that is 95.5 kg, and this is enough for lifters who are at the beginner or intermediate level.

Cardio Equipment

1. Treadmill


Wouldn’t it be great if a treadmill can accommodate competitive runners as well as casual runners and which is also reliable and sturdy? You do not have to look any further because we have included NordicTrack 2950 in the list, which has a -3% decline, 15% incline, and a speed of 12 miles that is 19.3 km/hour. The NordicTrack treadmill will also offer you several training options that will keep your workout challenging.

The treadmill from NordicTrack will also assure you a flex cushioning for runners, the cushioning is included so that it reduces the impact on the joints, this is a special feature that most treadmills lack. The Commercial 2950 model of NordicTrack is well-equipped with a 22-inch touchscreen which is an oversized screen that helps you to keep a track of live streaming as well as on-demand exercises. It uses the iFit app to help you watch for exercises and track your progress.

2. Bike For Home Exercise

Bike For Home Exercise

Anyone who is fond of indoor spinning classes, he/she is bound to love the exercise bike from Schwinn IC4. The exercise bike does not have any integrated tablet but it features a device holder which provides Bluetooth connection capabilities, and it allows the individual to stream almost a hundred workouts from several popular apps. There are different fitness apps from which you can stream exercises are Apple Fitness+, Zwift, and Peloton.

The price of the bike is quite affordable and is good for a full-body exercise, as it offers a magnetic resistance of 100 levels with a display screen to monitor the performance metrics, which includes distance, time, and the number of calories you have burned.

How To Choose Gym Items For Home ?

  • Purpose: It is very important for you to decide why you are buying the particular equipment and what its basic purpose is. You may need equipment especially catering to a particular need like strength or cardio, if your budget is less or your home lacks space you may buy equipment that meets your fitness needs.

  • Price: The price range of gym equipment may vary but at the same time you must never compromise the quality and safety. So try choosing a product that will have essential features like Bluetooth connections and touchscreens, you may leave out products that have features that are too high-tech.

  • Warranties: You may buy high-quality branded gym equipment and it can still break, so you must pay attention to the warranty the retailer or manufacturer provides.

  • Customer reviews: In order to know about the durability, quality, reliability, and stability of the product you must always go through the customer reviews as they are honest and you can get a clear view of the product before you decide to buy it.

Final Thoughts

There are more than a thousand products that are available online as well as in shops from cardio to weight machines, so you can now easily turn the dream of a home gym set into reality. But while you decide on what to purchase, make sure your budget is set, you know about the fitness needs and space of your home. When you buy a product do consider the versatility, price, and quality too.

We hope that the above list will help you to figure out what exactly you need for your home gym. The size of the products is also made clear for you so that you can understand and turn your garage or a room into a home gym.

Best Home Gym Equipment FAQs

1. Is a yoga mat good home gym equipment ?

If you do not want to buy too much equipment you may rely on a yoga mat, as the price is pretty affordable and it is versatile too. It does not matter whether you are into yoga or not because even for some basic exercises you do need a yoga mat, so of course, it is a great item to add to your home gym set.

2. What is the best home gym equipment ?

The best home gym item depends totally on your fitness needs, whether you want to work on cardio, strength, or just a basic workout. On the basis of your needs, you can buy a piece of machine, however, a yoga mat, dumbbells, and kettlebell can always come in handy for everyone.

3. What is the best home gym equipment for a small home ?

The best piece of home gym equipment for a small house can be a treadmill, dumbbells, kettlebell, or if you want a machine then you can go for a weight bench, or resistance bands.

4. Can we get a variety of items in one machine ?

The Bowflex home gym equipment has a workout bench, a seated leg press and a cabled pulley system. You can perform more than 50 exercises with the help of one machine. So if you do not have the space to buy a lot of equipment, or want to invest in just one machine this will come to your rescue.

5. What is a rowing machine ?

A rowing machine can be the best piece of gym item for home as you can use it for stimulating the act of rowing. This machine can be best for upper body workout and arms and in recent years has gained popularity.
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